Monday, January 13, 2014

Veronaville Rnd 3 - Capp - Albany and Goneril

All who live here:  Albany - Family - LTW - Raise 20 puppies or kittens.  Goneril - Fortune - LTW Become Business Tycoon.  Hal - Popularity - LTW to own 5 Top Businesses. Various dogs.

Looks like the Capps have gotten started on Albany's LTW.  Don't know if he will live to see it.

Beginning wishes:

Albany wishes for a granchild, for a relative to get married, to be BFF with townie Daryl Straight, and to get a bronze in fishing.  First wish fulfilled:  Call Desdemona to chat.

Goneril wants a gold in flower arranging, to reach TOC, meet someone new, and earn some money.  First wish fulfilled:  Talk about hobby.

Hal wants to go out with his love Kimberly Monty, be friends with townies Demi Love and Carmen Patch, and go to University.  First wish fulfilled:  Go out with Kimberly Monty.

Yeah Goneril!  She became platinum fulfilling a wish!  Her next LTW - She wanted to go into medicene, to become Chief of Staff.  This infusion of cash is welcomed, along with around $5,000 from Consort Capp's passing.

Hal began fulfilling wishes by asking Albany for permission to go out with his love, Kimberly.  Wow, I thought the Montys were doing much better than this old junker!!

After giving Hal permission to go out with Kimberly,

Albany began fulfilling wishes to interact with his dogs by bathing Alegra.  She sure needed it, she had green clouds following her everywhere.  The next morning Albany managed to get Alegra and Webster to try for more puppies, and it worked.  The dogs were expecting.

Gratuitous fire picture
On Tuesday, Hal's parents nearly set the house on fire.  Heh.

And Hal brought Elgar Capp home with him after school, and was exhibiting a wish to become best friends with him.  Alas the bottom number on the relationship panel was only 33 so it would be a while.  Hal decided to meet someone new by chatting on the computer to fulfill a wish.

Well well Albany got a String Me promotion.  Go you, Albany!  On this day Albany continued to fulfill wishes by doing things with the dogs by bathing Webster.  From there it was praise, ect.

In the wee hours of Wednesday Goneril earned the gold badge in flower arranging fulfilling a long locked wish.

A couple of hours later finds the whole household in a routing tizzy.

Albany had thought to come outside to spend time with Alegra and Webster only to have two sleeping adopted puppies on the sidewalk blocking his way from advancing into the yard.  What better thing to do than to think about having adopted children instead.

Alegra and the butler voice their discontent with the traffic jam.  Albany just stands there staring off into space.

Albany seeks the answer to the traffic jam by looking into his Knowledge Sim toy.

Alegra found her way around the sleeping puppies and is now trying to walk around Albany.  She is thinking about the warm soft doggie bed inside the house.

 At this point in time, ASimWen took pity upon the hapless Capp family and moved the sleeping puppies and directed Albany to go back inside the house.  The school bus had arrived to take Hal to school, and he couldn't get out the front door because of the doggie traffic jam. 

Albany then decided to call Mallory Mace, as he wanted to become friends with her after helping him out with the String Me promotion.  They talked until she had to leave for work but it was long enough to push the relationship level over 50, and they were friends. Then Albany was all about book studying and wanted to learn couples conseling so he settled down for some serious studying.

Upon arriving home from school Hal thought it was a good idea to have a good reputation with his mother.  Who knows what he was thinking of getting into!

Hal called up his friend Alon Monty to come over to hang out.  He told Alon some things he heard about townie Vyn Scott...that should not be repeated!

While the boys were outside doing 'boy' things, Goneril wished she had a new bathtub.  And so it was, along with new bathroom tile to match.

Once the new bathtub was installed, Goneril wished to reach top of the business career again, as she had gotten demoted from Tycoon to CEO the day before.  Being that she didn't wish for this, no pictures were taken.

Right about that time....

Albany finished up his studying on couples counseling, fulfilling a wish.

Hal resolved that the not so bright family pet Webster would learn a command, so the obedience trainer was called to try to teach him to Come Here.

Of course once Webster learned how to do this, Albany constantly wished to command Webster to Come Here.  It is a wonder he didn't wear the doggie out.

Hal did his part in commanding Webster around too, fulfilling wishes the entire time.

Thursday morning another dog joins the family.  Meet Danny.

And the three puppies that were there at lot opening grew up.  I didn't pay them much mind until they grew up.  They had long slender snouts like Alegra.  I thought to check their family tree.

It looks like Webster and Alegra are their grandparents.  I can't remember where their parents are, but I do remember that Hal was given the three puppies when they were born, when he was visiting the lot.

Moving on.  Goneril worked her way up to TOC again, fulfilling that wish.  Now she wishes to make $62,500.  Somehow I don't think she is far from it.

Thursday was also Hal's birthday and being a Popularity Sim, he threw a party.

Upon growing up Hall wished for:  Influence a Sim to appreciate another Sim, WooHoo (naturally) locked in, influence a Sim to entertain another Sim, and have a great party.  Of course he was upset about not going to University.  He should have wished for it more than two times.  First wish fulfilled:  Have a great party.

Albany prefers to sleep with his dogs.  Goneril has taken a twin bed in the kid's room.

Friday morning sees....

A gift from the matchmaker.  Goneril immedaitely threw a wish to make a wish.  heh

Goneril made her wish, and with a great flourish....

the genie tosses Goneril a bag of money.  heh.  This will be needed since she had a son who wanted to own 5 top level businesses.  More bags fell, and Goneril cashed each one in meeting her wish to make $62,500 and then some.  Eventually she met $100,000 fulfilling an  impossible want for Fortune Sims.  Nice prosperity points.

Once Goneril collected large sums of money from wishing for it three times Hal wanted to have a party.  This time he invited nothing but adults, including this young lady named Demi Love.  Hal was hoping to get his woohoo wish fulfilled.  The bottom number on the relationship panel was 63.  Hmmmm...

Hal was unable to fulfill his wish.  However he had a great time with his sister Miranda and her husband Mercutio Monty, and his other sister Ariel.  The party was a good time, rating a wish fulfilled anyway.

Early in the wee hours Saturday -

Hal and Albany had gone to bed and Goneril stayed up to make some snapdragon bouquets for inventory.  The party attendees still hung out (long after the party was hailed to be over by the cops) in the back yard by the dog house talking.  Ariel realizes a wish to become friends with Mercutio.

Eventually they left the yard, only to be called back that afternoon for a sports party thrown by Popularity Sim Hal.  This is what makes Popularity Sims so easy to play.

Pizza was ordered, football was put on the TV and Demi Love decided to dance in front of the stereo.

While some cheered on their favorite team to victory....

Hal realized his own victory elsewhere in the house.  One woohoo wish fulfilled!

Arial struck up a great conversation with Romance Sim Benedick Monty, talking about what a great party it was.....

Albany confronted Ariel about why she had not traveled more in her life...and with that the party ended a roof raiser none-the-less.

Upon leaving the Capp home the party goers experienced the sleeping puppy blockade.  They simply could not figure it out and stood around looking lost for a good Sim hour.   Heh.

Party time was over and the two men of the house got down to business to do some studying.  Albany fulfilled a wish to learn anger management and Hal had a sudden hankering to amass creativity skills.  The educational bookcase was coming in really handy.

It was right around this time Goneril realized she could choose a second aspiration.  A roll of the Virtual Dice revealed a Family Sim. 

Sunday afternoon Danny the puppy grew up and Hal decided to sell him right off the bat to townie Kaylynn Spitzig.  Good riddance.  Alegra and Webster do not make good looking doggie children.  Of course this means that Danny will be seen frolicking around town as a townie dog.

My oh my.  I am not keeping up with the elder birthdays.  Goneril ages.

And we end this round with the Albany and Goneril Capp family with Goneril scrubbing her face.  I suppose Sims I have played in the past have done this, I just don't recall seeing it.  Funny.


Albany:  Was good to play what with throwing the pet wishes.  If it wasn't that he was wishing for grandchildren, or relative gets engaged.  I felt bad for him when he was showing family type wishes, as it wasn't going to happen until the Ariel/Desdemona/Spencer lot was played.  Ending wishes:  Reach TOC in Education, call Desdemona to chat, praise Webster, and command Webster to come here.

Goneril:  Goneril went platinum early in the round which meant I only fulfilled her wishes if it suited me.  Ending wishes:  Blog about Arts and Crafts, talk about hobby, praise Webster, and wash Alegra.

Hal:  Was the ever loving Popularity Sim, one of the easiest to keep happy in the game.  All he had to do was have a party and it was done.  Ending wishes:  Make friends with townie Kaylynn Spitzig, call Ariel to chat, buy a guitar and have a party.

And that is the Capps for this round.

Have fun, and keep on simmin'!



  1. Woohoo! A lot happened this round. Puppies, birthdays, wishes, and more. .

  2. I don't think I've ever seen a Sim scrubbing their face in my game, but maybe I just never noticed.
    The parties look like good fun to play, I love watching what the guests are up to, but hate the bathroom (and other) traffic jams :-)
    Apparently, in The Sims 4, the routing is done a LOT better, and such jams won't happen anymore.

    1. There is a mod somewhere that stops the bathroom being a magnet during a party. I have that installed. I think it is just ludicrous.

  3. Brilliant round. I love 'String Me'... I played lots of Sims that way when I first got Nightlife. I never knew you'd done a challenge on it. How did I miss that?! I find that Goneril's household all loved to have parties in my version. *sigh*. If I ever play these 'hoods again I'm installing clean hoods from MATY so I don't get the bugs. Am still playing Pleasantview but it's not without issues. :)

    1. I hear ya...little things happen in my game that point to impending issues. I had to stop playing Prosperity Falls because of crazy things like pregnancy tokens disappearing, pictures disappearing....ect. Craziness.

  4. All sorts of stuff happening this round. The dogs sure are an interesting mix of the parents. :)

  5. I use the virtual dice too even though it's not necessary to use for sims3 but I use it to pick vacation destinations for sims3