Sunday, March 22, 2015

Pleasantview Rnd 6 - PlantSim Ranch

All who live here:

Grocery Guy Mitch Wolosenko - Romance - LTW Become a Hall of Famer - unmet
Plantsim Sunflower Wolosenko - Pleasure - Professional Party Guest.  Met.  Have 50 Dream Dates - unmet. 
Uni YA Brian Jordan - Knowledge - Become Hand of Poseidon - unmet
Plantsim Sharon Jordan - Knowledge - Become a Prestidigitator - umnet
Robert Wolosenko - Family - Raise 20 Puppies or Kittens - unmet
Alice Wolosenko - Grow Up
Annie Jordan - Grow Up
Louis Wolosenko - Grow Up

It occurred to me that I have not shown this lot. It is quite an unusual house, and I have had a lot of fun with it. It was built with light loving plantsims in mind with lots of light space.

With two families living here, the largest lot was purchased, and no expense has been spared for a plantsims's needs.  The first floor is a greenhouse where gardening can be done year round.  A flat roof with glass see through tiles ensures that plenty of light comes in.  (technically.  If it really does, I don't know).  :)  A fishing pond takes a great deal of space so hours can be spent outside soaking up the sun, then of course there is the orchard out back.  For the Sims who are not of the plant variety, there is a basketball hoop and a parking pad for vehicles.

Starting from the top floor, working down.  This is the kids' bedroom and their bathroom.  I know, crazy way to put the beds.  heh  Lots of windows.

This is the main living area where the master bedrooms are, kitchen, and bathroom.  Notice the use of the spiral staircase and see through floor.

This is the greenhouse floor where the gardening plots are along with the living room, and some workout equipment.  We also have the career rewards for Professional Party Guest here. 


Mitch first wishes:

Ask Sim on a date, go swimming, woohoo in bed, and have a party.  First wish fulfilled:  Hug Sunflower. 

Sunflower first wishes:

Ask Sim on a date, be friends with Emma Copur (daughter of Ivy and Don Lothario), woohoo in bed, and have a party.  First wish fulfilled:  Ask Sim on date.

Brian first wishes:

Talk to Sharon, do tai-chi, give backrub to Sharon, and dance with Sharon.

Sharon first wishes:

Go swimming, woohoo in bed, be saved from death, and be friends with Lucy (Burb) Tellerman.  First wish fulfilled:  be friends with Lucy.

Robert, son of Mitch and Sunflower:

Go steady with Ida Burb, gain a skill point, go to Uni, and sneak out with Harry Burb.  First wish fulfilled:  Get a skill point.

First wishes for Alice, daughter of Mitch and Sunflower:

Go fishing, play with Gayle Lothario, play with Albert Goth, and be friends with Alexander Goth.  No wonder she has so many wishes that concern the Goths, she showed up there several times on the last lot.  First wish fulfilled:  Go fishing.

First wishes for Annie, daughter of Sharon and Brian:

Get bronze badge in fishing, get cleaning one, play with Fred, and BBF with Walter Tellerman, son of Lucy (Burb) and Komie Tellerman.

First wishes for Louis, son of Mitch and Sunflower:

Well, he must have come over to the Goth house at least once.  He has wishes for Albert.  Be friends, play with Albert, be friends with Margaret Caliente (daughter of Nina), and get a skill point. First wish fulfilled:  Get a skill point.

Alice and Annie were blog hogs this round, constantly coming home on the bus with the other neighborhood children.  Never saw Louis!

At any rate, the plantsims come from the Coral and Leo Wilkie lot, where Leo's LTW was to marry off six.  Being that he was already an elder, and being that I didn't want him to actually go through the torture of adopting and waiting for kids to grow up, he became a plantsim himself and made an immediate family.  Upon growing up, each plantsim would choose a mate out of the wishing well.  And it seems that every time, the lucky plantsim recieved an NPC mate. This has been fun for me, I am playing Sims I haven't ever had a chance to play.  Like Mitch the Grocery Guy.  And it mixed up the hood a little.  Like that.

I made mention on the last entry that it seemed there were small changes all throughout the hood since the hood survived a near disaster.  Last lot a Sim showed up wearing a baseball cap that I didn't put on him.  Here Sharon Jordan has lost her plantsim hair while her sister Sunflower still has it.  *shrug*.


Robert and Louis quickly knocked off a skill point before the school bus came.  Robert got a mechanical, and Louis hit the cookbooks.

Alice and Annie joined Sharon at the fishing hole but alas didn't catch a fish, but the wish was fulfilled,  Annie didn't get her bronze badge, but was able to put in some time toward earning it.

Mitch and Sunflower quickly knocked out a dream date, fulfilling wishes for both of them for the day.

Well well well.  No longer do we have to be concerned about Brian's wishes.

He has met his LTW and is now perm plat.  New LTW:  Become A Prestidigitator like his wife.  This makes 2 Sims on this lot now that don't need so much attention.

Upon returning home from school, the younger kids wanted to jump rope.  Such an easy wish to fulfill!  And develops body skill too!

Lucy (Burb) Tellerman's boy Wallie Tellerman came home on the bus with Robert, and fulfilled a wish to make friends with him.

Well sent Mitch and Sunflower to town on Monday even though they had their wishes in for the day.  Saw this guy manning cash register as Mitch bought an MP3 player:

Blake Nanale.  I guess he took the place of George McCarthy since George went to Uni.

Tuesday finds the kids low on fun when they came home from school.  They left that morning with their fun bars filled up.  Gad...what is happening at school? So, Robert settled down to do his homework, and the kids danced their hearts out, as none of them liked each other well enough to do the tried but true 'red hands'.

Once their fun is up, then they can fulfill a few wishes, then do homework.

It took a couple of days, but this little girl finally realized her bronze fishing badge, fulfilling a large wish.  Now she wants her silver!!!  heh

Sharon maxed Body.....with her non plantsim hair and everything.

After the children go to bed, the adults spend time in the garden greenhouse having social time and watching TV.  I love this area.

Robert maxes Cleaning.....

Nice boost to the aspiration bar!

10 best friends for Sunflower.

Sharon kept a wish to see rain, mainly because she seemed to be low on water needs quite often.  So the natural thing to do (besides putting her in the bathtub) was to try to fulfill the wish to see rain.  So the weather aspiration reward was bought to generate it!  But even though it was pouring the rain all around her, it did not fulfill her wish.  It did take care of her water need, though.

The adults are not the only ones who like to spend leisure time in the greenhouse.  Robert and Ida Burb enjoy a dream date, getting all of Robert's wishes for the day.  He keeps constant wants to go steady with Ida.  But when he invites her over, it disappears and is replaced by other wishes for her.

Saturday morning sees the two plantsim sisters wastching on as their family enjoys breakfast together.  Sunflower is harboring a wish to ask a Sim out on a date which will be spent on her husband Mitch thus getting in his five wishes for the day.  All the younger children have wishes to talk about hobby and jump rope, all easy to fulfill.  Robert wants to spend some time with Ida, and buy stuff.

Mitch came home from work flaunting a promotion to MVP, and Sunflower ran outside and asked him on a date straight away.  Of which he was more than obliged to say yes to.  Louis invited Sam Dreamer over to fulfill wishes to play, after making friends with him on the phone.

Saturday evening was for birthdays.

Happy birthday, Annie!

Happy birthday, Alice!

Oh my, I love career related LTWs.  Thanks girls!!!

It is Sunday afternoon, and Annie is back to trying for her bronze fishing badge.  Her Aunt Sunflower had a yen to get some sunlight, so fishing it was for her too!  And viola!  A gold fishing badge for Aunt Sunflower.  I didn't know she was so close to it!

Sunday afternoon Mitch arrives home as a Superstar.  Alas, we wont see his LTW realized until next round.

 Sunday was Louis's birthday.   What a cute kid!

My oh my what a good looking young man.  Me thinks Mitch Wolosenko makes good looking kids.  Louis drew Fortune like his sister Alice.  (I was so busy ogling at how good looking he was I didn't get a screenshot of his aspiration panel.)

Sooo since I didn't get a shot of his aspiration panel, here is a shot of his wishes.

He wants an A+, make BFF with his uncle Brian Jordan, get an MP3 player and a hand held game.  Welp, looks like a trip to the store for Louis.

Of course, once he got to the store, all these wishes disappeared, and easier ones came in.

Learn  Pysiology, jump rope, talk about hobby, and see snow.  Thank goodness, I hate Sim constantly whipping out the MP3 player or the hand held game, and usually at the most inopportune moments.

Now that he has moved off the lot, we can see what his LTW is. Yay.  Love it.  Louis fulfilled the talk about hobby wish by talking to:

Dina Caliente...although Dina was not as impressed with young Louis as I was.  She shooed him away.  But none-the-less, the wish fulfilled.  Louis then jumped a little rope, went home, and went to bed.

Well well.  Another Sim who no longer has to be controlled on this busy busy lot.  YAY.

So, game glitch.  This is interesting.

We have an invisible Lucy (Burb) Tellerman leaving a gift.  I didn't realize there was an outing going on, so I looked back on the party picture.  Scroll up about half way and look at the birthday picture for Annie and Alice.  There is a knight in armor in the upper left corner.  That is Lucy.  So I can only assume she is referring to this party.  She was really impressed, apparently.

Invisible Lucy getting on her broom and heading home.  hehehe!

We end this round on the Plantsim Ranch with tandem wishes being realized.  The husands have gotten some hefty aspiration points deposited into their coffers while sleeping.  Well, it was probably wishes to be BFF with somebody being fulfilled.

Odd Pic Out:

Everyone in Platinum aspiration early in the play.  My goodness.  Not easy to do.

That's it everyone!

Keep on simming!


And I want to remind everyone that is shut down.  Prosperity Falls characters and Fellowship families can now be downloaded at:  The Fellowship.


  1. What an unusual house & household. An action-packed week; looks like you never had a boring moment there!
    The invisible Lucy made me laugh :-)

  2. Love the house, I would never be able to live in house with glass floors (scared of heights). But assuming light gets everywhere for the plantsims. I think we all get glitches like that and the most annoying one "you invited me to spend the night" and you came as welcome trio. The sims didn't invite you at all.

  3. Beautiful Sims and wonderful family photos :)

  4. That's a great looking lot- thanks for sharing.
    Invisible witch? heh, she must know a spell we don't.
    The kids all grew up great and yay for career LTW's! Mitch does have great looking kids it seems, I've never played him either.
    I like the shot of all the platinum sims, it is very hard to do in such a big and busy household!

  5. Nice as Always to read about your big and wild families! I love kiddie wishes - they are often easy to fulfill!