Monday, December 26, 2016

Round 6 - Broke - Charles and Frannie

Dang it has been since July of 2013 since I have played this lot.  Heh.  Can hardly believe it.  Don't remember much about these Sims except Charles is the baby that Brandi was pregnant with when I first started playing this neighborhood eons ago.  Charles met townie Frannie (Frances) when he was a teen, and she went though University with him.  They stayed together all that time, must be true love!

 All Who Live Here:

Charles Broke - Son of Brandi Broke - Romance.  Wants to become a Professional Party Guest.

Charles wants to reach the top of the Slacker career, wants to hustle pool, invite someone over, entertain, woohoo in bed, and meet someone new.  First wish fulfilled meet someone new via computer chat.

Frannie Broke:  She is a townie Pop Sim who wants  to become a Hall of Famer.

She wants to play with Brittany (Upsnot) Wilkie, have a party, woohoo in bed, meet someone new, go swimming, and hustle pool.  She is currently unemployed. First wish fulfilled have a party.

Bob Broke, named after greatgrandpappy Bob Newbie -

Bob wants to get potty trained, learn to talk and walk, and be snuggled. First wish fulfilled be snuggled.

Skip Broke, named after grandpappy Skip Broke -

Skip wants to learn to walk, be tickled, get a charisma skill point, and learn to talk. First wish fulfilled be tickled.

Being a Pop Sim, Frannie immediately wanted a party after the boys had been tickled, fed and snuggled, and put to bed.  Charles was so tired he went to bed too. So Frannie hit the energizer and was ready for a night of partying in the original Broke trailer.

Left to right - John Caliente son of Nina and Don Lothario, then his wife Mary (Pleasant) Caliente - daughter of MarySue and Daniel, Frannie, a passing townie, Angela (Pleasant) Broke (wife of Dustin) and their only child a daughter named Anna Broke (currently in Uni)

Frannie fulfilled her five wishes easily.

Gratuitous smustle picture.  haha  The party was a success, but not a roof raiser.

Charles was easy to keep happy, as he wanted to date, date, date.  Frannie was all for that as well!  In the middle of their date after Frannie's happened...

Frannie's baby made itself known.  I am sure this was not on Frannie's wish list!

This is Nicolette Broke, a sweet little girl.  Yes, picture out of order...this was taken late the next day after Charles got home from work.  Being a Romance Sim, yes, Charles had WooHoo in his wish panel.  WooHoo is never ignored in 5 is locked in until the first opportunity to fulfill.

Speaking of work for Charles, that day he came home having fulfilled a great wish to get TOC in Slacker.  Yay!  Now he wants to be a World Class Ballet Dancer.

In the meanwhile, Frannie had decided to try to fix the computer herself as she was looking for the job in athletics.

She had five mechanical points...guess that wasn't enough to do a good job with the repair.  heh  However she tried again two more times and was able to fix, then looked for the job in Athletics.  Did not come up.  I never get tired of this animation.

I couldn't friggin' believe it.  Risky is working overtime in this household.  Charles's wish for WooHoo was realized, and chimes were heard.

Being that Charles worked at night, he could could find time to work on his wish to get a bronze in flower making during the day.  Being maxed out in Creativity, it didn't take long.

On Wednesday Frannie had her usual house party.  When it was over everyone filed out except John Caliente.  Birthday notifications popped up for Skip and Bob.  It was time.  The boys were fortunate enough to having learned all their toddler skills.

Skip Broke. Grow up wishes:  Get a lemonade stand, tell an inside joke, get creativity 5 and make a friend. 

Bob Broke.  His wishes upon growing up:  Make a friend, buy a piano, get a lemonade stand, and tell an inside joke to his mom

It was also Nicolette's birthday.

Nicolette's wishes upon growing up:  Be played with by her mom and dad, learn to walk and talk.

Eventually Charles moved along in flower arranging, fulfilling a wish to get the Arts and Crafts hobby plaque...

And the Silver Badge.  Way to go Charles!

Mamma helped the twins realize homework wishes.  They would be super studiers now!

The fourth child was born to the Brokes...a little girl named Katy.  Two boys here, and two girls.  Hope Risky thinks that's the perfect number!  ASimWen made a mistake early on and did not bring pets in to procreate to keep the Sim population down!

ASimWen missed it.  Looks like Charles realized his wish to get a gold badge in floral arranging.

Bob wanted to make sure he was not going to grow up to be an angry adult Sim, fulfilling a wish.

Come Saturday it was Nicolette's birthday.  The only Sims invited to the birthday party was the girl's grandparents, Brandi and step grandpa Tyson.    Now now lusting after your step daughter in law Frannie.  Get the look on Brandi's face, realizing that her husband is finding another Sim attractive.

Nicolette Broke, dancing smustle with the grown ups.  Wishes  - Buy a birdcage and a lemonade stand, tell and inside joke, and get Creativity 8.

Frannie realized she had had four children and had never talked to their grandmother Brandi.  She spent the remainder of the party chatting up.

On Sunday Charles's dream field came up in Dance.  He left the party scene and grabbed it.  This meant he had to bone up on body skill points so hit the physiology book.  Body skill = done.

Monday morning sees Nicolette and Bob chatting before the school bus comes.

This was a fun play, I always enjoy a busy Sim Household.  My regret though is that I didn't put a breeding pair of pets here to keep the baby count down.  This is the original Broke trailer, looks like in the past it was remodeled and maybe made a little bigger.  I still contend that it is programmed to make the pregnant female Sim needs bottom out quickly, and makes toddlers sleep very little. Luckily Frannie is perm plat, so she could keep hitting the energizer, as did Charles.

Speaking of being perm plat.  I forgot my rule in this hood that fulfilling wishes for perm plat Sims is discretionary.   It is only done if something interesting comes up in the wish panel.  Such as Charles wanting to do the floral badges.  That started becasue he threw a wish to sell a masterpiece.  He did that, then he threw a wish to get the Arts and Crafts plaque.  So knowing that working the flower bench would be crafty, it was bought.  That started the string of wishes for the floral badges.  If course a vase of snapdragons was made and put in the living room to help with needs.

Ending wishes:

Charles:  Sell a masterpiece, get TOC in Dance, buy a green energy source, buy a car, Nicolette gets into private school and go on Island Vacation.

Frannie:  Make a BFF, make bff with Bertha Wilkie, ask Sim on a date, flirt, be friends with the nanny Karen Ghast and have a party.

Bob:  Tell and inside joke to and play with Charles, reach Cooking 7 and get an A+ report card.

Skip:  Be swung around by Frannie, talk about hobby, jump rope and get A+ report card.

Nicolette:  Get A+ report card, torment someone, (she is a mean sloppy Sim), learn couples counseling and go skating.

Katy:  Infant.

Plans:  This family will move to the Broke rancher where Brandi and Tyson currently live.  If memory serves, Brandi should get her LTW of raising 20 pets next round, and should pass to the Sim beyond, leaving Tyson behind.  The house is much larger and would be great for the large Broke family. 

Remember.  Playing Sims is fun, but family is first.  Always.

Keep on Simmin'!



  1. there is a mod out there for toddlers to sleep all night long, which is nicer and i also have one where the toddlers/puppies/kittens can go up down stairs, which is really good. I will have a hunt and see where i got them from if you are interested.

  2. toddler sleep toddler/animal stairs.

    I have used this for a little while and nothing bad has happened to my game yet. lol

  3. Lovely read, thank you!
    Wow - having an ever-growing family AND throwing parties at the original Broke trailer is quite a challenge! Funny how Charlie is walking around in his chain mail - a flower-arranging "knight", sweet!

  4. Ahh, I want to play now. What a busy family. I sure hope they can have fun and not pull a risky pregnancy again!