Friday, December 30, 2016

Round 6 - Broke - Beau and Brenda

All who live here:

Beau Broke - Romance - and like his brother Charles wanted - to be a Professional Party Guest

Beau wants to go on a dream date, tell Mary (Pleasant) Caliente an inside joke, get TOC in Slacker, flirt and play with Mary, and have a party.

Brenda (Townie) Broke - Pop Sim, become a Captain Hero

Brenda wants to play with and tell inside joke to the ever popular Mary (Pleasant) Caliente,get fit, have a party, go swimming, and meet someone new.

Betty (named after greatgrandmamma Betty Newbie) - Toddler Grow Up

Betty wants to be read to and tickled, wants Charisma 4, and learn to walk.

Dang by the looks of Brenda's delicate condition, looks like the Broke boys are really in the business of procreating.  Hope it isn't twins!

Upon entering the lot, Beau was looking very much like the Romance Sim.  Heh.  He is perm plat via full aspiration bar, but Brenda is not.  So Beau's wishes will be fulfilled only if ASimWen finds it interesting to do so.

After tickling and cuddling Betty and putting her bed, Beau's phone rang.  It was an invitation downtown.  Per 5 Wishes rules, he had to accept.  Brenda was tired, and went to bed.

Left to right - Wendy Owens, Orlando Centowski, Meadow Thayer, Joe Graham, and Lyndsay Butler (Gee she looks a lot like Brandi LeTorneau!)
What an eclectic group of folks in this outing!  It is during school hours, shouldn't Orlando and Meadow be in school???

The outing was Super even though Beau got chewed out for trying to tell Crumplebottom a joke.

So in order not to repeat the same mistake as on the Charles Broke lot, a pet was called for as soon as Beau returned home.

Dakota, a Maxis creation dog.  He will be bred with one of the small dogs from Brandi Broke's LTW of 20 puppies or kittens.  Soon after Dakota arrived this happened:

Bessie arrived.  Hiya Bessie!

After Bessie was fed and put down to sleep, another call was made.

SueEllen was adopted, and brought by the humane officer.  The next puppy mill was in the works.

Beau's phone rang.  It was the same exact Sims he had just been out with wanting to go out again.  Sheesh!  This time they went to Sue's Kitchen so Beau could make food for them.

He made cheesecake for everyone, and made sure that everyone knew what a good reputation his cheesecake had in all of Pleasantview.  By this time it was time to go home . He had literally partied all day and night.

With many tears, Brenda sent SueEllen back to the pound.  It seemed that Dakota was a female as well so there would be no puppies.  ha.  A new dog was brought in, a male named IceTea.  He was rather aggressive and picked fights with SueEllen, but not with Dakota.  so the Broke household said goodbye to SueEllen.

That same day was Betty's birthday.  Wishes upon growing up:  buy a birdcage and a game,  make a friend, and get Charisma 8.  She did not have a chance to fulfill any as she was tired and went right to bed after cake.

It was also Bessie's birthday.

Her wishes upon growing up:  Learn to potty and walk, and get cuddled and played with by Brenda. by this time Beau was exhausted and laid down to relax.  Brenda managed to teach Bessie to potty using smartmilk and the thinking cap then left her to play with the bunny head while she "relaxed" with Beau.  He was showing a wish to woohoo, having just gotten home from work.  *chimes*  sigh.  No staying in a smaller home for this branch of the Brokes.

Beau's brother Charles came marching in one day, picked up Bessie and proceeded to cuddle the living daylights out of her.  Would have been nice to see what his wishes were!  Beau had a good time chatting up his brother and getting caught up on Broke family business.

Brenda spent a couple of days during her third pregnancy studying cooking, for which she was showing wish skills.  She maxed out strangely without throwing a wish to attend a cooking contest.

The matchmaker brought by a genie lamp.  Beau being perm plat and not getting his wishes shaken up much thew a wish to make a wish. Being that the family was one income and struggled slightly for cash, Beau wished for money, and so it was.

Two puppies were born, and sent right off to the animal shelter.  Brenda then commanded Dakota and IceTea to try again for pups, and they were successful.  More were on the way!

Betty threw lots of wishes to command the dogs around, praise them, and wished to teach them new tricks.

What good luck!  Beau's dream field came up in the computer, finally.  He quit the Slacker field and joined Gaming.  He immediately threw a wish to reach TOC, but needed a couple logic points.  So he slapped on the thinking cap and commenced to telescoping.  ASimWen had her fingers crossed that he WOULD NOT get abducted.

Bessie was throwing all the usual type toddler wishes to play, snuggle, and get read to.  Brenda was happy to oblige.

One evening while Beau was outside stargazing Betty was on hand to witness little Alice's entrance into the world.  That is three daughters for Romance Sim Beau Broke. Oh the irony!

Finally Saturday came and Brenda hired a nanny for the babies so she, Beau and Betty could go to the park.  She and Brenda had been harboring a wish to go fishing all week long.

Beau chose this time to socialize with his mother and work on his logic skills at the same time.

Upon the family's return from the park, Bessie had her birthday.  Her wishes:   buy an easel, be BFF with her mother, praise Dakota, and make a friend.  An easel was immediately purchased, although it just sits and gathers dust.  heh

Bessie was so tired she went to bed.  Betty got to work making a friend of Nicolette Broke, fulfilling a wish.  While talking on the phone to Nicolette her dad Charles showed up.  Now we know why he keept marching into his brother's house unannounced.  Somebody is interacting with one of his kids.  heh.  Brenda fulfilled a wish to top out cooking this night as well.  Saturday was a good day for wish fulfilling, Betty and Brenda realizing many more than five.

Dakota and IceTea are a good pair.  Three more puppies born, and immediately sent off to the animal control  One puppy is thinking about his daddy, IceTea.

Sunday sees Brenda taking her to oldest daughters fishing again.  All of them were showing strong fishing wishes again.  Brenda was longing for a silver badge, but was not able to stay long enough to realize it.  But she did catch a couple of fish she was hoping to get.  Betty and Bessie both obtained a bronze and were happy!

Upon leaving the fishing hole, Brenda finally rolled win a food competition.  She took Betty and Bessie to Sue's Kitchen and entered her sparkly blackened catfish winning against Mary (Pleasant) Caliente's lobster and Angela (Pleasant) Broke's baked alaska.  By that time it was really late and time to get the girls home.

Sunday night Alice grew up.  Her wishes:  Learn to talk, be read to, learn to potty and be played with by her mom.  First wish fulfilled - be read to.

Beau has reach another LTW, he became the top dog in the Gamer career. He could now design the games.  What did he want to do now?  Become Education Minister.  His subaspiration is Knowledge.  Ah.

Oh and looky!  It came right up in the computer.  All this time, Brenda's desired field has not come up in law enforcement.  She checks every day.

And we end the lot with a visit from the burglar early Sunday morning.  His way in the house was blocked by Betty, and the nice Sim policeman hauled him away.  Of course now all the kids in the house want to see burglar ghost.  Who knows..he may meet the same fate as burglar Jessica Ebadi.

All in all this has been a really fun play!


Beau - Being perm plat, his wishes were not fulfilled.  Per 5 Wishes rules, everytime he spun up woohoo, or received a call to go out, it was so.  His wishes for TOC were locked in.  I really couldn't help myself on that.  ;)

Brenda - Threw a heavy streak of skilling cooking which she maxed out.  Otherwise, most of her wishes surrounded making friends and fishing.

Betty, Bessie - threw normal child type wishes to boss the dogs around, fish, catch bugs, and talk about hobbies.

Alice...the odd one out who doesn't have a B name.  I didn't realize what I had done until she was already named.  Hahaha.  She wanted to be read to alot, wanted to learn to potty, talk.

The dogs are pregnant again.

Keep on simming!

Remember, keep family first.



  1. you certainly are popping them out. Once you started playing you can't stop. lol. Lovely to see Beau all grown up.

    1. Well the Simmies in my hoods never try for baby...I rely on pets reproducing and Risky to control the population. It seems as if there is a Romance Sim in the house there is also lots of kids!

  2. Whew, what a whirlwind week with births both human and canine, birthdays, career tops and outings! This was fun to read and I bet it was fun to play, too.
    In my game, Beau Broke is now an elderly gentleman and has married Desdemona Capp. If you are interested, you can read that chapter here.

    1. What a great read! I don't think I have ever been by this blog! Looks like you have been at it for a while, like I have!

    2. Indeed I have :-) I started this 'hood in 2008, when we were still able to upload directly from the storytelling mode in-game to the official Sims2 website, so all my families go way back.

    3. I played Prosperity Falls for 5 years, then I started seeing tale tale signs that it was going down hill. (missing pregnancies, ect) I still have a copy of it though and open it every now and then.