Sunday, December 25, 2016

Round 6 Wilkie (Silver Maple and Brittany)

Hi ho Simmers, it has been since March of 2015 since I have made a post to this blog, almost two years. I have been involved in lots of things in the last two years which prevented me from playing 5 Wishes. I do remember firing up this neighborhood intermittently every few months and playing a day here and there in this lot, but would put it back down again. I had lost all interest, bottomed out. Played some TS4 and TS3, and then became involved in a Prosperity competition with the TS2 Challenges group earlier this year. There were things that happened in my personal life as well that really had me tied up the last few months. I won't go into details... but I did get divorced...and yanno all those natural disasters that happened in the US of A we saw on the news this year? Yeah, I was right in the thick of one of them which caused me to lose my home. I fortunately was not living it in at the time, but this loss caused me to move back to the state where the disaster took place to take care of business. Took months and months. I spent the last three months of 2016 shopping for a new home, and doing handmade Christmas gifts for my family. Believe me, Simming was the last thing on my mind. Now I see the light at the end of the tunnel. I close on my new home in early 2017, Christmas is over, and I feel like a million bucks.

I fired up my ignored laptop a couple of days ago to do updates, hard disk cleaning, ect. Started to examine the TS2 files. Gosh. I wanted to play.  Yesterday I read this blog from the first entry. I realized how much fun I had playing it, how much fun folks had reading it. It was fun. That is something that had been in short supply in my life the last good while. Knowing that I was ready to have fun again meant I was coming out of my funk. I wanted to play TS2 again, starting with the Silver Maple Wilkie lot according to the play list.

I found that during the time I played it here and there, I took two pictures. And when I opened the lot today, it was late Friday. Not many days to play the lot and get a story line together. So I will put here what I was able to capture in just a couple of Sim days.

Feels good to be back. Remember this is the wishes style of play.  The goal is to fulfill 5 wishes a day for all non platinum Sims on the lot.  Sounds easy, but is not  It sometimes forces me to play in a manner that I otherwise would not.

 All who live here:

Plantsim Silver Maple Wilkie - Fortune - Wants 5 Top Level Businesses...maybe....

Wife Brittany (Upsnot) Wilkie - Popularity - Wants to Become A Rock God

Daughter Bertha Wilkie - Knowledge - Wants to Become a Criminal Mastermind

Two dogs Pumpkin and Raspberry.

Well the oldest picture in the Storytelling folder was this one.  I had presence of mind to take a pic of her getting her LTW.  Checking memories, it was to have 20 Best Friends.  Now she wants to become a Rock God.  She is currently working as a Celebrity Chef, which judging from the level of skills she has and the number of times I have played this lot, she probably got this when she grew up from YA out of Uni.  She popped out of the Wishing Well long ago for Silver Maple, who needed to get married right away.

Next Silver and Brittany's daughter Bertha gets into Private School.  Good deal, being a Knowledge Sim she was probably wishing for it.  On the far left, looks like Gale Lothario (Daughter of Ivy and Don Lothario) came home on the bus with Bertha that day.

Now are the pictures I took during this play:

When I clicked 'LIVE' I found Bertha trudging along trying to get a logic skill point.  I paused, and looked around.  There was a greenhouse out back that was half empty, and a juicer on the kitchen counter.  Checked Silver Maple's inventory, and it was loaded with eggplants.  I thought why the heck is Bertha skilling the long hard way???? 

Put her to work serving up some eggplant juice and she commenced to drinking.  Woah..then a very pregnant Brittany whips up some chili.  Hahahaha!  Looks like another Wilkie will be coming into the world.

Bertha drank all the eggplants available, and joined her father Silver Maple in the greenhouse to harvest the remaining plants.  Of course drinking all this juice is fulfilling all kinds of skill wishes for her.  No problem getting five wishes in on Friday and Saturday.

Brittany learned physiology, as she had a wish.  Of course then she skipped rope to get the body points that comes with it.

Bertha drank her way to maxing skills, nice Prosperity points right there.  She did not get the special icon for maxing skills, but this is the skill point that did it.  She will wait another round before going to Uni, as she has only just grown up.  She knows no one, so will stay in the hood for a while.

And now it is Monday morning, almost time for the school bus to come for Brittany.  The two dogs Pumpkin and Raspberry are pregnant, and will deliver next round.

Ending wishes:

Brittany:  Meet someone new, be BFF with Gale Lothario, make a BFF, and have 30 BFFs at once.

Silver:  Brittany gets a scholarship, sell a masterpiece, give love to Pumpkin, and gain a skill point.

Bertha:  See a ghost, get a birdcage, go to Uni, and be saved from death.

No matter what version of The Sims you play, keep playing.  But comes first.  Always.



  1. Lovely to see you back playing. Sorry about all your woes but it looks like you have turned it around and back on top. Sometimes when you feeling blue, i love to to play sims it cheers me up and i have certainly had a few up downs over the last couple of years too. I am now doing a b.a.c.c. with a few little challenge with it too here is a link if you would like to read.
    Merry Xmas and happy new year.

    1. Aww thank you so much for coming back to read. :) I will check it out!!!

  2. Welcome back - what a lovely surprise to see your blog appearing on my reading list again!
    Your year definitely sounds as if two or three could have been made out of it... sorry to hear there has been so much stuff going on that wasn't good, but now things are looking up and you are back here which is great!

  3. Hi Wen, Happy New Year and I really hope that yours is an extra happy one after all the goings on last year.
    So you are like a Sim now starting a house from scratch :)
    I love the juicer for skills, great way to fill wishes. Now I wanna play- I just need to find the time. Until then keep the updates coming and I'll happily read them when, like now, I'm on my break at work :D

  4. Aww, I'm so sorry about all you have had to endure the past year and I am so glad that you have come out the other side feeling good. Makes me want to play Sims 2 again also, but have so much stuff going on in 3 and 4 still. Can't wait to see more, and I just might go read through again to refresh my memory.

    1. I hear ya! I have a great challenge going in 3...the 100 Baby challenge. It taxes this old laptop so bad tho. I am shopping for a new lap top to play 3 and 4 on. I haven't been able to play 4 for a while, Origin is throwing a terrible error I can't clear. I bought a bunch of the TS4 stuff when it was on sale at Christmas. Who knows when I will get to play it.