Saturday, March 31, 2012

Round 2, Lot 2: Goth Mansion

All who live here: Darren Dreamer- LTW to become Head of the SCIA, Cassandra Dreamer - LTW to become Captain Hero, Alexander Goth - To Raise 20 puppies or kittens. Ugh.

First wishes: Darren: Get a skill point/mechanical skill point Cassandra: To play with a relative. Alexander: To play with DON LOTHARIO.

On this day, Darren's job field in the SCIA finally comes up. He takes a job as a gumshoe. Finally! Cassandra is still harboring a wish for a child, so she and Darren will work on that. Alexander was showing a wish for Uni. If he keeps it for a while, then he will go.

Anyway, when Alexander gets home from school, he calls Don. If you will remember in the prior update, he and Don became friends over the telephone. Now Alexander wishes to keep the friendship going by inviting Don over for some social time.

Next it was his buddy Dirk Dreamer. Already I am thinking Alexander might be an easier play this time around than last. Once Alexander spent time with friends, he fell into skilling mode. Yay for that!

And so it goes! Cassandra hit a streak where she wanted to be extremely good friends with Melissa Fancey..( of Don's loves) and having interaction with Melissa kept Cassie in a good enough mood to use the keep her going for her pregnancy. Yes, Risky had mercy on Cassie and decided to give her a baby. She got pregnant on Monday night, and it seemed to be a rough pregnancy. Constant sickness, running for the toilet. Twins perk is turned on for her. *fingers crossed*.

Of course Darren being a Knowledge Sim, it is skilling for him too. This makes for easy play, but boring. Fast play. That is good. Alexander loses the wish for Uni on Tuesday. And the cats Cymmi and Alegra get pregnant. Yay for Alexander's LTW!

And here they are! The first pets born in this neighborhood so far.

Alexander throws wishes every now and then for the cats, but usually to teach them commands. I am glad he finally wants to be friends with them. heh

And it is only one baby for Cassie and Darren. Meet William Dreamer. Looks like he has his daddy's blue eyes.... :) Momma's skintone. (I can't help it, I still love to look at the genetics. I guess that is my habit from my days playing Prosperity Falls).

Oh looky...Tyson Ebadi has come home from work with Cassie. He is in love with Brandi Broke. I hope to move him in with her this round and fulfill all kinds of wishes for her.

And William ages up. Cute kid!

And...we end the round with Alexander joining the Garden Club and winning the wishing well. I didn't stop to think that the person making the call to the Garden Club is the one that gets the membership. Cassie is the one who wanted the garden plots and orchard trees. Ah well.


Darren: Played the part of the typical Knowledge Sim. Skill, skill skill. He stayed in plat pretty much the whole time. When William aged up to toddler he immediately spun up wishes to teach William his toddler skills. Just as I was leaving the lot, he maxed his skills. Go you, Darren!

Cassie: During her pregnancy, she rolled lots of wishes to make friends with so and so. Thank goodness there wasn't alot of blogging and such going on. Then it was to make friends with all of Alexander's cats. When spring hit, she spent a day or so wanting romantic interactions with Darren.

Alexander: Only spun up University three times, and the wish didn't 'stick'. Since it didn't stick, he will not be going to Uni. When he grows up, I will probably have to watch him cry about it for a while, but oh well. He spent the early part of the week visiting with friends, then he wanted to skill. Occasionally he threw a wish to make friends with so and so, or interactions with his cats. He was much easier to play this round than last. He did have an interesting date with Lilith Pleasant at the park, but nothing came of it. Yes, the spring romance bug bit him too, so I sent him right out to find a girl. The only one around was Lilith. And even though his relationship with her was 8/0 and a negative bolt, she accepted a date with him. Hahaha!

William: Wanted and received toddlers skills, thanks to Darren. Then it was all interactions with his mom and dad.

What fun the Goth house was this time!


  1. I also enjoy the Goth house more as I play it. You had a great round here with lots going on.
    Alexander and Lilith huh? Be good to see how that turns out!

  2. Funny how Alexander never kept the Uni want...he seems like a sim who would. Once again wishes make it interesting.

  3. This is another great way to keep Sims 2 play fresh! It's so cool how the wishes spin differently, so that each of us end up with a different family configuration and story. Like parallel dimensions...

  4. Parallel dimensions FTW! :)
    Yuo're starting to get a lot of boys in the hood!