Sunday, March 11, 2012

Rnd 1, Lot 8: Oldie

Alrighty then. Herb and Coral Oldie. Herb wants 20 simultaneous lovers, and Coral wants..... *sigh* to be a crazy old cat lady. She wants to raise 20 Puppies Or Kittens. That makes four Family Sims in this hood that wants to do this. Two of them are doing dogs, and two of them are doing cats. I figured it was karma anyway, when I opened Herb's back pack he had stuff in there he purchased from Pleasantview Pets. A kitty condo, a catnip mouse. Cat stuff. Herb will not realize his LTW, as I am not going to have him lolling about the neighborhood leering at women. Coral is too sweet. He can stay home and dig for a treasure chest to finance Coral's kitty venture, and then bed her so he can work up plenty of aspiration points to get several bottles of elixir to leave her when he dies.

At any rate, his first wish was to woo-hoo. Yeah, no problem. Coral wanted to talk to Herb. It worked out.

Coral gets started on her LTW right away by purchasing adult female Heidi, and kitten Bonkers.

It didn't take long before Herb dug up the treasure chest, the map to the witch doctor, the map to the old wize man, 2 rocks, 4 bones, the Dramatic Rearing Horse, and the Cozy Kitsch Gnome. Not a bad take for about 12 hours of digging. Time to rest up, and woo hoo. Good thing Coral is of age and cant get preggers. Herb now wants some public woo-hoo. I think it is well deserved!

By now it is Wednesday, Herb and Coral have gone to town, had some public woo-hoo, return home, and have eaten. Herb has a hard and fast wish to make friends with Komei Tellerman, but Komie isn't home. So he goes to bed, and Coral starts working on her wish to get a cooking skill. Then it occurs to me. I need to set her Lifetime Aspiration Benefits. Hmm. What to do. The last two family benefits are really worthless for an elder without kids. Skip. No, none of the work ones fit Coral either. So, I guessed I would do a rare thing for my playing style, and that is set a second aspiration for her. I used the virtual dice at Virtual Dice, and she rolled Fortune. After I set her benefits, I figured this might be a good thing because now she can get money from the computer by doling out financial advice when she isn't working with the cats. Then I envisioned that she might start wishing for the cats to get a job. lol

In between chatting on the computer to satisfy wishes to meet new people and woo-hooing Coral, Herb enjoys playing with the cats. Here he gets Heidi to leap high playing!

Both Herb and Coral spun up wishes to win a cooking contest. So I sent them BOTH to Sues Secret Kitchen not thinking that one of them would have to lose.

I was kinda sad that Herb won, but on the other had while Coral took an aspiration hit, she had a strong attraction to Herb for winning. Ha!

Coral did go back to Sue's kitchen and won her own first place ribbon. And like many others in Pleasantview before her, she has maxed out her cooking skills due to wishing for it. Gee, I wish I could become a good cook by merely wishing.

I found it strange that Herb didn't roll a want to date every single day. But when he did, I knew it was going to be an easy day for both him and Coral.

Heidi is tuff. Even though her relationship worked up to 80/50 with Coral, friendship didn't show up until late Sunday evening. Coral was friends now with both cats, but neither would accept the 'try for kitten' interaction from Coral. I figured it was because neither cat liked each other.

So this is where we leave the cats (And the Oldies) for this week. Coral was forced to fence them off together at the end of the trailer so they could get to know each other. She had hoped to have Heidi pregnant by the end of the week.

WISHES: Herb learned quickly that he was not going to be able to lay around with the women of Pleasantview, so he rolled wishes to make friends with, meet someone new, and to get cooking skills. What is it with cooking skills? Anyway, he also rolled wishes to do things with Coral. Being that he is a Romance Sim, he was easy.

Coral was easy as well. As soon as Herb rolled a wish to date, her five wishes for the day were filled. When she wasn't thinking about Herb, she wanted to cook. Ugh. Didn't roll any wishes to do anything with the cats, except command Heidi around. She did teach Heidi to use the toilet, but since there was a litter box in the house for kitten Bonkers, she never used the toilet.


  1. Aww, nice story for the Oldies. I guess some of my sims might need Elixir, I haven't used it on them since 2005, lol.
    Another 20 kitten/puppy want! What is it with these Family sims?!
    Something always tickles me when Sims swoon over Romance sims, lol.

  2. Ok, so probably I just have a gutter mind, but I had to blink at this sentence combo: "Herb and Coral have gone to town, had some public woo-hoo, return home, and have eaten. Herb has a hard and fast..."

    And yeah, the cats have to like each other before they'll cooperate and try to make kittens.

  3. You poor thing. All those kittens and puppies would drive me bonkers. Good luck with that.

  4. So many puppies and kitties wants. It's so crazy. It was fun to see what they wanted though.

  5. Bad luck with the chemistry of the cats! Hope they will be more cooperative next time