Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Rnd 1: University

Here is who is going to University this round. Dirk, Dustin, Angela, and Nichole Thompson. Erm. If you don't see *certain Sims* listed here, it is because he/she did not wish to go to University. :) This will be fun.

Uh-huh. I knew it, Nichole Thompson harbored a wish to go to University. Remember Dirk had a 'thang' for her. He wanted to go shopping every night just to see her. Threw her in there to see what happens. Her LTW is to become a Criminal Mastermind.

First Wishes:

ANGELA: Well, well, well. Her Pop Simminess finally shows through. She wants to party, join the Greek House, do assignment and write her term paper. I think she has some aspirational confusion going on inside. *Do I be a Pop Sim, or a Knowledge Sim???* Tough decisions. This will be fun to see which way her wishes lean.

DIRK: While he wants to write his term paper and do homework, he also wants to see his buddy Alexander Goth and the irritating Carolina London come to University.

DUSTIN: Do research with someone, go to class, and the good ol' write term paper and do assignment. True blue Fortune Sim.

NICHOLE: Do assignment, make $100 bucks, write term paper, and go to class. :) Alrighty then, let's get started. These are all easy. I just wonder how long it will be before 'get a robot bench' or 'get a toymaking bench' is rolled. Darn those Fortune Sims.

First semester was almost over when Dustin rolled this, out of the blue. He and Angela really hadn't done much except talk, on their own. And so it was! Angela dropped what she was doing, and invaded Dustin's space while he was studying cooking (that other wish he has there, to get a cooking skill point) and flirted with him.

And later in the day, he rolled this. Again, I indulged my little Simmies.

It is no wonder my Sims are staying in platinum all the time. So, Dustin and Angela found each other in University. What will happen with Dirk and Nichole?

So Dustin spins up a wish to win a gaming competition. In the past, I viewed that wish as a minor annoyance. What good could possibly come of that? My Simmies never were allowed to do this. Hum. Well, not only did the gaming guy come in and gush over Dustin by giving him a membership card to the secret club (Which we have all seen a thousand times) Dustin actually WON the competition against Dirk and got some cool simoleons for doing so. I never knew!!! I still see new things in the game.

Okaaaaaay! Right when second semester started, the Fortune Sim Dirk started wishing for all the money making benches. And so be it! So this meant Dirk and Dustin had to sharpen their mechanical skills so it wouldn't take them forever to make a toy robot. Nichole already had a fair amount of mechanical skills, but she brushed up a couple as she had a wish to gain a skill poing

Poor Angela though...she seemed to turn into a Fortune Sim this term with "Buy me this" and "buy me that." Wants a sauna, a DJ booth...no thoughts of studying or going to class. She did get to have a couple of parties. No room to have all this stuff in this dorm.

HUH?!?! Is there something about Angela that we don't know??? Or is this just one of the Uni professors trying to cause trouble during parties like they are prone to do? Oh well, no matter. Dustin was on the other side of the building taking a shower at the time, so he didn't notice.

Here we are now in the last half of sophomore year. The relationship between Nichole and Dirk is progressing. They had just become best friends at this point, although Dirk was constantly giving Nichole the 'call me!' signal with hearts floating all over the place. Nichole was a bit of an ice princess, and didn't seem to pay him any mind. Angela still wanted a $2,000 sauna that couldn't be built into the dorm, and Dustin was liking blogging and talking about his hobbies. By this time he has gained his gold badge in robotics, as well as Nichole. Dirk is still looking for his gold in toymaking. Any badges for Angela? Hahahaha! Nope.

Then Dirk rolled the 'win a cooking contest' wish, so off he went. Being that he had just come back to the dorm from class with Nichole, he naturally invited her to come along. While Dirk was making cheesecake for the contest at Sue's Kitchen, Nichole spins up 'ask Sim out on a date'. Ha! There was the segway to open up the romantic possibilities between her and Dirk! And it worked, as you can see.

After the dream date ended, Nichole spun up engagement. :) Yeah! That is what I'm saying!

And so it was! Dirk wasted no time proposing.

As the seniors years started for everyone, wishes were pretty solid, reflecting skills, hobby plaques and badges everybody had earned.

Nichole wanted to do lots of blogging of her hobbies, and desired to further develop her artistic skills.

Angela wanted to do nothing but play games. If I didn't have that wish locked to get her eighth cooking skill, that would probably be filled in by some sort of game wish as well.

Dirk's cooking skill was prominent here, as he wanted to blog about cuisine, serve food,and talk about cuisine. Plus he wants to graduate. ;)

Dirk still wants to blog about his hobbies. However, I noted that he wanted to dance with somebody which he had never spun up before, but then 'get hobby plaque in music and dance' was locked in. I'd say that is where that came from.

Aha! Finally a reference from Dirk longing for Lilith. This occured almost halfway through his senior year. Awwww, he wants to dance with her!

Right before graduation, Dustin gets the sought after plaque in music and dance. Love the look of intense superiority on his face! The last semester of University, Dustin spent all his time working toward the music and dance plaque. After that, he wanted his cleaning skills.

Dirk spent most of his senior year skilling, mostly in logic. He also studied physiology and maxed out his body skill, as he wants to be a Hall of Famer. Thought that might be a handy skill for him to have. Nichole turned into a writer. She wrote two books during her stay in University, one of them during her senior year.

Angela seemed to want parties during the freshman and sophomore years, then it turned to gaming. The girl loooooves to play games. Occasionally she rolled a wish for a skill which was quickly locked in satisfied, but playing chess and darts is where her heart is.

And that is all of University for this round. See you back in the hood next time!


  1. Interesting! I just put Genya into Academie Le Tour, and have such a hard time keeping her happy. I'm going to reread your post for ideas!

  2. Wow, lots going on and 2 engagements! I found in my dorm that Dustin and Alexander always wanted to play games, and yep, it's cool that they win some money too.
    Looking forward to the next chapter of wishes! :)

  3. Wow....that was an interesting wishes round. It's so much fun to see what different things happen when you reach for wishes to determine what happens. :)

  4. When do you move the kids to uni? As soon as they get the wish or at the very end of their teenhood or at the end of the week, no matter how far they went in teenhood?

    1. I like to send them right away from their house in the 'hood. The only time I don't is when the teen has someone later in the playlist that I want them to interact with. Seems to make it easier.

    2. In my game, I made the growing up to college happen more naturally. All selected teens move out in a taxi and appear in the college family bin as teens. Then they have the same number of days left before aging to student as they did before. Less shock, better continuity.

      Great moment catching Angela kissing the lecherous professor. Oh my god. Laughs. I would make a great deal out of this event, like getting Angela demoted. Usually does socials get rejected due to relationship (which the professor has set to be 100 points on her side). Lechery was on top of my list to get rid of once I discovered it on a FreeTime hobby lot. This professor Robin King wreaked havoc in the Music club.

      ~ j7n