Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Rnd 2, Lot 1: Lothario

We start out the new round visiting Don. Good ol' fun loving Don. Don wants to call both Dina and Melissa Fancey over, and dance with both of them. However, the car pool will be by in an hour so he will put that off getting any wishes fulfilled until he gets home from work. It will be interesting to see what he wants then.

He arrived home, having lost a charisma skill point due to a bad chance card, so no promotion for Don. He sill wanted to dance with both women. So over comes Dina....dances. Says goodbye. Over comes Melissa Fancey, dances, says goodbye. Once again wants to invite over Dina. Calls her again. Once she gets to the house, he loses interest in her, and now wants to be friends with Alexander Goth and Coral Oldie. Whut????

Okey dokey. Being that we have one more wish for the day to fulfill, he gets on the phone to befriend Alexander, brother to the woman he left at the alter.

The next day was Tuesday, and Don is off work. He continues to want to 'make friends with' Coral Oldie, or wants to have a party. So far Don has not rolled any romantic type wishes. Odd. So he makes friends with Coral via the telephone, then wants to make friends with Ryan Wheeler. ?? MMMkay. So he gets on the phone with Ryan. Whilst talking to Ryan, here comes Coral ringing his doorbell. Does Don answer the door right away? Nope. Becuase he is also showing a wish to flirt with Coral, and I really didn't want him doing that.

Well, my bad. He makes friends with Ryan, and all he spins up is flirt with Coral, or be BF with Alexander, Ryan and Coral. So I sigh...he calls Coral, and she refuses to come over. Her physic advisor is against it. No more wishes for Don this day. Only two fulfilled. Should have opted to let him have a party, lots of wishes could have been fulfilled.

FINALLY Wednesday, he spins up a wish to date. So he calls his fiancee...Dina. They go downtown to the Botanical something something restaurant. As soon as they get out of the taxi, Don lays a big one on Dina...she immediately falls in love with Don, but she thinks about Daniel Pleasant while she does it. hehehe!

As the game is want to do, the chick that Don has been giving alot of thought to lately magically shows up. Melissa. She gets mad at Don, but I manageded to avoid a slap fest. I didn't want to spoil his date with Dina. The date goes well, Don invites Dina back to his place for woohoo.

Thursday brings Don a promotion to MVP, and Marylena Hamilton comes home from work with him. I figure, here is another potential date. Uh-huh. She wants to set him up with a blind date right away. So Sandy Fairchild enters the scene. Turns out he has three bolts with her, and he immediately throws a 'get married to Dina' fear.

He really needs to stop being afraid of Dina. She brought him this kewl Dance-o-sphere as a thanks for the good time present. She must be doing alright with that home business of hers.

On Friday, Don brings home Marylena Hamilton again, but this time he has thoughts of flirting with her, while at the same time wanting to be best friends. He fell in crush with her right after the flirt, and now endeavors to make her his best friend. And it works, he manages to get in his five wishes this day.

Saturday brings the first day of spring, and Don's romantic thoughts triple up. He wants to date. So, he calls up his fiancee, Dina. The date was great...easy to get 5 wishes in this day. However, I have not seen Don roll 'get married'. LOL Don't think that will ever happen.

Monday morning finally rolls around. What Don? You don't want to clean up your dishes from supper the night before? Oh well! That look on your face makes me think you know what your future holds at the Caliente house! See you there!



  1. Aww, I love Don. It's funny how some wants don't stick and some stick too much isn't it?! I don't think he's the marrying type really, but I also love him and he has great genes, it's a shame not to spread them, lol.

  2. LOL....he's a strange one that Don, but I like him. I should really focus more on wants. :)

  3. Wow, Don totally does not know what or who he wants! That is one wild time. That would be fun to try to keep up with.

  4. Sowing his wild oats until he's tied down to Dina for good, eh? :)