Friday, January 18, 2013

Pleasantview Rnd 5 - Pleasant - Mary Sue and Daniel

All who live here:

Daniel - Romance - LTW - To Become A Rock God.  Not gonna happen...didn't come up on the PC before he aged.  Beginning wishes:  Dog Scout gets promoted, cat Bailey gets promoted, relative gets engaged, entertain.  First wish fulfilled, entertain.

Mary Sue - Fortune - LTW - Own 5 Top Level Businesses.  No, not gonna invest the time to do it, already met one LTW. Beginning wishes:  Sell a masterpeice, dog Scout gets promoted, cat Bailey gets promoted, sell a great novel.  First wish fulfilled - Sell a masterpeice.  Then it rolled right back up again.  Bah.  Fortune Sims!

Lilith - Popularity - LTW - Have 20 simultaneous best pet friends (ugh) Lilith has already met one LTW, so won't go for this one.  Beginning wishes:  Have a party, be friends with townie Caryl Chin, make a BFF, and talk.  First wish fulfilled - talk.

Minnie - infant

Lilith Pleasant and Neal Leong
Lilith's first wish was to talk, so she called up her daughter's baby-daddy, and her fiancee,  Neal Leong.  This spun up a lot of Neal type wishes, so she called him up and asked him to come over.

Daniel Pleasant, Neal Leong, Lilith Pleasant, Mary Sue Pleasant
Lilith and Neal have a successful date, some woohoo and cuddling in the hot tub, and Daniel gets all embarrassed seeing them together.  Uh, Daniel...ya don't have room to talk buddy.  Your days are about over, anyway.

Daniel and Mary Sue Pleasant
Speaking of last days.  All these two wanna do is either sell a great novel, or sell a master peice.  I let them paint....because it is what they wanna do.  Daniel threw a couple of buy me wishes on Monday, he bought, bought, bought, then one item was locked in to sell later.

Demi Louie, Mary Sue and Daniel Pleasant
It was during these marathon painting sessions that Mary Sue gained top enthusiasm in Arts and Crafts.  The plaque was immediately plucked from her inventory and placed on the wall. 

Mary Sue Pleasant and Bailey the cat
On Tuesday, Grim came to collect Daniel.  Bailey the cat was very upset and cried for hours.

On Wednesday, Lilith rolls out of bed with a hankerin' to ask a Sim out on a date.  She takes a vacation day from work, and gives Neal a call.

Neal Leong and Lilith Pleasant
Despite a highly successful date and the wish thrown three times to woo-hoo, Lilith never threw a wish to marry Neal.  They are aleady engaged.  I considered letting her go ahead and marry him on a simple 'throw party' wish, but she is over halfway through her adult life now, and there would be such an age span.  Elixir would have to be used on Neal to spur his aging up some, but with fulfilling wishes and keeping a Sim in plat, this might be difficult.

During all this dating and woo-hooing, Minnie finally grows up.   Neal calls up Lilith to go on a date downtown right after she had sent him home.  Heh, Popularity Sims.

During this dating/outing spree, Lilith's appetite suddenly took a sharp upswing.  heh

One Thursday, Lilith is finally allowed to go to work.  She burned 4 of the 5 vacation days she had racked up from her job in the military.

On Thursday, Grim finally makes his appearance for Mary Sue at 9 pm.  Um, Lilith, I don't think you are going to be going downtown now. heh  Now it is just Lilith and Minnie in the house, along with the cat and dog.

Neal Leong
It is about time you give Lilith a present, Neal.  Especially since.....

Neal Leong, Lilith, Danielle Rusewicz, Joe carr, Dirk Dreamer
She is pregnant again.  On Friday, Lilith decided to have a house party to lighten the mood after the passing of her parents, and to announce her pregnancy.  Neal isn't paying much attention, the toy robots on the floor are much more interesting.

Saturday sees the first day of spring, which means Lilith's subaspiration of Romance is asking for a date.  She invites Neal over.  This means that little Minnie is being looked after by the butler.  She is spinning wishes to get creativity skill. 

Minnie Pleasant
Minnie aged up via cake while her dad was there dating her mother.  She received some of his features.   Despite all the dating and fulfilling wishes for Lilith Saturday, all that time spent with Neal, she did not spin up get married.  huh.

Neal Leong, Lilith Pleasant, Clarence Pleasant
Of course Lilith went into labor in the bathroom early Sunday morning.  Neal managed to get around her and use the facilities while his son was being born.  Heh

Neal Leong and Clarence Pleasant
Whereas Neal never gave the time of day to his daughter Minnie, he was running over to the crib to pick up Clarence the first time Lilith put the baby to bed. Hrumph!

Scout the dog and Minnie Pleasant
And we end the week with Scout sleeping on the bed with Minnie.  This reminded me so much of my own little dog sleeping on the bed every night with me.


Daniel Pleasant


Lilith - Ending Wishes - Have a party, be BFF with Chloe Gonzales (grown up to adult), get a kitten, and make a BFF.  Lilith took alot of time off work this week to feed her inner Romance Sim and to have Clarence.  She had several parties, and wanted to date, date, date.  I kept thinking I would see the 'get married' wish spin up as Romance Sims are want to do about half way through their lives, but it never happened for Lilith. 

Minnie - Ending Wishes - Get a puppy, get an A+ report card, command Bailey the cat and Scout the dog to speak.  While a toddler, Minnie wanted all her toddler skills, which Mary Sue was glad to oblige while Lilith was busy dating Neal.  After that it was interactions with Lilith.  As a child, she wanted to command the animals around, and have more interactions with her mother.

Clarence - infant.

A new cat was brought into the house, his name is Cary, named after actor Cary Grant because as I write this, it is Grant's birthday.  Lilith's plan is to breed him to Bailey.

Keep on Simmin!



  1. How old were Daniel and Mary-Sue when they died? What do you do with your deceased Sim's tombstones and urns?
    I didn't know that Romance Sims are more likely to get the wish to marry after they are half way through there adult life! Seems like there is still always something else about the game I didn't know or have never seen yet, no matter how many years I've been playing it already :-)

    1. Yanno, I didn't pay attention to how old Daniel and Mary Sue were when they passed. I never knew about Romance Sims rolling engagement/marriage either about halfway thru their lives until I started this play style and really looking at the wishes. I usually put tombstones outside and make a little cemetery. I do have shelves that will take urns if I want to keep them in the house, but I rarely do that.

  2. Aww, Bye to Daniel & Mary-Sue. They had nice lives. Lilith is so different to mine but I'm loving her. I guess her Popularity asp is stronger than her secondary (Some secondary's really take over don't they?) and I like that about Lilith. :)

  3. Bye bye Mary-Sue and Daniel. They ended up being very successful and happy. Lilith certainly doesn't seem to be doing the normal "marriage" wishes for sure. She is clearly happy just being single with her kids.