Saturday, January 5, 2013

Pleasantview Round 5 - Broke - Brandi and Tyson (Ebadi)

All Who Live Here:

Brandi - Family - LTW - To Raise 20 puppies or kittens.  Beginning wishes:  Reach maximum enthusiasm in arts and crafts, relative gets engaged, pull a prank, and go swimming.  First wish fulfilled - Pull a prank.

Tyson - Fortune - LTW - To Become a Criminal Mastermind.  Beginning wishes:  Meet someone new, gain a skill point, get fit, and get a bronze in pottery.  First wish fulfilled - Get a skill point.

Various dogs, varying numbers at any given time.  Brandi has two females working on pups all the time from the same puppy daddy.  We are trying a 'staggering' method here to get more dogs born.

Brandi (Broke) Ebadi and Tyson Ebadi
Brandi has loads of fun pranking her husband.  True to a Family Sim, she immediately spun up 'relative gets married'.  *cough* Beau and Charles *cough*.

Puppies are born!  This is 9....making 11 to go for Brandi to reach her LTW.

I rarely find a good use for these gadgets....but it is working out well in this house.  Brandi and Tyson are raising a bunch of dogs, but not bothering much with reprimanding for peeing everywhere.  This machine runs right out and cleans it all up in an instant.  It does break down, but then provides wonderful mechanical points  When I opened the lot, Tyson had this, and 4 sentry bots in his backpack that were purchased at Dustin Broke's store - The Robot Guys.

Tyson Ebadi
Tyson has aged to elder, and is throwing lots of wishes to skill for his job in Criminal.  Otherwise, he can be found rough housing with the dogs.  He is also suffering from a severe case of BUY ME.

Early Thursday morning, another puppy is born, and later that day puppies Shirley and Jack grow up and are sent off to the pound.  Jake and Brandy (dog) try for more puppies, and are successful.

Dog Jake and Tyson Ebadi
Tyson now wishes for the dogs to be skillful at things, even though they do not hold jobs.

Brandi (Broke) Ebadi
Having Pleasure as her sub aspiration, Brandi rolls wishes for a lot of fun silly things.  These are easy a quick to fulfill, and keeps her happy.  She certainly deserves it, after the rough years she suffered as a broke single mom.

Tyson Ebadi
Heh.  This pose tickled me.  The last thing Tyson did before leaving for work was gain a needed body skill point.  When he came home with his promotion, he showed off his muscles from the exercise.  Looks like he is celebrating his tuff nature for becoming Criminal Mastermind.  Go you, Tyson!  New LTW - Earn $100,000.

Brandi (Broke) Ebadi and Tyson Ebadi
Springtime sprung, and it was time to garden.  eh.

Uh-huh.  These two female dogs Brandy and Suzi are on puppy production, overtime.  In the mean time, Brandi (the person) has reached platinum aspiration by fulfilling life milestones.  Ugh.  Now I don't feel like I need to continue raising dogs to achieve her LTW to get the platinum aspiration.  But, I will do it for Prosperity points. 

Brandi (Broke) Ebadi
Brandi has constant 'marriage' and 'engagement' thoughts.  Wants to get her boys married off!  What a Family Sim Brandi is!

Love this....while Tyson was at work....

Gets the Criminal chance card, he chooses to work on the Doomsday device.

Bilks the citizens of Pleasantview out of $60,000.

Reaches his second LTW.  :)  Nice prosperity points!  New LTW - have 6 pets reach TOC.  May or may not.  No points in it for him as far as the challenge goes, but might do it to keep busy.

Julia Ebadi
Julia grows up and is shipped off to the pound during the Garden Club visit.

Tyson and Garden Club dudes along with Leo the Gardener.
Brandi was admitted into the Garden Club, but didn't win the Wishing Well.  She didn't have enough decorations in the yard.  ugh.

And we end the week with:

Stop calling already.  Charles Broke hasn't lived here in quite some time. This guy calls every day.

This was a fun play with the Ebadis.  At first I thought it would be 'ho hum' since there wasn't any children on the lot, but with managing the dog production and Tyson's accomplishments, it was quite interesting.


Tyson:  Tyson is that sweet townie that lots of Simmers have played, but I never have.  Too bad I didn't get to spread his nice genes in this hood.  Tyson threw 'buy me' wishes early in the week, went through about a day and a half of wanting the dogs to learn things, and skilling wishes, then spring time hit and he was happy servicing Brandi's date wishes.  Ending wishes:  Go fishing, buy a game costing at least $5,500, learn physiology, and buy a drum set.  Got bronze in pottery and gardening, reached LTW twice.

Brandi:  The proverbial Family Sim, wants lots of family around her.  Threw constant wishes to have relatives get engaged or married, play on sofa, teach the dogs skills, do things with Tyson.  Got super upset when Julia dog went off to the pound, she was at 'master' level with that dog.   Ending wishes:  Jake (who is an elder dog by now) learns to roll over, be BF with Stephen Tinker, get silver in toy making, relative gets engaged.  Got bronze in toy making and gardening. 

Brandi's memories
If my calculations are correct, Brandi has only 8 dogs to go to reach her LTW.  5 were born this round, and each dog is grown up before leaving the lot.

Keep on simmin'!



  1. Yeah, it's funny how sometimes we expect a quiet-bordering-on-boring week with a Sim or a small household, and then it all turns out quite different, as it did for Mitch Indie in my game :-)
    Brandi wants to raise 20 puppies and kittens in my game, too, but she's still got a long way to go.

  2. What a fun round. I often think it's nice to have Pleasure as secondary because they get lots of easy-to-fulfil wishes such as 'jump on sofa, juggle and prank'.. heh. Brandi is doing great with the puppies and I like Tyson, go him for getting 60K, guess Brandi hasn't been 'broke' for a while. :D

  3. Julia grew up to be quite unusual looking. Too bad that Brandi had gotten so attached to her, but what are you going to do? Does elder dog Jake still have 8 puppies in him or will you need to find a new puppy daddy?

  4. I like the interesting looks your dogs and cats tend to have. :) Brandi sure is happy in this reality, and it's nice to see her successful.