Saturday, July 6, 2013

Pleasantview Rnd 5 - Broke - Beau and Brenda (Wong)

Another new lot, another one of Brandi's boys.  This is Beau and his childhood sweetheart, Brenda Wong.

Beau Broke - Romance Sim - LTW - To Become a Professional Party guest

First wishes:  To get hobby plaque in music and dance, talk to Brenda, max cooking skill, flirt with, give backrup to and dance with Brenda.  First wish fulfilled - Talk to Brenda.

Brenda - Popularity Sim - LTW - To Become Captain Hero

First wishes:  Dance with, talk to, flirt with, give backrub to Beau, have a party, and share an inside joke with Mary Pleasant.  First wishfulfilled - Talk to Beau.

The woohoo wishes started spinning, and so it was.  However, Brenda kept the wish to party, so she threw a wedding party.

Brandi must have been harboring a wish to see a relative married.  She received a big aspiration boost.

Just like his brother on the lot before this one, Beau was called out on an outing on his honeymoon night.

The group went to the Sights and Sounds Sculpture park, where Brenda threw a wish to roast marshmallows.  This isn't something I don't usually let my Sims indulge in, just never saw a point to it.  So Brenda got to do it for the 5 Wishes style of play. 

Returning from the park, we found out that Beau was sick with food poisoning.  Ugh.  He decided to check out the job ads to see if there was something out there for the Slacker job, and there was, fulfilling a wish for him.  Then it was off to bed.

Yeah, you are seein' it right.  Fulfilling all those wishes for dating and woohooing.....yeah.  this is Wednesday.  By now, Beau is no longer sick.

A daughter was born, whom they named Betty, after great grandma Betty Newbie.

Boy the Broke boys sure are multiplying.  Dustin only had one, (Anna) Charles had twins, and then there is another on the way, and now Beau has had one with another on the way.  Brandi should be a proud grandma!

Did I say another one on the way?

Darn Risky, you are working overtime in my game!  It is Saturday afternoon.

While Brenda takes it easy, Beau decides to finish up work on the flower arranging badge he started as a teenager.  He was only one bouquet away from it, apparently.  It only took one rose bouquet to achieve this.

Brenda wakes up out of a dead sleep to help Betty with her birthday.  Why does the game choose the Sim that has low needs to help babies grow up?  Beau was realxing on the sofa watching TV at the time.

Right away, Beau threw a wish to teach Betty to talk.

And then walk.  :)   While he and Brenda love each other deeply, Beau seemed to be more of a househusband.  Always cleaning while Brenda sat around.  Of course, she had been barefoot and pregnant most of their married life a this point.  Brenda was diligent, however, in checked the computer every day for a job in Law Enforcement, and it did not come up. 

Beau received a call while sitting on the fine Ektorp sofa from Ikea which was  purchased when he and Brenda moved into the trailer recently vacated a couple of rounds ago by the Burbs.  Striking, isn't it?

I really love the Ektorp sofa.  I just realized tonight that the new sofa I bought a month ago from an Ikea 30 minutes from my house is the Ektorp.  Here is my chihuahua doggie Pumpkin modeling it for you, and there is my laptop I Sim on.  heh  I really like this sofa because the cover is removable and can be washed.  I could also conceivably buy a new cover in a different color and put on there.  It is also extremely comfortable.  Wonderful. 

And we end the week with an impromptu make out session the Brokes are prone to.  I love this couple, they are so made for each other!

Ending Wishes:

Beau:  Ask Sim on a date, meet someone new, reach TOC in Slacker, have public woohoo, make out with 3 Sims, and be best friends with townie Kennedy Spitzig.  Beau is also perm plat even though he has not met his LTW.  That is the thing about this style of play, Sims fill up the the aspiration bar fast.   So I played him the same way I played his brother, I locked in wishes I wanted to make sure were fulfilled, but did not concentrate of 5 a day.

Brenda:  Meet someone new, talk about hobby, have a good reputation, dance with someone, blog about music and dance, and make a BFF.  Brenda was easy to fulfill, simply choose 'ask Sim on date' interaction from her (which she threw often) or fulfill it for Beau and the wishes were done. 

Betty:  Toddler type wishes:  Be read to and talked to by Brenda, get charisma four, and learn to potty. 

It was a fun round, especially after I realized Beau and Brenda like the Ektorp like I do~!

Keep on simmin'!



  1. Love your Ektorp settee - thank you for showing us where you Sim! A lot of the furniture in my flat is from IKEA, and when the IKEA stuff pack came out, I instantly built my house in the game and furnished it very close to what it looks like in real life. Your posting of the picture makes me want to do something similar on my blog, maybe an extra post just dedicated to comparing my real flat with my Sim-flat :-)

    Nice to see Beau so happy! I like all of the Brokes, always had a soft spot for that family.

  2. I like the Broke's too and it's so good to see Beau and Brenda raising a family. How cool to see where you sim, and your little dog is cute. :D

  3. YAY for such a happy Brooke family. Love the Ektrop soaf...both sim and your real photo. I often walk through IKEA and recognize many of the things I've place into my sims homes. We have a few IKEA items in our home too.