Friday, July 26, 2013

Pleasantview Rnd 5 - Caliente - John and Mary (Pleasant)

I have been waiting and waiting to play Mary Pleasant as an adult in her house with John!  Here we go!

John Caliente - Fortune/GCS - LTW to become a Prestidigitator

First wishes:  Eat GCS, make GCS for a Sim, Talk to Sim about GCS, gain a cooking skill point, influence someone to make GCS, serve GCS.  Don't you just love GCS Sims???  First wish fulfilled - Talk about GCS to Dina Caliente (during Mary's party).

Mary Pleasant - Knowledge/Romance - LTW to become a World Class Ballet Dancer like her mother Mary Sue Pleasant.

First Wishes:  See a ghost, have a party, dance with Stephen Tinker, talk to townie Lexie Suwankiri, and talk to Stephen Tinker.  First wish fulfilled - Have a party.

As the lot opens, the couple is found smooching on the front lawn.  I realize right away that John needs a makeover.  And so it was.  Then the party was scheduled for Mary's wish.

First they had to become engaged.  Sheesh....another engagement that didn't occur in Uni.  Wow, looks like John has eaten more GCS than he should.

And so the Calientes and those left from the Pleasant family are invited.  Sitting in the chairs right to left:  Anna Broke (mom and dad is Angela (Pleasant) and Dustin Broke), George Caliente (John's half brother)  Margaret Caliente (John's half sister) Angela Broke, Dina Caliente, (John's Aunt) and Lilith Pleasant.

Little girl at edge of picture:  Minnie Pleasant (Lilith's daughter) Lilith Pleasant, Nina (Caliente) Landchild (John's mother) then there is Dina standing in the background.  Nina is very pleased to see her son get married, and spinster Lilith seems nice about the fact that little sister Mary is happily married.

*Applause Applause*

The party was a 'good time'.  Maybe if I had let the Calientes have a stereo to play music it would have been a roof raiser.  But, I didn't want people sneaking off into the corner to smustle before the nuptials could be done.

The party was over and people were leaving before John could get his grilled cheese served and get some major wishes fulfilled.  The party pushed both Mary and John into perm plat...maxed aspiration meter.  Heh.

Come Tuesday afternoon, Risky had not had a hand in expanding the Caliente family, so the Uni Grad Perm Plat couple decided to work on their hobbies. Mary's one true hobby is fitness, and John's is sports.  What better thing to do, than to play soccer together?  By now they are rolling 'blog about hobby' 'talk about hobby', ect.

On Wednesday, John's job in entertainment came up on the computer, so he started his first day as a juggler.  Mary looks everyday, but nothing in dance comes up, however, the couple really doesn't need any money.  Mary received quite an inheritance from MarySue's passing.

While John was at work, Mary worked toward her Fitness plaque.

Finally on Thursday, Mary earns the hobby plaque in Fitness, realizing mastery in her one true hobby.  She celebrated that by...

Inviting over a couple of her old college buddies, fulfilling a wish.

John gets a promotion to Master of Ceremonies, getting a job promotion wish fulfilled.

Mary's sister Lilith Pleasant barges in on the Calientes in the bathroom to talk to Mary.  Huh.  I guess after years of being a bad girl she wants to make amends with family.

John needed body points for his job, so he stayed up all night getting them...thus, getting rid of his GCS belly.

Come Saturday John is rolling wishes for Charisma, as he needs it for promotion in his job.  Go you, John!  Also on Saturday, Mary's preferred career came up on the computer in Dance surfaced.  She hired in as a Tap Dancer.

And she happily heads out the door for her first day of work while John plays on the computer.  Oh man, I wish I was playing on the computer.  Oh wait.  I am!  hahaha!

The first day at work was tough, but Mary managed a promotion to Ballroom Dancer.

And on Super Saturday, John becomes a Prestidigitator, meeting his LTW.  His new LTW:  Have 6 Pet reach TOC.  Huh, that is the Fortune Sim taking over his GCS self for a hot second.  That is doable. There certainly are lots of pets for adoption in Pleasantview.

John gets started on his new LTW right away by adopting genius cat Jessica Goth.  Alas, there were no genius dogs available for adoption.  They were all doofuses.

Jessica immediately begins training for showbiz, by learning to speak.  Then it was time to go lay down and take a cat nap.  John decided to try to engage Mary in a conversation about his heart of hearts...

but she will have none of that.  She will not support John in this cheesy journey.  Makes it tough to fulfill this easy 'talk about GCS' wish on the fly.

And we find Monday morning with Mary using the dance-so-sphere that she gained from her outing with her college buddies.  Wow.  She has 10 body points, a hobby plaque in fitness, and is having trouble with this.  hehehe


John:  Ending wishes:  Eat and talk to Sim about GCS, earn $100,000, play marco polo, go ice skating, and Jessica gets promoted.  Being that John is perm plat already, it made no sense to keep fulfilling wishes for him.  It was done only when it suited me.   He had no wishes at all for Jessica the cat, but had a lot of fun playing with her. He mostly wanted to do GCS things.

Mary:  Ending wishes:  See a ghost, wolf and hail.  She also wanted to buy instruments - a drum set and a guitar.  Then she wanted to go to the Orient.  Mary is a productive individual, and has already earned three hobby plaques.  She is working on a fourth in Nature.  Again, since she is perm plat it makes no sense to keep fulfilling wishes for her.  She and John may never have children...they roll no desires to date or woohoo.  Which is odd, because Mary is 1/2 romance. 

Jessica the cat has yet to go to her first day of work and has already learned to speak and roll over.  I only choose genius pets to go to work.

Keep on simmin'!



  1. Great update! I find that all my Pleasantview spouses of GCS's hate talking about GC too! lol.
    John did well to get his job/TOC this week. Some of my sims are still waiting for their careers to come up.
    Mary is doing great too in her job, and for them to be perma-plat already is making life easier.
    Hmm, no babies yet- they would be so cute too! Maybe next round those wishes will roll around. :)

  2. Weddings are always a great opportunity for family and friends to get together, I just love them!

    Now that these two are on PermaPlat, will you still keep controlling them?
    Hopefully, early next week I'll finish the week at the household I am currently playing (Ty Bubbler and Sam Thomas) and have an update. I've been on holiday for a week and have not had much time to play since my return.

  3. Fun update, I do like Mary. I will have to figure out what to do with my sims that become permaplant that fast.....I suppose it doesn't HAVE to change the play, other than it feeling slightly pointless. :)