Saturday, February 1, 2014

Veronaville Rnd 3 - Capp/Monty - Spencer, Desdemona and Ariel

All who live here:

Spencer Monty

Knowledge - LTW - Become Hand of Poseidon.

Spencer wishes to invite Miranda (Capp) Monty over, see a ghost, talk to Desdemona, talk to Miranda, dance with Miranda and dance with Desdemona.  Spencer is the adopted son of Isabella Monty.  First wish fulfilled:  Talk to Desdemona.  He then immediately threw 'woohoo'.  heh

Ariel Capp

Popularity - LTW - Have 20 Best Pet Friends

Ariel wishes to praise her dad's dog Webster, appreciate Benedick Monty, invite someone over, have a party, gain a skill point, and tell a joke to Benedick.  First wish fulfilled:  Invite someone over (Benedick Monty).  After inviting Benedick over, she immediately threw 'woohoo'  Uh-huh.

Desdemona Capp

Fortune -  Become a Business Tycoon

Desdemona wants to have a party, earn some money, entertain, talk to Paris Monty, be friends with Paris Monty and play.  First wish fulfilled:  Play (with Spencer).

I have had a request to begin picturing more about my Sims' houses.  In this case, these college grads came with alot of money, so they were able to purchase one of the two building lots in Veronaville, makes sense since they are kind of living in a roomate situation.

The porch on the building on the left was enlarged.

First Floor
I didn't put too terribly much in the houses to start, as there is a fortune sim in the group who will no doubt wish for 'stuff'.  the building on the left houses the kitchen and a lounge area.  The building on the right has build robots, make flowers and toys.  The Uni graduates had these in their backpacks upon returing from school.

And it is no wonder, their backpacks also had hobby plaques.

Second Floor
The second floor is where the bedrooms and bathrooms are.  The building on the left is where Spencer and Desdemona will live.  They are engaged.  You will notice the bedroom on the left is empty, that will be a nursery.  The building on the right is where Ariel will sleep.  The stairs in her building were removed, and a spiral staircase put in so the bedroom could be enlarged to fit a double bed.  While I don't imagine she will marry, I am assuming she will at least have a boyfriend.  *wink*

Spencer's woohoo wish was fulfilled, and Ariel immediately ran in on Spencer and Desdemona in the bedroom with the break up symbol over her head.  Oh yes, she had a one sided crush on Spencer.  Now...

She was furious with Spencer and her sister Desdemona.  You will notice she is a three bolt match to Benedick Monty who is on the lot placidly catching butterflies while he waited for Ariel to finish screaming at her sister and her fiancee.

Okie dokie now.  In order to get her woohoo, Ariel needed to get a little more friendly with Benedick, so she asked him on a date.  While the date was going on...

Spencer showed Desdemona his pregnant belly.  Yes, he got abducted in University.  :)

He decided to tell her about it, besides.  Desi is okay with it, after all, she is from a large family herself and used to taking care of little ones.

Miranda (Capp) Monty, Mercutio Monty, Hal Capp, Benedick Monty, Desdemona Capp, her mom Goneril Capp.
Right about that time Desi was invited on an outing.  Benedick left his date with Ariel to go. Heh.  The outing took place in the park, and was a fun rating.  Then it was back home she went.

Tuesday morning found Ariel still trying to fulfill her woohoo wish, so she phoned Romance Sim Benedick Monty who really was admired by many ladies in Veronaville.  He came right over.

It didn't take much for love to strike.  Ariel was able to get her woohoo in, and luckily there were no chimes.  :)  Unfortunately though she rolled this next:

Ariel wanted to get engaged to the Don Lothario of Veronaville.  *Sigh*  you poor misguided girl.

In the meantime, Desi and Spencer were working on their wishes for the day.

Spencer is now sporting baby bump #2, and Desi knowing how trying pregnancy is on the back, offered Spence a rub.  Awwww....but it fulfilled a wish for her.


Ariel and Benedick wake up after woo-hoo...and she rolls it again right away.  He must be gooood.  :)  *ASimWen crosses her fingers for no chimes*   Well crud.  heh  So Ariel attempts to ask Benedick to get engaged per the 5 Wishes style of play.  Nope.  He is already engaged.  *whew*. 

Well in this house people just sort of sleep when they want, eat when they want, as no one has jobs as of yet.  But they are not hurting for money; even after buying the property and filling it with furniture, the trio still had $40,000.  Here Spence fulfills a wish to serve food, and Ariel gets some good fish for her baby who has yet to make himself/herself known.

Wednesday was filled with blog about hobby wants....get good about hobby.  I guess because everybody has plaques and the various work stations on the lot.  But this day was a Birth Day.  All wishes were filled by noon...then it happened when Spence started to cook lunch.

Awww come on Ariel!  Help me!  What a belly ache!  Where is the Zantac???

Thank goodness she has a nose.

Baby Audrey.

Spencer fed Audrey and put her to bed.  Pop Sim Ariel immediately retrieved the baby to take her downstairs to feed her again.  Either she wants to get popular with Audrey, or wants practice taking care of babies.

The next day, Ariel shows her baby bump, and per the game glitch changed her hair style. Benedick called her up for a date downtown, sayin' how "Rockin!" the last date was...boy oh boy he didn't realize how rockin' it was!   Ariel hit the energizer, then off she went.

The taxi cab dropped them off at the 50s Diner.

Mrs. Crumplebottom was lurking around, so the two stayed away from any real romantic interactions and had fun anyway.

They did have a good time.  Ariel ended the date before it reached 'dream date' status but she should still get a date gift for 'You're so much fun!'

Ummmmm.....  yeah.

The next day was Thursday, and again it was hobby wants.  Except for Spencer.  He spun up three wishes to interact with the stray cat Sake, (who simply refused to come around), to learn parenting, to see a ghost, and *something else* that was unfulfillable.  So to the bookshelf it was to read for half a day to learn parenting.  I don't know what good this does.

Once this was fulfilled, he rolled wishes that were more reasonable; talk and dance with Desdemona, see a wolf, buy a guitar and a drum kit, and see a ghost.  He managed to work in his wishes with Desdemona, who, had spent the day studying cooking gaining wished for skill points.

In the wee hours Friday right after midnight, Desdemona gets on the computer to check the jobs for the day. Her job came up, and she grabbed it.   Spencer was still waiting for that elusive position in Oceanography.

When Desdemona returned home from work. ASimWen realized Desi and Spencer had not gotten married yet, so a party was had.

Just as the wedding guests began arriving and gathering in front of the wedding arch on the front lawn, Ariel goes into labor.

She thinks about  Hal Capp who happens to be an attendance.  (in the middle on the right, standing behind Albany Capp).   Does not make much sense, unless she is embarrassed by the fact her brother is there watching her give birth.

It is a little boy whom Ariel named Rod.  Rod is thinking about Hal too.

What were the rest of the wedding guests doing during the baby hoopla?

Kimberly and Alon Monty, Romeo Monty
Spencer's adopted brother and sister Kimberly and Alon played rock paper scissors....Romeo was wondering around.

Spencer dejectedly wondered out of the house after checking on Audrey.    How could Ariel steal the thunder of his wedding?

Desdemona came to see the new baby.  She was not upset about it at all.

At last they were able to get married.  Wow their wedding outfits matched....sorta....

Okay so the wedding went off without a hitch....and Spencer did the same thing he had been doing for the past 6 hours.  He was summoned over and over to help little Audrey grow up.  She was stuck.  This went on all night long, and stretched into the next day, Saturday.  The birthday cake was brought out, didn't help.  The poor baby struggled.  Spence hit the energizer as he was getting weak.  heh

So ASimWen figures to use cheats to get the baby to age.  The Tombstone of Life and Death was conjured up.  Set To Birthday.  Nope. Age Baby..... nope.  What to do....Okay, try this.  CINECAM BABY.  What a mistake!!!

This happened;

Spencer had another baby named Baby Girl.  *sigh*.  I had never used that cheat and didn't know what it would do.  heh  Poor Audrey is still an infant.  Looks like SimPE will have to be used to name Baby Girl something else.  I saved the game, if only to remind myself to never use CINECAM BABY.

Finally Audrey grew up at 12:31, just after noon on Saturday.  It took her 18 hours.

Now Baby Girl does not show up in the family tree.  Hmmm...what to do...what to this point, ASimWen gets irritated and shuts down the game, and brings up SimPe.  Using the Family Editor, Baby Girl is unceremoniously deleted.  However, this didn't work.  I brought the game back up, opened the lot, and there was Baby Girl waiting by the mailbox.  But behaving like an adult.  heh.  So I brought up Rodney's Death Creator and let the Mean Flies do away with her.  If she had showed up in the family tree, I would have let her live.  It was just too creepy.

I almost missed it....Grim came for Baby Girl.  hehehe  Well, now there is a tombstone on the lot to satisfy those 'ghost' wishes for Knowledge Sim Spencer.  No one noticed Baby Girl's passing.

Back to the business at hand....fulfilling wishes.  By this time I had honestly lost track of who had wishes fulfilled for the day and who didn't.  I had assumed that Ariel had, as she was in solid platinum.  Desdemona and Spencer were low gold.

Desdemona gets a third charisma skill she had been wishing for.  As soon as the skill point ticked in, she rolled 'TOC in Business'  But it will have to wait until next time.  By now it is late Saturday afternoon/early evening,  and Desdemona will not work again until Monday.

Next she wished for a party.  Hmmm...

Miranda (Capp) Monty, Benedick Monty, Uni friend, Ariel, Albany, Uni friend
The party was a great success, fulfilling many wishes for Desdemona.

Benedick spent alot of time playing with Audrey.  Hey Benedick..that is the wrong kid.  Your son is sleeping in the building next door.

All the party goers filed out eventually and the houses settled down for the night.

Both her husband and her sister had had a baby, but she had not.  Desdemona gets up in the middle of the night to feed Rod while  Ariel slept.

Sunday saw lots of talk about hobby, entertain, about hobby...nothing really unusual or hard to fulfill.  When it came to Spencer, he wanted to learn physiology.  Hard for me to let someone who had all body skills wasting time to do that.  That is one of the special studies I know how to use!

Late in the afternoon, Ariel and Desdemona's parents walked by, Albany and Goneril.  Spence went out to greet them.  I found to my dismay that Desdemona had zero relationship points with Goneril, so she spent some dedicated time chatting up her mother.

We end this visit with this lot with Goneril tucking in Rod.


There wasn't any real fantastic or challenging wishes thrown this round.  But it was a fun play none the less.

Ending wishes:

Spencer: Talk about hobby, dance with someone, blog about music and dance, see a wolf, serve food, and play marco polo.  Spence maxed all his skills in Uni so therefore he had no more left to work toward.  He seemed to throw hobby wants every now and then, wanted to train animals to do command that were not on the lot, and once Audrey grew up he wanted to teach her toddler skills. Still waiting on Oceanography to come up on computer.

Ariel:  Tickle Desdemona, blog about arts and crafts, command her dad's dog Webster to speak, meet someone new, influence someone to clean, have a party.  Again, mostly hobby wishes once she got her woohoo out of the way, and having Rod.  She threw zero wishes for Rod.

Desdemona: Get TOC in business,  buy a helicopter, buy a car, buy a hot spring, buy a piano, buy a vacation home.  Fortune Sims and their wishes.  She was throwing lots of hobby wants until she got her job, now it is money wishes.  heh

It was a fun play!

Keep on Simmin'!



  1. I really hate that glitch with the baby aging. I always cringe when it comes time for a TS2 baby to age up because more often than not it doesn't work right.

    Poor Baby Girl...never really had a chance at life. Though I totally don't blame you on getting rid of her. I probably would have too since it was an accident. Hope her ghost helps you out at least for fulfilling wishes.

  2. I can't believe the college abduction actually produced a baby. Will have to try that someday.

    I use the 'sim blender' hack to age up my troublesome babies. Honestly though, I don't have much problem aging them up. It's a rare occasion for me. Of course I always age them up a day early just to keep from having problems.

  3. It certainly looks like a fun round, although I am sorry that you had the glitch about the baby. I've had the adults getting stuck on trying to "help with birthday" many times, but it always worked out eventually, after so many tries, or at least when I used the birthday cake.

    Thank you for showing the houses :-)

  4. An interesting round! How fun that Spencer got abducted in college (I've been trying that with my Pleasantview students but no luck so far!). Little Audrey is so cute. Welcome to Rod too, be nice that they will grow up as friends.
    The Parenting enables an extra option when you click on a baby to 'check on', which shows if they are hungry, tired etc. Not a lot of use but our Sims do love to learn it.
    I admit I always age my babies up a day early so never encounter the 'help with birthday bug'. whew. :)
    Nice to see Goneril and Albany again, hopefully they can build a good relationship with Desdemona.

  5. Spencer's Uni abduction was a result of the Knowledge Sim perk to 'Hail Aliens' or whatever it says...
    I usually age up the babies a day early too, but I just plain ol' missed it for Audrey. It will be interesting to see if Baby Girl haunts....she still had the infant's body, but floated at the same height an adult would. Heh That will be really weird to see.

  6. What a strange set of circumstances that lead to Baby Girl's life and death. Kind of sad, but I would have done it too. I like the house idea here it's very fun, and the kids are cute. I don't think I fully know what any of the special "studies" you can do do, other than the Parenting one.

  7. Audrey is so cute! and I'm thinking that Ariel will marry Benedick on my game wen they become adults