Monday, February 17, 2014

Round 6 Pleasantview - Lothario

All who live here:

Don Lothario

Don is a Romance Sim with a wish to woohoo 20 Sims. Being that he has already met one lifetime goal, he will not do it again.  His first wishes:  Woohoo in bed, write a novel, meet someone new, and entertain.  First wish fulfilled:  Woohoo in bed.

Ivy (Copur) Lothario

Ivy is a Knowledge Sim with a wish to become a Criminal Mastermind. First wishes, get a skill point, get logic seven, woohoo in bed, invite someone over.  First wish fulfilled:  woohoo in bed.

Emma Copur

Emma is a Pleasure Sim with a wish to have 50 dream dates.  Emma is Don and Ivy's daughter before holy matrimony.  She is beautiful, Don and Ivy's genes melded well.  :)  First wishes:  go to Uni, sneak out with Robert Wolosenko, entertain, and sneak out with Henry Goth.  First wish fulfilled:  Entertain.

Thomas Lothario

First wishes:  Make friends with Walter Tellerman (son of Lucy (Burb) and Komei Tellerman), get an A+ report card, grow up well, and play with Walter.  First wish fulfilled:  Play with Edward (Dreamer) after school.

Gale Lothario

Play with Harry Burb, tell joke to Fred Goth, talk to Harry Burb, and be friends with Ida Burb.

And here is the Lothario house.  I believe it came with the game.  Not sure.  But it fits the typical EA house, huge and not easily playable.  As you can see, the Lotharios haven't done much with the yard.  That is because they are too busy woohooing.

Here is the second floor.  There is a bedroom on the right along with a bathroom.  On the left is an open balcony porch where there is a stereo and a bar.  Inside is an empty place that currently is home to a weight lifting machine.

First floor houses two more bedrooms, living area, bathroom, dining area, and a small kitchen.  I have since taken out those awful straight stairs and put in a spiral.

Emma fulfilled her first wish by entertaining Edward Dreamer, son of Nichole and Dirk.  Turns out Edward "Eddie" is a Pleasure Sim like Emma which made for a two bolt attraction.  Emma quickly asked Eddie out on a date, to hopefully get her first dream date.  Five wishes were fulfilled in no time.  However Eddie left at 7:30 for some crazy reason stating that he had to go.  Hmmm....but it was a fun date nonetheless.

As soon as Eddie left, a birthday cake was brought out for Thomas (Tom's) birthday to teen.

Party girl Pleasure Sim Emma was the only one to cheer Tom on.

Tom Lothario the Popularity Sim. His lifetime wish is to become Captain Hero.  Good.  I like career related LTWs.  Wishes upon growing up:  buy a cellphone, buy a handheld game, buy an mp3 player, and buy a drum kit.  Aha.  Off to town in Daddy's fancy car.  First wish fuflilled:  Buy a handheld game.

Upon returning home from his shopping spree, Tom ran a gamut of 'logic' wishes.  Go you, Tom Einstein.

Woohoo, popualtion control!  Kittens are immediately sent off to animal control, and the cats are influenced to try again. However it looks like 'try for kitten' is now  broken on this lot.  It falls out of the cat's queue, and then the cat who did the asking starts yowling.  Ugh.

On Wednesday after school, Emma spun up a wish to ask Sim on Date.  So she invited Eddie Dreamer over.  As it is inevitable, she rolled the wish to get on the dance-o-sphere during the date.  As soon as she did so, the date took a dive when she realized Eddie wasn't watching her and elected to sit at the bubble blower instead.  She was able to turn things around and make it a dream date after all during which she and Eddie fell in love.

That same night, Ivy was promoted to Counterfeiter, and spun up a wish to max logic.  She needed creativity to promote to the next level though.  heh

Don comes home from work one evening and brings downtownie Toby Todd home.  Immediately an invitation to go downtown pops, from Toby Todd!  haha  So both he and Don pile into the car and they stop along the way to pick up a couple more people.  I guess it is a boys night out because there was not one single female in the bunch.

Somehow getting out on the dance floor just didn't seem right.  Only the younger guy was dancing.

Don found a girl at the bar and started talking about what he knows best.....the birds and the bees.  :)  Don you dirty old man, you!

And she slipped away.  Don realized he was losing his touch.  He drove home at that point, the outing was over and everyone thanked him for a good time.  Not great.

Date gifts began rolling in. Eddie brought this for Emma.

Tom sat up all night and studied physiology.  He needed to know this to get the body skills for his job in law enforcement coming up soon.

This made him think about trying for a job in it right away, to his luck there was an opening.

Don won the hobby plaque in Film and Literature on Friday.  Good for you Don, for throwing all those wishes to write novel, sell novel, watch movies.  :)

Woot woot, go you Tom!

Another date gift from Eddie for Emma.  That means that Emma received may wishes fulfilled.

Wow go you Ivy, in between having three kids for Don, you managed to reach TOC with some young life left to go.  New LTW:  Become World Class Ballet Dancer.

Saturday rolled around and everyone who was showing a wish to go fishing, went fishing, just Tom and Gale. 

Emma had been harboring a wish to have three first dates, and so a call was made to the matchmaker.  She had already had two and needed one more.  By luck of the draw her date was Ricky Cormier.  Ugh. No need to get pictures of that.

As soon as Rickie left the premises, the phone rang and it was Eddie who asked Emma out on a date downtown.  He had to one up that Rickie character.  So off they went to Games of Glory which was over run by PlantSims (brothers Silver Maple and Birch Wilkie) and the two kids didn't have much privacy.  The date did manage to come to a conclusion of a dream date, adding another one to Emma's LTW. 

Tom headed off for his first shift as a security guard.

Just as a birthday cake was brought out for Gale, Emma received a call from Romance Sim Goopy.

Another call rolled in as soon as she hung up.  What is it with these grown men calling her?

Gale proceeded to blow out her birthday candles, and rolled up Family.  Her LTW is to raise 20 puppies or kittens.  *sigh*  At least it isn't a neighborhood bloating LTW.

Emma quickly left for her outing. The attendance to the ice skating rink was the core members of Pleasantview.  Angela and Lilith Pleasant, Dirk and Darren Dreamer, and Nichole, Dirk's wife.  The outing was Super.  It could have been Rockin' except it kept hailing and the group was unable to do any ice skating.

We end this round with the Lotharios in the kitchen on Monday morning.  As Sims are want to do, they are congratulating each other for life's simple accomplishments.  Perhaps if we all did that, the world would be a better place.


Don Lothario:  Ending wishes: Woohoo with ten different Sims, Gale gets a scholarship, sell a great novel, meet someone new.  I only fulfilled wishes for Don if it suited me.  Of course if he ever rolled 'woohoo' per the 5 wishes rules it had to be fulfilled.  After the cats couldn't woohoo themselves anymore, Don rolled it once, he waited to fulfill it once Ivy was too old to get pregnant again.  He gained the hobby plaque in Film and Literature.  That is one I don't play for very often.

Ivy (Copur) Lothario:  Ending Wishes:  Gale gets a scholarship, buy a drum kit, see a wolf, and go fishing.  Ivy rolled skill wishes until she maxed all skills, then she just kind of flopped around wishing for odd things.  Then she reached TOC and I stopped checking her wishes.

Emma Copur: Ending wishes: Ask Sim on date, play marco polo, talk about hobby, and play chess.  Emma wanted to date date date, and occasionally rolled a skill wish.  Very easy to keep happy.  Liked to dance-o-sphere, hot tub, play chess, juggle tumblers.

Tom Lothario:  Ending wishes: Be bf with townie Dickson Fleig, have a party, buy a drum kit, and eat chile con carne.  Tom was lots of fun to play with wishes to make friends, go places, sneaking out, did some skilling.

Gale Lothario: Ending wishes:  Meet someone new, flirt, have first kiss, and play marco polo. Gale wanted to spend time with and do things with her mom and dad.  As a child she threw multiple wishes to do things with the cats and to make friends.  As a teen, well, I was busy with Tom and Emma, so I really did not fulfill any wishes for her the couple of days she was a teen this play.

Have fun everyone, and keep on Simmin'!



  1. How funny that, in New Maximiliania, I put Don Lothario into the same house! Right now I can't even remember whether he is still alive (let alone where he currently lives), but it was a lot of fun seeing him as a family father and still trying to chat up the pretty blonde at the bar :-)

  2. Looks like a pretty successful round. So few of those Maxis houses were very practical, especially for large families. So much wasted space in most of them.

  3. What an action packed round. It's so good to see Don again. heh. Emma really is beautiful but then so is Ivy when she gets rid of the frizzy perm. :D
    Do you have the lot debugger from MATY (batbox?). It gives an option to get rid of junk pregnancy emitters or something like that- should get rid of the pets not being able to try for puppies problem. I've had to use it several times in my Pleasantview.
    How odd that Emma keeps getting those calls, I guess she's a fun girl. 50 Dream dates I guess she can do with just one guy though so that's not bad. Not Ricky eh? haha, he's in the Dreamer's garden in my game having been eaten by the cowplant. :D
    A houseful of teens- now the fun begins. :)

  4. Don really does make very pretty kids with Ivy. I really like them, they are super fun. Exciting round.

  5. Where did you get Emma's hair and dress?

    1. Hi Chrissy, I honestly don't remember where I got her hair and dress. It has been a while since I downloaded anything for TS2. But some of the places I used to go to download stuff was All About Style for teen girl clothes. Most of my hairs came from

  6. I really like how the ending picture looks and Emma and Gale are very pretty

    1. I agree! They are pobably the prettiest Sims my game has every made!

  7. I must say, Tom looks like a minature version of Don and Gale looks like Ivy :)