Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Veronaville Rnd 3 - University

All who live here:

Bottom Summerdream  Knowledge - LTW to Become City Planner

Man I wasn't up on it to get her beginning wishes, but I know she wanted the Knowledge Sim type things.  Go to class, write term paper, do research with someone.  I decided to just play this Uni through when I realized she wasn't throwing different or interesting wishes.  And, the dorm I had been using for Veronaville was crashing on entry, so I decided to use the small 5 room dorm in La Fiesta Tech .

So we are going to hit the highlights.  Freshman year:

First thing she does is turn on the stereo..then she ran off to study.  Per stereo wishes, she constantly threw dance with someone, do the smustle.

Being a typical Knowledge Sim, she wanted to skill. She wasn't quite maxed out when she came to Uni. Here she maxes Logic.

She did spend some time at the Student Union and the coffee bar getting to know people so she could get into the Secret Society.

Beginning of Sophomore year sees these wishes:  Max all skills, be saved from death, do the smustle, talk about hobbies, and dance with someone.  First wish fulfilled:  smustle.  Then on with blog about hobby.

While doing her term paper, she gets yelled at by the gymn teacher, behooving her to workout.  As you can see, she is at top fitness level.  She ignores him and keeps studying.

After mid terms, the matchmaker drops by a lamp.  I guess it is all that dancing the smustle and blogging about music and dance.

This is the third time the evil cow made a visit to the dorm.  This cow is not a bad one, doesn't do things like turn on the sprinklers or flirt with people he shouldn't.  On his first two visits, Bottom called her friend the Llama to exterminate the dorm of the cow.  On this visit, Llama did it without being asked.

Woah look at that!  Bottom has a three bolt attraction to the Llama  What is his name......Talin Tsvirkunov.  Weeellll this is interesting.  We will see if she throws any romantic wishes for him!

Llama in crush.  :)

The next day Talin just shows up on the lot, that was NOT a cheering llama quest.  He stood on the lawn, waiting...waiting.  Bottom ran out to meet him.  Bottom is showing us who she likes.

On the first day of spring after fulfilling wishes to do research with someone, buying a ballet barre and a fruit tree, she threw a wish to ask sim on date.  Yup, there is the 'in'.

While on the date with Talin, she kept throwing wishes to fall in love with Benedick Monty, another three bolt attraction for her.  She also swooned when fellow Knowledge Sim Kent Capp came within a few yards of her and Talin.  Fickle female!  Well Kent Capp does possess a romantic subaspiration.

Half way through University, Bottom has accomplished alot.  She was admitted into the Secret Society, became Big Sim on Campus, found a three bolt love, and fell in love.

In the first half of junior year, Bottom rolls engagement during a date with Talin.  All the while wishing to fall in love with Benedick.  And so it was!

And now they are engaged!

That night Talin brings Bottom a nice TV set to put in their home when they get married.  :)  My Simmies love date gifts!

The rest of junior year was full of smustling, blogging, and participating in study groups.  Right before finals, Bottom started a garden.

By this time, it is well into senior year.  She has probably sprayed enough to become a plantsim if she was back in Veronaville.

Gold Badge!  Go you, Bottom!

And Bottom hits "The Zone".

The last semester of University sees the beginning of fall, so Bottom begins to skill like crazy to knock out those last four skill points needed to max skills.  She has kept this wish nearly the whole time she was in Uni.  The garden is all harvested, so skilling it is!

And it is done!  Nice Prosperity points right there!

Bottom graduates with honors, and moves back to the Summerdream homestead in Veronaville.  Ending wishes:  Go on a hike, plant a seed, smustle, blog about nature, blog about music and dance, and talk about hobby.

I like this simple little five room dorm.  Fast to get things done.  Bottom accomplished alot; she got engaged, got into the Secret Society, became BSOC, received a gold badge in gardening, received a hobby plaque in Nature, and maxed all skills.  Who knows what that llama looks like under the costume!  But that just makes him more endearing to the Summerdream home.  Everyone hides behind a mask.

This is the last lot in round 3 for this Veronaville play.  This means it is time to add up points.

Number of playable Sims in this hood:


Have fun everybody, and keep on simming!



  1. Wow, you pesevered throuh an entire university career! I get bored after the first few hours, and never play more than one "year" at one go. But playing Bottom certainly wasn't boring by the looks of it - she did so much! Is Benedick Monty already taken, or was there another reason for you to make her follow up her 3-bolt-attraction with the Llama instead of him?
    I like the small dorm, too; it is one of the first ones I ever played at, I think :-)

    1. Stupid me - I just went back to your previous post and saw that Benedick is involved with Ariel Capp.

    2. Yeah, Benedick is the baby daddy of Ariel's boy Rod. However, he is engaged to a townie girl he threw a wish for. Trista Riley. She is a nice looking girl, just might add the genes to the family!

      As for playing Uni all the way through. I did it in front of the tellie...watched movies the whole time. Heh....would stop every now and then to see what was happening...work the garden..talk on the phone.... :)

  2. Nice college update. Must be refreshing to only have to do a single sim and not a whole herd of them in Uni.

    Are the point totals you show for prosperity scoring?

    1. Those point totals is just for Veronaville. I am going to start round 6 in Pleasantview here in a bit. I am keeping separate scoresheets for each hood.

  3. Bottom had a very productive Uni life didn't she? Did she get engaged to Talin without knowing what he looks like? I sometimes influence the cow or llama to bathe and then sneak in to check out their looks- heh.
    I like my sims to get a Gold badge in something during college just like Bottom did. Gardening is probably my favourite just because it's so useful with the fresh food for the fridge/juicers.
    Great score. Looking forward to the next round in Pleasantview now!

    1. Yes, Bottom got engaged to Talin without knowing what he looks like. I felt like having some adventure! My favorite badge is gardening, then flower arranging. Both of them are so helpful in a Sim's life. Off to play Pleasantview!

  4. What a productive college life. I guess that's fairly easy with a knowledge sim. :) One one sim....oh that would be fantastic! I am currently in Uni in Fellowship One and there are SO MANY kids in uni. I'm ready to be done.

    1. Yes, Fellowship 1 generates lots of Uni students! Good luck!

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