Saturday, February 22, 2014

Round 6 Pleasantview - The Goth Mansion

All who live here:

 Cassandra (Goth) Dreamer:

Family/Pleasure, LTW to get TOC Slacker.  First wishes: Play with, hustle pool, get TOC in Slacker, Entertain.

Darren Dreamer

Knowledge/Romance, LTW woohoo with 20 Sims:  First wishes: Relative gets married, invite someone over, ask Sim on a date, relative gets engaged. 

William Dreamer, recent graduate from University:

Knowledge/GCS, LTW Become Mad Scientist - First wishes:  Go bird watching, play bass, catch a bug, get gold in fishing, see it hail, and talk to a relative.  It is assumed that William is the relative Darren is throwing wishes for.  First wish fulfilled:  Talk to relative.

And talk William did.  First it was to gossip with his mother, then he laid the ol' convo about GCS on her.  She wouldn't have it.

When William got on the computer to look for a job in Science, he was informed that his mother and father had received an inheritance.  Casssandra's was from MarySue Pleasant, and Darren's was from Daniel Pleasant.  

Right at that moment cat Natalie Caliente had two kittens.  Cassandra immediately called for animal control to come and pick them up.  As far as cats go, it should be mentioned that there are three adult cats here, and one of them is on the lam.  Last round elder female Alegra ran away after a fight.  She is taking her time about coming  back.

There were no jobs in Science, but William was able to get a job as a Medical Researcher.  He was showing a wish to get a job in Medicene.

He reaches TOC on the first day.  Too bad it isn't his LTW.

This young man returned Alegra the run away cat.  She doesn't have long before her Grim party.

Woops, I just realized I didn't show pictures of the Goth house.  Well, we all know basically what it is like, so I will just show where I have made changes.  The biggest thing I did:

I added a basement.  I realized the house was getting crowded with instruments and hobby benches.  When William won the career reward for medical, I realized there really was no place to put it.  So a basement was added.

First floor.  Not much different than it is when first opened and Morty is alive.  Heh  As you can see, the graveyard is where the cats live.  I need to move them somewhere else.  Maybe on the other side of the house close to the wishing well.

Darren gives Oliver a $91.00 reward for returning Alegra.

On Tuesday....

Go you, Cassandra!  This is Cassie's second LTW fulfillment.  To do anymore would be fruitless as far as Prosperity Challange is concerned.

In the wee hours of Wednesday morning, William realized a very nice wish.

A job in science!  Yeah!!! Of course that immediately meant he threw....

A wish to get TOC.  Somehow I don't think that will be an issue.  He takes after grandpa Morty, after all.

Also Wednesday morning,

Darren wanders outside to weed the garden, braving the Goth ghosts who were haunting that night, and wins the gold badge in gardening.

Woot woot!  Another perm plat, and a big wish fulfilled.  New LTW:  Become a Media Magnate.  :)

Now that the house has three perm plat residents in the house, not much wish fulfilling is going on.  Just playing the game.  Here Alegra had her Grim party on Thursday morning.

Her mate Cymmi is very upset.

Just a little while later the same day, Gustavo was born.  He was immediately trucked off to the Animal Shelter to be raised in the future by a Sim who wants to raise 20 puppies or kittens.

Cassandra and William spend time in the basement working on their hobbies; tinkering and arts and crafts.  They did not even notice that Alegra had passed.

Since William is maxed out on creativity in no time at all he had a bronze in flower arranging, and was awarded a membership to the local arts club.

Life went on day by day, working on hobbies, mostly.  I hesitate to fulfill many wishes for perm plat Sims because I don't want them living forever and a day.

Saturday rolled around, which meant a trip to go fishing.  William has had a wish to get his gold since University.  It was an extremely "fruitful" trip.

William reached maximum enthusiasm in Nature. 

And he fulfilled the long held wish to get a gold  badge.

After sunset, Dustin Broke came to fish, and gained a bronze badge.  Judging from all the falling down he is doing, that certainly is not a gold.

Back in the basement, William maxed Arts and Crafts, his one true hobby.

The gold badge in flower arranging is won soon after.

Three more kittens.  That is six born this round.  Woot!

Left to her own devices, Cassandra could be a heckuva window washer.

Monday morning sees Cassandra serving up some yummy looking omelets, and the men in the kitchen bowing good morning to each other.


Hiya, Morty!

Cassandra's grandmother, Cornelia
Cassandra's great-grandfather Victor Goth has a romp with Alegra.
This was a very fun and relaxing round with the Goths, got to do many things that usually stay out of my reach because of things like raising children and scraping up money.


Darren:  Darren will see his Grim party next round.  He has had a great an fulfilling life since marrying Cassandra and leaving the Dreamer homestead to Dirk.  He reached TOC, fulfilled his LTW of becoming Education Minister way, way back.  He has gained the games hobby plaque, and earned a gold in gardening.  Strangely he did not earn the nature hobby plaque.  Ending wishes:  Ask Sim on date,  play video games, play computer game, and have a good reputation.  Upon his departure next round, he will leave the juicer well stocked with great produce, as well as the Bowl of Awesomeness from MATY.

Cassandra: Cassandra reached TOC this round.  She also gained a silver in robotics.  Ending wishes:  Blog about tinkering, ask Sim on a date, talk about hobby, and get hobby plaque in tinkering. 

William:  This was a wonderful round for William.  He reached TOC a couple of times, as well as going perm plat.  He earned the gold in fishing and flower arranging, and received the hobby plaque in nature and arts and crafts.  Ending wishes:  plant a seed, catch a bug, go bird watching, play the bass, violin, and piano.  William has had no thoughts about dating or women which is a good thing because he is not the heir to the Goth mansion.  It will be Henry Goth his cousin, son of Alexander.  Henry will grow up to adult this round if he doesn't roll University.  He will then move into the Goth house.

It was a fun play!

Keep on Simmin'!



  1. I loved this round! It was nice to see Darren, who recently died in my game, again, and living such a good life!
    Strange, isn't it, how some Sims seem not to have any inclination towards finding a mate.
    Good idea to add a basement to the Goth house. What about all that empty space in the hall, near the main door? It would have been interesting to see the upper floors, too.
    I didn't know "human" ghosts can interact with pet ghosts, like Victor and Alegra did in that last picture!

    1. That spot in the entry way is where all the instruments used to be. Honestly be told, I got tired of the Sims making a beeline for them, constantly. The fun factor on those things are just too high. Moving them to the basement made the Sims not notice them so much. But now the crazy thing is if they are on the second floor, they will go clear down to the basement to use the higher end shower, then they notice the piano...ect. heh

  2. Great to see the Goth house in your game. I've often added a basement myself, haven't in my version this time (yet). :)
    They've all had a great round- you're right when you say having no youngsters makes you explore more. I should think about taking Risky out of my game, heh.
    You've had loads of kitties this round, brilliant. That's something I need to focus on more too.
    This is why it's great reading other people's stories, :)
    I think window washing is a rare spectacle isn't it? I don't see too many sims doing it.

    1. yes I don't see window washing too often. I like it when I see it. :) This time I managed to snap a picture. I can't imagine how big the pet pool is now in Pleasantview, I was checking out the family trees of the cats in this round, and it seems the females work in an average of 10 kittens before they are too old to have any more. Natalie the momcat here is now too old to have anymore, so I will be probably be on the lookout for new parents next round. Cymmi is getting up there.

  3. Wow, lots of kitties and lots of success here. The sims here really are having fun with their lives it seems. I love the basement in the house, it's really a nice addition to the house. :)

  4. Wow lots of ghosts! and I like to play familles with a lot of ghosts

    1. I agree Chrissy, ghosts are the mosts!!!

  5. It's nice to know that you got Cassie together with Darren ,On my game I got her together with Don

  6. thinking of Capp manor when I say the word 'ghosts'