Sunday, December 25, 2011

Lot 4: Broke

Brandi: That's my oldest boy, Dustin. I dont' know whether he is comin' or goin' most of the time. Like this day. While I was in bed nappin', he goes and calls the headmaster of the local private school to come and do a home visit, he was tryin' to get a scholarship to go to that expensive place. Then when the headmaster gets here, Dustin starts makin' out with that Pleasant girl right in front of him! Then he tried to give the headmaster pizza to eat, but he wouldn't have any of that. So I dragged my tail out of bed and made salmon real quick. I think that is what got Dustin into that hoity toity school. I was dead tired on my feet, takin' care of Beau, and pregnant with twins.

Then a day or two later the boy pulls this. He took advantage of my tired state, and slipped out, snuck out with Angela Pleasant. He was gone until around 3:30, this nice officer brought him back home. I was a walkin' zombie by then, couldn't think of a punishment.

He brought home A's from the private school, so I guess he did settle down and study somewhat, in between his job and helpin' me take care of Beau, Robert, and Stephen. I decided he really needed some time away, and I suggested he go out with friends a little more often.

One time he hooked up with Sophie Miguel and Meadow Thayer. Both girls have their eye on him, they come by the house and stand and stare. I think maybe hopin' he will come outside. That little Thayer girl is a real cutie.

I have to say both Dustin and Beau have been a big help with the twins. Beau is good for gettin' down on the floor with 'em and playing,

And Dustin helps out in other ways. I don't know what I would do without 'em. For me, I just wish I could find love..........


BRANDI: I have to admit, I don't think I managed the 5 wishes a day per sim, although I tried awfully hard. Especially with Brandi. For a Family Sim she did not roll many of the wishes one is used to seeing...that is doing things with/for her children. I just tried to keep her going. Yes, she had cheesecake twins. She ate cheesecake at the Caliente house. I forgot she was taking a soak in the hottub, and Mortimer made it for Dina. Brandi came running down the stairs and scooped up a plate. She rolled 'find love' early on, and never lost it. Her LTW is to reach Golden Anniversary.

DUSTIN: He rolled typical Fortune Sim wants. To make money. To make X amount of money, which we managed through his job, the money tree, and giving financial counseling on the computer. He rolled zero wants to see Angela Pleasant. So it will be interesting who he picks in college, if anyone. I plan to send Meadow Thayer too. She kept showing up everywhere he went. He did get a kiss in with her, and has two bolts. He only has one with Angela. Dustin also rolled lots of wants to eat hot dogs. So he was constantly running outside to grill them up. His LTW is to make $100,000.

BEAU: Typical child wants. Swing me around. Get a skill point. See snow. Rolled do things with Mom and Dustin. Call his friends. He was pretty easy.

TWINS STEPHEN AND ROBERT: I failed miserably. I was only able to help them out if it was a skill point wish. No one in the house ever got enough aspiration points so smart milk could be used. The boys rolled potty train, talk and walk and never lost them. Brandi and Dustin managed to get the boys potty trained, and that's it.


  1. The Broke house is always difficult. It's no longer the same old story - it's so interesting the way you play it. :)

    1. I did the immediate thing and sold off all unnecessary stuff including the pool in the back yard. That really helped to keep the house going financially. I thought about putting the dream catchers in the house to make a little more cash but I decided against it. Wanted to play it the 'challenging' way.

  2. For the wants these guys seemed to be rolling you seem like you were decently successful. The "starter" houses are always a bit harder cause they are strapped for money, or just don't have the aspiration points to do much.

  3. Toddlers can be difficult to keep happy if no one, especially a parent, has time to pay much attention to them. The snuggle, tickle, play with wants can help a lot when you can't manage the potty/walk/talk stuff, but even those are challenging when the parent isn't available most of the time for whatever reason. Great job with them overall for a difficult house.

  4. I never really played Pleasantville, but know the sims anyway it seems. The details I don't know, though, and you give them very nicely :)