Monday, December 26, 2011

Lot 5: Dreamer

Darren: (First wish - to get a job. Spun up 4 different careers). Hi, boy do I need a job. I managed to get one in the Gamer Industry, which was at the top of my list of career choices. I did get that job, but I was fired the first day. So I started over job hunting. I applied online for a job in the Adventure field, which was second on my list and I got on as an ambassador's intern. I'd really love to make money with my painting, but I just don't think that is in the cards. (ASimWen - personally, I always wondered why this Knowledge Sim was a painter). LTW: To become Education Minister. He will keep checking jobs daily to see if it comes up.

Dirk: (First wish - to get into Private School). Hiya, well I heard the Private School was givin' out scholarships to the poor kids, heard about Dutsin Broke getting in. So I tried, and my dad grilled hot dogs and everything for dinner.

They let me into that school too. Now I want to make money. Dad bought me a florist bench and everything, thinking maybe I could sell arrangements. He had to sell a bunch of stuff off in the house to afford it though. I figure with a private school education and maybe a college degree I can help me and my dad out. LTW: to become a Space Pirate.

One of the first wishes Darren spun up after getting his job was to get a puppy/kitten. In order to afford it, he sold Mr. Humble's computer. He adopted Alegra, the kitten. I thought, now this is more like it. A pet income! However it wasn't until 24 hours after Alegra grew up before a wish was spun for Alegra to go out and work. Strangely, it was Darren the Knowledge sim (as the main breadwinner) who spun it up, not the Fortune Sim Dirk. Alegra gets a job in Service.

Darren: Work was crazy for me all week. A position never came up for education, so I remained in the Adventure field. Finally on Friday, Cassandra came by the house as soon as I got off work. I realized how much I missed her. (I stayed away from initiating any interactions between them except for 'greet' and 'chat'. I wanted to see if Darren truly wanted to be with Cassandra.)

Wahlah! Darren initiated flirt:hold hands! :) This is now the segway for a relationship to develop!

Darlene Dreamer is apparently upset that there is now a cat in the house. hehe


Darren: It took until Thursday to get Darren into the groove of skilling to satisfy his Knoweldege Sim wants. He rolled crazy stuff like get a puppy/kitten, get the pet a job, and so forth. He finally rolled a want to get a charisma skill point for his job, and that started it. And he flirted with Cassandra on his own, but did not roll any wants for her. She probably will roll wants for him next round.

Dirk: Easy peasy...a fortune sim. His wishes pretty much mirrored a Fortune Sim personality. Except he ran his daddy broke wanting to buy stuff. I let him keep things that would help him make money in the future like the florist bench and the styling station. Things that were a liability were bought/sold again right away, like a car. I did notice that Dirk has zero bolts for Lillith Pleasant, but two bolts for Angela. I let him call her up on the phone and make friends. We will see what happens in college.


  1. Darren sounds complicated for a knowledge sim, but I guess that happens sometimes when they get stuck on different wants. Are you giving your Pleasantview sims secondary aspirations?

    1. I am still thinking about the secondary aspirations for the citizens of Pleasantview. It might make the wishes more interesting!

  2. It's always fun to see how sims wants come to be. Sometimes they fit with exactly what you think they will, and other times not. I love that. I think Darren was a painter to give him a "muse" in Cassandra, but that's just my thought. :D Interesting that Dirk seems more attracted to Angela than Lilith.

  3. Fun reading! For secondary aspirations, I always wait until all other slots on the aspiration panel are filled, then I roll for it