Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Lot 6: Pleasant

Mary Sue: I have the most handsome husband in the world. The only problem is, all the women in Pleasantview thinks he is handsome as well! I had a feeling that he was fooling around, and all I wanted to do was get away for a while. I went to the beach for a couple of days. FIRST WISH: Mary Sue spun a want to go on vacation when she lost her job. Off she went.

Daniel: FIRST WISH: To meet someone new. Chatted on the computer to meet someone, then spun a want to woohoo. Thank you Kaylynn for helping out with that!)

Lilith: FIRST WISH: To gain a charisma skill point. Then off to school she went.

Angela: FIRST WISH: To play with Dirk. (HUH??) Fulfilled after school.

This was only four day play, as it is already Thursday when the lot was opened, I felt like I didn't have much time with them.

Mary Sue did all the usual things on vacation, and I thought she should try to make some money while there. She dug up all kinds of rocks and bones, and maps to all three mysterious vacation places. Finally, she dug up a treasure chest, much needed.

Daniel the Grill Master! I found it strange that both Lilith and Angela kept rolling wants to go fishing??? So Daniel and the girls struck out for the park on Saturday. Daniel took it upon himself to cook hot dogs for the entire neighborhood.

While they were fishing, they lost their 'enemy' status. Although, they are still in the complete negatives, this is progress.


THE TWINS: I have never enjoyed playing the Pleasants, because they just plain ol' aren't pleasant to play. Lilith and Angela constantly fighting is what gets me...I guess that is to much like real life! But I persevered, and vowed to not let the girls fight, which meant I had to keep eagle eyes on them. With the exception of Angela's wish to play with Dirk on the first day, neither girl spun up wants to see Dirk or Dustin, unless they happened to be on the lot. Lilith constantly spun up wants to have parties, she had three of them in the short time I was there. When the lot is first opened, it is already Thursday. I played through until Monday AM. Angela's wishes tended to lean toward skilling. Perhaps she is a Knowledge Sim in Pop Sim clothes??

Daniel: Easy...Romance Sim. As long as Mary Sue was home, he spun constant wants to do things with her. As soon as she left the lot go to work, he spun generic Romance Sim wants.

Mary Sue: She wanted to buy buy buy. So she would buy something, and mean ASimWen would sell it the next day. She also matched Daniel's wants, and constantly wanted to talk to Daniel, hug Daniel, do things with Daniel.

All in all, it was a decent play.


  1. I'm also not a big fan of playing the Pleasants, but it seems you made them a little more pleasant. :)

  2. The couple of times I've played the Pleasants I kept a close eye on the twins too. I think I actually got them up to friends at one point, as long as I didn't let Lilith control herself. lol Good job with them so far.

  3. It's a really hard time when the kids in the same house start to not be friends - you always have to watch them so they won't become enemies!

  4. Angela and Lilith are an institution. The continue to fight well into adulthood even if you work their relationship up high.