Sunday, December 25, 2011

Lot 3: Nina and Dina Caliente

Dina: I am Dina Caliente, and I just snagged the hottest bachelor in Pleasantview. Well, Don Lothario might have you believe that HE is the hottest bachelor in Pleasantview, but that guy hasn't got a dime. Mortimer Goth is hawt. I mean in the sense he has lots of cash. Ya see, I wanna marry a rich Sim. Don is good for lots of fun, if you know what I mean, but that doesn't get a girl set for life. Morty has got it goin' down.

Mortimer: When the Caliente sisters first showed up on my doorstep bearing sweets, I knew my relationship with them was going to be sweet. My main problem was which one to choose? Why, if the law allowed it I would marry both of them!

I chose Dina. I had one thing Dina She wanted to marry a rich Sim, and rich, I am. I thought, why not? I don't have much time left on this earth, might as well spend it fulfilling someone's happiness. (unfortunately, this marriage did not fulfill Dina's want to marry a rich Sim. Morty brought $51,000 with him to the house, so I don't know what was up with that.)

Nina: I couldn't stand it. None of it. I moved out right away. I did stash a couple of paintings away that Morty brought with him so I would have cash to set up in a new place. Maybe Don would have me?

*Dina rolls eyes* Good riddance I say, that you went. You dont' know how to stay away from a woman's man....*DON* Ooops...sorry hon....*flits eyes toward Morty* Anyway with Nina gone, Morty and I had time to pursue things we wanted to do. Morty is now the happiest guy in the world after studying.

Morty: And my little honeybun, you have had been able to buy the styling station that has been your dream. You have been giving your friends free make overs when the twins didn't demand your attention.

Dina: Yes, Walter, our treasure that was conceived during the wonderful Oriental Honeymoon you took me on....

And Gareth.

*thank you Risky and Cheesecake*


Morty's wishes centered around experiencing everything he could. He rolled an immediate want to go on an Oriental vacation as soon as he and Dina got engaged. Once there, he constantly wanted to go on tours, wanted to learn how to teleport, but he never found the ninja. In between all that, his wants centered around doing things with Dina. Upon return from the Orient, he wanted to skill, being the Knowledge Sim he is. Morty actually passed before his boys were born.

Dina's wishes were typical Fortune Sim wants. She wanted to get massages and sit in the sauna while in the Orient, but once she got pregnant she had a difficult time keeping up her needs so she stayed in the hotel room. When she returned home, she wanted to buy, buy, buy stuff, including the Styling Station. Then all centered around getting the styling badges. Her LTW is to see 6 pets to the top of their career. So far, she has adopted one dog, the puppy Maxx.


  1. I enjoyed this one as well! I feel sorry for you on Dina's LTW. For me, that was a hard one.

    It's too bad that Walter and Gareth didn't get to meet their dad at all.

  2. Walter and Gareth are cute little babies. Too bad Morty died before they were born. I can only imagine that sometimes 5 wants a day can be difficult, depending on what they decide to roll.

  3. Which Sims DO satisfy the "Marry a Rich Sim" want?

    1. I have no idea. I was really surprised marrying Morty didn't do it, but I gave myself credit for it because he is so rich. :)

  4. Looks like you're doing great with this so far. I like how you aren't attempting to cover *everything* that happened with pictures, but still make note of important things like Morty's death in the afterwords. I'm sure it makes for much easier blogging (and playing probably).