Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Rnd 1, Lot 7: Burb

All Who Live Here: John Burb, Family, LTW: RAISE 20 PUPPIES OR KITTENS, Jennifer Burb, Fortune, Make $100,000, Lucy Burb: Fortune, Become A World Class Dancer

I am gonna pull my hair out. Another Family Sim that wants to raise 20 Puppies Or Kittens!!! This neighborhood is going to be overrun with animals!

Ok. Am I sure that Jennifer isn't a Romance Sim instead? First wish: Talk. So she talks to John. Then entertain. Then flirt. Then kiss. Then make out. Then woo-hoo. Hmmmm....thank goodness Risky was napping when Jennifer and John woo-hoo'd on the first day, fulfilling all of Jennifer's wishes for the day in just a few Sim minutes.

John's first wish: Get a cooking skill, then a cleaning skill.

Lucy's first wish: To get a skill. Done after school.

Now I am looking at the LTW's for Jennifer and John. Neither one wants a job. So what to do.....that's it. Open a poker venue. Jennifer can get her $100,000 without much effort, and John can be available to take care of all the animals. hehehe!

Jennifer puts on her best poker face just after her business reaches level 2, which she had harbored a wish for. Now on Tuesday evening, she wants a good review, a best of the best award, a level 3 business, and to earn $500. Well, none of those may happen anytime soon.

John is being great. Just wants lots of interaction with Jennifer (probably so he can attempt to get her pregnant) and to get cleaning and cooking skills. What a good Family Sim.

John has started raising his 20 puppies and kitties. He already raised the puppy Leroy to adulthood, now he has Benny. Lucy had no interest in Leroy, but sure likes Benny. She has a wish to be friends with him.

And just like Dirk Dreamer before him, he maxed out his cooking skills, due to wishing. John also spun up a wish to win a cooking contest, but he also wanted new kitchen appliances. So, I chose the kitchen appliance route this time to see if anything turned out differently. John got a new stove and a new fridge.

Nope, nothing turned out different. John kept his wish to win a cooking contest through the purchase and installation of the new kitchen appliances, then he still had the wish the next day after sleeping all night. So I guessed that he was serious about wanting to win the contest. And he did. If I am not mistaken, it looks like Avri Hart submitted burned hot dogs. Hehe! Perhaps Dirk Dreamer can pass along his expertise about cooking hot dogs!

Lucy ages. Her aspiration mirrors her mother's. She is a Fortune Sim with the LTW to Become A World Class Ballet Dancer. And, she rolled Go To College immediately, and I will bet she keeps it her whole teenaged life. So I can feel safe in saying she will definitely go to University.

Alrighty then. The home poker venue reached level 5, and Jennifer had been choosing the cash business perks everytime her business advanced a level. When she hit the Will Wright Grant, she was awarded a cool big ol' pile of cash, which put the household to over $80,000 in liquid simoleons. She immediately rolls "Purchase A Community Lot". Okey dokey. She purchases the small pet store, and renames it Pleasantview Pets. I took some lessons from Veil in her Yulia's 5 top Level Businesses blog and set everything in the store to super expensive so Jennifer could concentrate on getting a bronze sales badge and not worry about anything else. In no time, she had her gold.

Once Jennifer hit gold badge status, the citizens of Pleasantview started buying stuff even though it was expensive. hehe. Okay, so Dina was noticed hovering around the cat display. I wonder if that is what she has in that bag? I guess I will find out when I play her lot again.

The week is winding down. The pet store reaches level five, and Jennifer goes home. After getting some R & R and food, she spins up a wish to make out with John out of the blue. Huh? No for warning...no nothing. I think, easy peasy wish. Well, one thing lead to another. Looks like there is a new baby Burb on the way. Thank you Risky.

Well, Jennifer thinks she really doesn't want to work the pet store anymore, and sells it for $50,000. She gets immediate memories for making $10,000, $25,000 then $50,000 Simoleons. She is over halfway to her LTW!

And this is the end of the week.


John wanted to learn things like fire safety, cleaning and cooking skills, wanted to have lots of interaction with Jennifer. I believe makin' babies was on his mind. And, he succeeded.

Jennifer wanted to buy 'stuff' until she opend her two businesses, then it was all about those. Get to the next level. Get a badge. Customer gets a star.

Lucy was very easy as a child. Once she hit teenager hood, she was difficult. Private school, (which normally isn't hard, but there is a poker parlor in her home, for gosh shakes). Due to wishing, she gained level 9 in mechanics skill, and won the scholarship connected with that. What is it..the Bains Gordon Scholarship? At any rate, I can definitely forecast she will be going to University.

Next up, the Oldies!


  1. All these blogs that I read get their venues to high ranks so quickly! I feel like my Sim businesses always take an eternity to rank up.

    1. You are not alone! I have a heck of a time with businesses. It seems to take FOREVER! I'm not sure how people do it so quickly. None of mine ever make any money either. lol. Great job Wen, they did well.

    2. Ha ya thanks...well, I had the lot on speed two most of the time when Jennifer was working up her sales badge. Just continually threw basic sales pitch over and over...she registered aspiration points as well. Used the energizer to keep her going.

  2. Wow lots going on in your Burb household, made mine look positively dull! lol.
    I shall have to try some kind of business for Lucy, I'll take some tips from you guys who know what you are doing, :D
    Glad a baby Burb is on the way, John loves his kids eh?

  3. Business success takes a lot more time than it seems in a blog :)
    I also claim that it depends on the sim how successful they are. I play all businesses the same and still some sims succeed and some don't! For a crash course i business - try the Build a City-challenge. I learnt a lot from that :)