Sunday, April 1, 2012

Round 2, Lot 3 - Caliente

All who live here: Dina - LTW to become head of the SCIA, Nina - To have 20 Simultaneous Lover,s John - To Grow UP, George - To Grow Up

I have been looking forward to getting to this lot for a couple of reasons. This pretty kitty is the first reason. Meet Andy. He is the pet I suspected Dina bought at Jennifer Burb's pet store. In fact, Jennifer showed Dina the cat bin, and apparently she bought one. I couldn't wait to get back to this lot to see what she got. I love surprises like this. So now I am thinking I should breed him and just ship his kittens right to the pound for *others* in the hood to raise to satisfy their LTWs.

The second reason is I want to see if this thang between Dina and Don is going to go anywhere. heh

FIRST WISHES: Dina - Get a logic and cleaning skill point. Nina - Fall in love with Daniel Pleasant, ask Sim out on a date. John - Get a creative skill point.

Haha. Apparently Nina had been dating/going on outings last round. Both Daniel Pleasant and another guy brought over 'thanks for the fun outing' gifts. Two stereos. Well, one gets sold, and she will replace the little cheapo stereo she has now.

Ah. Nina's son John is wishing for some interaction with his dad. He wished this in the middle of the night. As soon as possible, pop will come over and give his boy some interest.

Hmmm. Nina had bought a female cat named Minnie to mate with Andy. Naturally Fortune Sim Dina wants the cats to go to work. I was trying not to fulfill that wish because I want the two cats to breed! The day was about to end, so I caved in and got Minnie a job in Service, fulfilling two wishes for Dina. Now Dina wants to quit working. Grrrrr! She has plenty of money from her home business to support the house but still. She did quit her job in medicine, only to keep an eye on the computer for the job in the SCIA, which is still elusive.

Sometimes the game just lays it right out there for you, as if saying, "Come on, stupid!" Nina had flopped into bed after working midnight shift as a projectionist, needs low. "Ask Sim On A Date" was locked in. All the rest of her wishes were "hire so and so" for Dina's home business. Around 6 AM Daniel Pleasant comes into her bedroom to ogle over the paintings on the wall. I am sitting here thinking, man, she needs to ask somebody out on a date to get some wishes in...." LOLOL!!!! And it was this date that Daniel planted a seed...heh

And John grows to child by himself in the bathroom in his PJs. Sorry John!!!

John finally gets a chance to talk to his dad . Oh my! What a reaction!

On Thursday, Dina finally gets a job as a Crime Scene Investigator. Her desired field finally came up. Back to work for you, girlie! On Friday, Dina shut her business down. I found it too difficult to keep up with her wishes. Get a good review, get a level 9 business (and she as a loooong way from it) get best of the best, and Minnie gets promoted. No. Since she now had a job in her field and $75,000 in liquid cash, the home biz could go.

John has been put in charge of the pet care. He doesn't look happy!

Nina was right in the middle of her date with Sinjin (to get her five wishes in for the day) when she went into labor with Daniel Pleasant's son George. Sinjin decided to rest up in the hot tub while Nina finished with that, then the date continued. heh

Dina had a wish to flirt. So she calls up Don and asks him out on a date, at the Maple Springs Pool and Spa. I didn't want her to date at home, otherwise John might have gotten upset seeing his dad date someone that was not his mother. The more I see Dina and Don together,the more I am liking it. Darn it, Dina just needs to roll the wish again to marry him!!!

Minnie and Andy had two kittens, a boy and a girl. Before anyone had a chance to interact with them and fall in love with them, Nina calls the pound to come and get them.

Again, double gifts, same thing. One is for Nina for dating her co-worker, and the other is for Dina...from Don. They had a fantastical date. Can you tell it is now spring? Lots of romantic thoughts and wishes going on!

And we end the round here.


Dina: Was driving me nuts with wishes for her home business. It is hard to keep up with five wishes a day on the home venue. I am not sure I got five in at the beginning of the week until I shut 'er down. Then Dina's wishes turned to spring time thoughts like flirting and dating. Throw in a couple of wishes for skilling, just enough to promote in her job. She ends this week as a Reconnaissance Communicator in the Investigator Career.

Nina: Of course it was romantical type thoughts all week long . She didn't have to wait for spring! Her LTW is to have 20 simultaneous loves, so she got busy with a greenhouse and won the well. Yep, I am gonna do it the easy way. hehe

John: Spun up wishes like homework, and to do things with Andy in Minnie. Kids are very easy when there are pets in the house.

George: Still a baby

Have fun, everybody!


  1. Ooh...I'm excited to see you, I love the genetics. :)

  2. lol, a great round. Love Don's reaction when he talks with his son. Andy the cat is very cute, and great idea to ship the kitties off, I never thought of that before.
    John and George will be heartbreakers no doubt!
    C'mon Dina, roll that want to marry Don for goodness sake! :)

  3. I'm pretty sure Don didn't really want to have a son. Maybe he didn't even know?! :)