Saturday, July 7, 2012

Round 4, University - Boggs Hall Dorms

All who live here -

Beau Broke - Romance/Knowledge - LTW to Become A Professional Party Guest

First wishes - To get a gold in flower arranging, to make friends with/talk to/to give back rub to Mary Pleasant.

Brenda Wong - Not really sure what her aspiration is..haha...LTW - To Become Captain Hero

First wishes - to  play with/tell inside joke to Beau broke, get in shape, and get a skill point.

Charles Broke - Romance/Fortune - LTW to Become A Professional Party Guest

First wishes - to become friends with Mary Pleasant, make out with three Sims, woohoo in bed, get bronze in pottery.

Frances Bartlett -  Not really sure what her aspiration is - LTW ???

First wishes - to get in shape, be BSOC, get in Greek House, and get a skill point.  (looks like a Pop Sim...)

John Caliente - Fortune/Grilled Cheese Sim - LTW to  Become A Prestidigitator

First wishes -  Influence Sim to make GCS, get hobby in science, eat GCS, serve GCS.

Mary Pleasant - Knowledge/Romance - LTW to Become A World Class Ballet Dancer

First Wishes - to see a wolf, go to class, do reasearch with someone, talk to Charles Broke.

Right away, the lot appears borked.  The aspirations will not load for the two townie girls, Brenda and Frances. 

Here are the pairings off I am hoping for.  But this is the 5 Wishes A Day style of play.  The Sims will make up their own minds.  Charles Broke/Frances Bartlett, Beau Broke/Brenda Wong (who he has been dating forever) and then Mary Pleasant and John Caliente.  All couples have a two bolt relationship.  However one monkey wrench in the whole thing...Mary Pleasant and Beau Broke have 3 bolts.  So this will be an interesting thing to see play out!

Woah!  After their first day at class, Beau spins up 'ask Sim on a date'.  I love these, can knock out all the wishes for two Sims for one day in a short amount of time.  During the date, both Beau and Brenda spin up the engagement wish.  Okay!  And this is without the wish to woohoo first!

At this point in time, I realized I needed to take a drastic action with Brenda and Frances to set their aspirations.  I had sent Frances to the energizer in full platinum and it fried her.  :(  I figured nothing was going to work right until I got these YAs out of Grow Up aspiration.   I opened SimPE.  Based on what I already knew about them, I set them both as Pop Sims.  Frances showed typical Pop Sim wants when first becoming playable.  Wanted Greek House and BSOC.  Made sense to me.   Brenda wanted to become a Captain Hero.  I didn't think she was a Family Sim based on the fact that she fell in love with a Romance Sim as a teen.  While those aspirations can make for a successful relationship, I just didn't think this was the case. 

Frances now has an LTW to Become A Celebrity Chef.  Good deal!  Both girls retained a two bolt relationship with their loves.

Okie dokie, these kids roll 'ask sim out on date' every time they come back from class.  I am assuming this is because there is alot of Romance aspiration either as the first asp., or the sub asp.  Makes it easy to meet 5 wishes, but time consuming and makes me really pay attention to what I am doing. 

This is a constant issue.  It is apparent that there is a three bolt attraction between Beau Broke and Mary Pleasant.  They constantly seek each other out for face time.    However when they spin up wishes like this, I can usually circumvent it.  heh

This is the end of the Freshman Year, and the first day of Spring.

Ending Wishes:

Beau Broke:  Meet someone new, ask Sim on a date, talk about hobby,  dance with someone and smustle dance.  Beau's one true hobby is Music and Dance, so he has been dancing and working out on the ballet barre when not dating or going to class.

Brenda Wong:  Smustle dance, dance with someone, talk about hobby, have a sports party, and toss the football..  Brenda's one true hobby is sports, so she has been watching alot of the sports channel.

Charles Broke:  Make out with 3 Sims, have a good reputation, meet someone new, ask Sim on a date, and talk about hobby.  Charles's one true hobby is Arts and Crafts ,so he has been painting alot when not dating or going to class.

Frances Bartlett:  Have a sports party, ask Sim on a date, smustle dance, talk about hobby, and dance with someone.  Her one true hobby is sports, so she joins Brenda quite a bit in front of the TV to watch.

John Caliente:  Play computer game, see a shooting star, talk about hobby, play marco polo, and earn $25,000.  His one true hobby is sports, so he is there in front of the TV too.  He seems rather difficult to play, doesn't throw the dating wishes the others do.  However, Mary throws them so it is easy for him to get his wishes in.

Mary Pleasant - Do research with someone, ask Sim out on a date, talk about hobby, learn couples counseling, and dance with someone.  Marys one true hobby is fitness, so she partakes in yoga in her spare time.

I decided to play Uni just a little between houses when I have this many Sims.  This bunch wanted to date, date, date.  Making it extremely easy to get in 5 wishes.

Keep on Simmin!



  1. A great Uni round- I like having a lot in one house/dorm at a time. It's reminded me I have some in college too.. heh.
    I wonder if Beau will settle down? John will come into his own I'm sure and I really like Mary! :)

    1. I really like Mary too, I never know what to expect out of her. hehehe! Besides the fact that she is beautiful, she will make pretty babies with John Caliente!! Look how beatuiful the grandmas are...MarySue Pleasant and Nina Caliente!!!

  2. Strange with the missing aspirations! It must be great fun to play Uni according to wishes :)

  3. I had the "Grow Up" stick on a sim in uni when I had the second group of Breeze Point kids (I think) go to Uni. Chandler Platz stuck, I ended up sticking him in the orb thing and rolled one for him myself. Never had the problem since....although I'm not sure how many teens I've brought with me since either. lol Mary is REALLY pretty, I think you're right, she'll make pretty babies.

  4. Giving out aspirations according to the history was a welcome change from the usual random style of progressing the story. Mary Pleasant looks like Shannen Doherty / Prudence Halliwell.

    I've no idea how to age people from children and keep the Grow Up aspiration on purpose. Perhaps the error is in the custom conent that created Brenda Wong in the first place, since you posted that you didn't know where she came from. I fried Daniel Pleasant with the elixir to his death, when his aspiation also seemed to be high, but wasn't. ~ j7n