Sunday, July 15, 2012

Pleasantview - Rnd 4, Lot 8 - Wilkie (Oldie) Coral and Leo

All who live here -

Coral - Family - LTW to Raise 20 Puppies or Kittens.  First wishes - Invite someone over, entertain, make some money, and woohoo in bed.

Leo - Family - LTW - Marry Off Six.  First wishes - Reach maximum enthusiasm in Nature, invite someone over, get a grandchild, and have a baby.

Plantbaby Sharon - Reach logic 5, play peek a boo, learn a nursery rhyme, be talked to by Leo.

We start out with two more cats grown up. This is moving painfully slow for Coral,and she has already taken multiple hits of elixir.  She had only raised four kittens. Time for Drastic Action.  At this rate, Coral will be around well into round 200 waiting for 20 cats to be born.

All grown cats are shipped off to the pound, including the breeders.  Then Bailey is adopted.....

Then Milton Goth from the Goth Mansion joined the family.

There is a break from adopting cats to allow Sharon Plantbaby to grow up.  Ahhhh, time for a little romance!  Sharon is a Knowledge Sim with a wish to become a Prestdigitator.

Sharon wishes for love....

And the well yanks YA Brian Jordan out of Uni and spits him out.  Sharon invited him to move in, and he brought $16,000 with him.  $10,000 is spent in merchandise and stuffed into Sharon's backpack.  She then gives the rest to Coral and Leo to help fund their cat breeding farm.

A wedding arch was hastily erected in the back yard, and Sharon Wilkie became Sharon Jordan, and the happy couple moved out.  The engagement and marriage fulfills major wishes for Leo.  Two married children down, four to go.

The cat adopting resumes.  Jill Goth courtesy of the Goths.

Stella Goth.......

It is getting late, and Coral goes to bed.  The cat adopting will resume the next day.  In the mean time Leo gets child number 3 on the way.  Meet Leo's son, Silver Maple, named after the state tree of my fine state, West Virginia.

By now it is early Wednesday morning, and Coral rolls out of bed to fulfill 5 wishes before calling for another kitten.  She is spinning up lots of nature wishes like Leo.   Leo assists Silver Maple in learning a nursery rhyme.

Next came Tad Caliente....and that was it, for a while.

A couple of days pass, taking care of kittens, and watching Silver Maple playing under the plant light all night long.

Coral and Leo roll constant Nature wishes....hunt bugs, go birdwatching, hiking, blog about nature.  Coral gets her gold in gardening, and gets the Nature plaque.

Friday night, Silver Maple grew up while Leo was at work.  Pleasantview has another Fortune Sim, that makes 13 of them now.  Geesh.  Silver wants to own 5 top level businesses.  heh

Of course. Silver Maple makes his way right to the Wishing Well.

The well does it again, and plucks a YA out of Uni.  This time it is Brittany Upsnott.   I have never played Brittany before or any of the girls in the Tri Var House.  So I take a visit to Uni to see what is going on.

Uh-huh.  Brittany looks none too happy.  I see that she is a Pop Sim, and probably wouldn't roll the Uni wish if I had played her from teenagerhood.  She drops out and makes her way to Pleasantview.  Prosperity scoring takes a hit.  ;)

In the mean time, Leo comes home from work, and gets started on Plantbaby number 4.  This is Rose learning a nursery rhyme from Leo.  Silver Maple is working on fulfilling a wish for a logic point, and Coral is doing nature type things like watering the flowers. 

The next day after Silver Maple goes to work, the cats begin growing up.  here is Tad Caliente and Jill Goth heading to the Sim Humane Society.

Stella and Milton Goth.  Didn't bother putting up Bailey's picture, we have all seen him a thousand times, he is a Maxis cat.

All the grown cats have gone off to the Humane Society, and new ones have started coming in.  In the mean time, Silver Maple has come home from work, and he and Brittany have a rush rush marriage under the now permanent wedding arch.  Three down, three to go for Leo.  This fulfills wishes form him, relative gets engaged, relative gets married.  They move out, and kittens Doris, Ginger, Walter and Jean Caliente, Dorothy Goth, Pedro Lothario  move in.  I also notice on this day that Coral has filled up her lifetime aspiration meter.  She is perm plat before reaching her LTW.

And this is where we leave the Wilkies (Oldies) for this round.


Leo:  It was all nature wishes, then occasionally threw wishes to do things with Coral.  When one of his plantkids was eligible to become engaged or married, he spun that up.  Ending Wishes:  Blog about nature, hunt for bugs, go hiking, birdwatching.  Leo took one hit of elixir.

Coral:  Like Leo, it was mostly nature wishes.  She received hobby plaque in nature, gold badge in gardening, and maxed out her aspiration bar.  On Saturday and Sunday, her wishes flipped to Fortune type wishes, it is her secondary aspiration.  Ending wishes:  Play/Play peekaboo with Rose, get a car, buy a sculpture worth at at least $3,000.  Seven cats grew up this week in the Wilkie home.  She took two hits of elixir.

Plantbaby Rose:  Typical toddler wishes, play peekaboo, sing a nursery rhyme, ect.  Ending wishes:  Grow up well, give love Doris, Jean and Dorothy.  (Cats).

Have fun everybody!



  1. A great round at the Oldies! It's so hard getting the pet LTW, I think we should have triple points for it...heh. :)
    Loving the plantbabies! I'm totally gonna steal that idea...:D

  2. Very smart with the plant babies. It seems to be going well for Leo. Never had a plant sim yet. :) Good luck with the cats, I am dreading seeing this LTW someday. I managed pet best friends, but it wasn't easy, this looks just as, if not harder.

  3. You are very creative with your solutions for wish granting!

  4. Bailey doesn't seem to like being handled. Somebody please watch over those cats hanging so close to the road! Nice seeing the neighborhood filled with cats. What I want to do now is program strays to appear in numbers, so the hood looks owned by them. Haha. I've never adopted a cat. Are they brought by a police car? ~ j7n

    1. Yes, they come in the police car. :)