Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Pleasantview - Rnd 4, Lot 7 - Burbs - John and Jennifer

All who live here -

John - Family - LTW - To Raise 20 puppies or kittens.  First wishes:  Play with, get fit, woohoo in bed and relative gets married.

Jennifer - Fortune - LTW - To Become The Law - First wishes:   Meet someone new, talk to someone, woohoo in bed, and get a skill point. 

Joseph - Grow Up -  Talk, play with, get a skill point and meet someone new. 

Let's hope that John is more interesting to play this round.  He has been rather dry.

John is still plugging away at raising all those puppies,  a quick check of his memories show that he is working on numbers 5 and 6.  Ugh...14 to go.  I don't know if he will make it before he croaks.  Me thinks he is going to have to try other methods to get more dogs born/raised.  He is currently a SWAT team leader in the Law Enforcement field.

Every morning it is 'talk about hobby'.  Little Joey (Joseph) finds Jennifer to be a willing participant.  Jennifer is swollen up with Baby Burb number 3.   It is only Tuesday morning, and there has been alot of commanding the dogs around and telling jokes. hehe! (Maybe they are telling jokes to the dogs???) 

And Tuesday bring the death of Binky the bird.  I don't know how this happens.  My Sims are diligent about feeding their birds and keeping the cage clean.  Ugh.

Ah no wonder she was so miserable and so bloated...natural twins Ida and Harry.  Hi kids! 

On Wednesday Emma Copur, Don and Ivy Lothario's daughter, comes home on the bus with Joey.   Joey has been showing continual wishes to play the piano, and to command the dogs around.  He took the easy way out and played the piano then commanded Benny to speak.

Wednesday was also Joey's birthday, Emma didn't stick around.  Hahaha...looky at this, another fun Romance Sim in Pleasantview.  He of course rolled an immediate wish to go buy a cell phone.

Off he goes to the store, where he also rolls an immediate wish to meet somebody new.  Michele Kearney was real handy like.  Ummm....Joey....ya need to get some new threads.  I don't think the girls will find you kewl at all wearing THAT.

That's better sweetheart.  And what do you wanna be when you grow up?

Joey:  I wanna be a Rock God!!!!!


Joey hires the matchmaker to find him a date to fulfill some of those immediate wishes a Romance Sim typically has upon growing up.  Flirt, kiss, ect. heh These two have a two bolt relationship.

Pauline and Rover grow up.  Jennifer calls the pound to come and get them.

In between wishing for creativity skills and  wishing for Joey to go to Uni, John helps Ida to grow up.

In between wishing for kisses and flirting, Joey helps his little brother Harry to grow up.

Another baby John?  I don't think so.  Why don't you work on fulfilling those wishes to teach the twins a nursery rhyme?

Lulu the black lab went to the pound along with her grown pups Pauline and Rover.  She was too old to have any more puppies.  This dog Abbey was brought in to breed.  However it looks like she doesn't like John much when he asked her to try for puppy.  John approached is buddy Benny who thought it was a good idea!  Puppies are on the way!

Ha!  John celebrates the fact that more puppies are on the way by serving up some crepes suzette.  I give you a gold star!  You didn't catch yourself on fire!  (and he fulfills a wish to serve food).

On Saturday evening Lakshmi gives Joey his first kiss....

And then buys him a very expensive TV set.  heh  It goes into his backpack for later use just in case he doesn't inherit this house.  WHICH...doesn't even have a television area set up. Who has time for it anyway?

On Sunday, Jennifer throws an erroneous wish to go fishing. She makes a pretty sexy schmexy Senior, if I do say so myself.  John and Joey accompanied her to the park, where John kept the other men away from his beautiful wife 'round the fishin' hole, and Joey spun up a wish to ask Sim out on the date.  Lakshmi came running right over to help fulfill that wish.

Puppies born!  Wow, looks like the new mom dog was the shot in the arm John's LTW needed.

And we leave the Burbs with Ida and Harry's birthday on Sunday night!


John - Ending wishes:   Make friends with Niel, get Ida into private school/Ida gets an A+ report card, relative gets married (locked in)  John's wishes were primarily ho hum wishes.  Talk about hobby, go fishing, command dogs around.  Never wished anything for his job in Law Enforcement.  John did qualify for a second aspiration this round, and he rolled Knowledge.  Fitting.  He is currently a SWAT team leader.

Jennifer:  Ending wishes:  Reach TOC in Architecture, get Ida/Harry into private school, Abbey gets a job in Showbiz.  Jennifer rolled wishes for skills, wished for and wrote a book, painted a masterpeice.  She ends the round as a Master Architect.

Joey:  Ending wishes:  Ask Sim on a date, play piano, get hobby plaque in music and dance, and dance with someone.  Joey was very easy, constantly wanted to date.  He not only got the flat screen TV as a date gift from Lakshmi she also left him a piano.  Went into his backpack. Occasionally rolls 'go to Uni' but it never sticks.

Ida and Harry - typical toddler wishes.  Walk, talk, potty.  Grew up shortly before closing the lot.

Have fun everybody, keep on simming!



  1. Even more Burbs - and Jennifer is really goodlooking as an elder!

  2. Yay, Abbey makes cute puppies, lucky you with 3 first time! It seems the hardest to get this LTW, takes forever! Ida and Harry are so cute. John wanting more babies- enough already John! :)

  3. I LOVE Ida's hair, they are both so cute. Jennifer looks very nice as an elder. John and his crazy kids wishes. Good luck with the puppies.

  4. Joey looks great in this Teen Style outfit, if I'm not mistaken. Way to go from being "pregnant" just yesterday. And he and Beth Seiff, err, Lakshmi, are a good match. She's a Pleasure seeker. I wish we could call downtownies by their names, seeing how uniquely unique they are. :) ~j7n