Sunday, July 1, 2012

Pleasantview Rnd 4, Lot 5 - Dreamer - Dirk and Nichole

All who live here:

Dirk - Fortune - LTW - Become Education Minister (2)

Nichole - Fortune - LTW - Max Out 7 Skills (2)

Frank - Grow Up

First wishes:

Dirk - Reach TOC Education,  talk to/invite over/play with/appreciate/win a game against Darren Dreamer.

Nichole - Sell a great novel, make some money, meet someone new, max all skills (locked in), go swimming, and get promoted.

Frank - See ghost of Jessice Ebadi (locked in since Frank was a toddler), get logic 1, befriend Benjamin Long, and be BF with Brandon Lilard.

Monday night the family sits down to a scrumptious meal of spaghetti and meatballs.  Frank was difficult to fulfill any wishes for, worked about 3 in.  He started begging for a puppy. when he rolls get any sort of pet, then he will be allowed a dog.  But no puppies or kittens, what with all the Sims in the hood that have the 20 puppy or kittens want.  But there is now an empty bird cage in the house.  Heh.

Dirk started rolling lots of game type wishes right away, just like his dad.  Erm.  *rolls eyes*

 Nichole was off work Tuesday, so she was allowed to work on her novel.  That wish is never locked in, but it stays in there like the Uni wish for a Knowledge Sim.  She didn't have far to go to get the book written.  Hooray!

But selling the book didn't make any difference in her wishes panel.  She wants to write ANOTHER book. 

But before she could finish the book,  little Edward was born.  Hi Eddie!  First alien baby born in Pleasantview.

And looky who shows up late in the evening on Tuesday.  Cat burglar Jessica Ebadi.  Nichole ignores her, and with a huff, turns on her heel and goes into the house to do some skilling.  After all, it is fall, and Dirk was just promoted to High School Teacher, which means there is now the Education Bookcase in the house.  Now is the time to skill!  Luckily, she is showing a wish for a skill point, and to max all skills.

Dirk rushes down to meet Jessica.  He is smiling on the outside, but on the inside he has a diabolical plan....

In the meantime, Nichole maxes all seven skills.  Nothing popped up and said so, no big proclamation that she had now met her LTW and would forever be in a platinum mood.  Well, that is okay.  It was her second LTW anyway.  What is your new one, Nichole???  She now wants to become a Hall of Famer.  We just might skip that one.  There is already a punching bag in the house, that was Dirk's first LTW.  Nichole thinks she might like to work in the Natural Science field.

Frankie, you are doing a mighty find job looking thoughtful!  Frank grew up to be a Knowledge Sim, and wishes to max out 7 skills.  Me thinks he will have that done before he gets to University.  Of course the first thing he spins up is to win the Extraterrestrial Reparations Grant.

So he tries to make it happen.

In the mean time, Nichole and Dirk have had a conversation bout their boy's fixation on seeing Jessica Ebadi's ghost.  No one in the house has gotten over the fact the woman sneaked into their house and stole some items, and got away with it!  Nichole learned that this handy dandy cowplant was available as an employee perk in the Natural Science field.  She perused every day for an opening.  Finally it came up, and she hired right in as a unnatural crossbreeder, being that she is maxed out on skills and everything.  She was immediately awarded the cowplant.

Yay for you Frank!  Now you can concentrate on your studies...

Oh wait. NOW you can concentrate on your studies....

Then the evening came when Dirk had to put the issue to rest.  Frank's obsession with seeing Jessica Ebadi's ghost 'swallowed' him whole....the boy couldn't concentrate on his studies to get into University.    Dirk and Nichole agreed that desperate times meant desperate measures. 

Dirk invited Jessica over and with great pride, showed her Nichole's cowplant.  Jessica was completely smitten by it, and breathed in the aroma of the delicious slice of cake offered.  She couldn't help herself.  She took it.

The Cowplant took her!

Dirk buried her right beside his mother in the back yard.   Now, just to wait for Jessica to haunt.  Then Frank will be able to rest easy, knowing the robbery of their home was avenged.

The same night of Jessica's..err...demise, Edward (Eddie) grows up to be a fine strapping young alien.  First wishes were to learn walk/talk/potty, and play with.  Dirk obliged by staying up all night and helping Edward realize all those wishes.

Okay, Frankie, make up your mind.  See Jessica's ghost is locked in, but he also wants to ressurect Jessica and hopes that her tombstone doens't get kicked over.  Ummm....let's see here.  The family now does own the Grim Reaper phone thanks to Nichole's job in Paranormal, so it is entirely possible that 'Resurrect Jessica' could be fulfilled.  However, 'See Jessica's Ghost' has been locked in so long I hate to not fulfill it.  heh

Well, Frankie succeeds in getting frightened by his grandma, Darleen Dreamer.  Ugh. However, this does fufill the 'see a ghost' wish.

Dirk wants to learn to make stuff rainbow trout.  Erm.  That means he had to go catch the trout.  heh

He is soon joined by other men folk who have come to the park hoping to catch a fish.  Tyson (Broke) Ebadi talks about the new house he and Brandi just moved into.

After a couple of hours, Dirk has caught the object of his desire.  The rainbow trout!

Well, appreantly Sim men don't have any aversion to getting in touch with their feminine side and talking about their private emotional lives betwixt each other, or hanging out their dirty laundry for all to see.

At any rate, Dirk rushes home and cooks up some stuffed rainbow trout,  and eats a serving, fulfilling another wish.

In all the 'fishy' excitement, Eddie grows up, and learns fire safety on top of that.  Good boy!  (I'll admit, this isn't something I usually have my Simmies learn, it just takes too dern long to read the book).

And we end the week with the Dreamers with Eddie reading one of his mom's novels, fulfilling a wish.  This book is titled 'Having Alien Babies.' heh

Alrighty then, lets summarize this round with the Dreamers.

Dirk: Ends this round wanting Frankie goes to college, get a sculpture costing at least $3,000, be BFF with Eddie, earn $100,000, get TOC in Education, and play with Eddie.

Dirk was difficult this week, no quick and easy items, so I had to jump on 'buy me' wishes when they spun up.  Wished for things that seemed to spin off of things that happened around him.  Wanted to learn to cook trout after Nichole cooked it, wanted all sorts of scholarship wishes for Frankie after he spun up to become a knowledge Sim. 

Nichole:  Get TOC in Natural Science, buy bookcase worth at least $900, get Eddie into private school, buy at TV worth at least $5,000, Frankie goes to College, and *sigh* write a book.  Nichole gained hobby plaques in Science and Films and Literature.  Her one true hobby is Science.  Go you, Nichole!

Nichole never loses the 'write a book' wish, so that is something she does after she has satisified 5 wishes in a day, to build up to the point where the wish is finally satisfied.  Otherwise, she threw Fortune type wishes, a few buy me, go to work, get promoted. 

Frank:  see ghost of Jessica Ebadi, get saved from death, see a ghost, and go to Uni.  Frank (Frankie) wanted kid type wishes, but aged early in the round.  Then it was skill, get a cell phone, still wanted a kitten or a puppy, and lots of ghost type wishes.  I am contemplating sending him to Uni this round.  Jessica never haunted, despite her grave being mourned every day.  Darlene would come out instead.  Jessica's tombstone was put in his backpack to go to Uni with him.  That wish is going to be fulfilled, or I am a lousy simmer!  heh

Eddie:  Play with Frankie, jump rope, get an A report card, and be BFF with Dirk.  Eddie was easy, wanted to skill creativity when he grew up and kept wishing it until he got 10 points.  then it was kid type wishes.  Talk about hobby, jump rope, study relationship.  heh  We didn't get around to that last one. 

Keep on Simmin!

~ ASimWen


  1. After college you can do "Frankie goes to Hollywood" if you put him in Showbiz :D
    And don't mourn the graves if you want the ghosts, that will keep them calm!

  2. What a great round! Isn't Eddie the cutest alien?! That Dirk and his diabolical plan! Loved it! :)

  3. Wow, Frank really couldn't make up his mind. If you were mourning her grave every day that's why she didn't haunt. Your mourn when you DON'T want the ghost I thought. Otherwise, a fun round. Eddie is fairly interesting looking for an alien.