Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Pleasantview, Rnd 4 Lot 6 - Pleasants, Daniel and MarySue

All who live here -

Daniel - Romance - Become Rock God.  His desired job never came up before he aged. He is currently a Prestidigitator.

First wishes:  Meet sombody new, make some money, Mary gets a scholarship, and flirt with MarySue.

MarySue - Fortune - Own 5 Top Level Businesses.  Don't think so.  She has already met her first LTW to become a World Class Ballet Dancer.

First wishes:  Mary gets a scholarship, Bailey and Scout get a job in showbiz, and make some money.

Lilith - Popularity - Become A General

First Wishes:  Make a friend, meet someone new, buy a bar, and make friends with Bailey.

Mary - Knowledge -  To Become a World Class Ballet Dancer like her mom.

First Wishes:  Go to Uni, get in Private School, make BFF with william Dreamer, and get a job in Education.

The Dreamers moved into the art deco house, as the headmaster scenario in their old house became broken and Mary could not get her wish fulfilled to get in Private school.  I love this house, it is marvelously huge inside and easily adaptable for a large family.

Bailey the cat was purchased by somebody in the house at Dustin Broke's pet store.  The name Bailey comes up way to much for pets.  Of course, the Pop sim in the house immediately rolls a wish to be friends with her.

Mary gets her meeting with the headmaster over a delicious fish that her dad caught at the park a couple of days before. 

The Dreamers brought a sewing machine with them from the old house.  Of course, everyone immediately spun up a wish to get a bronze in sewing.   (Except Mary, who was busy visiting with the Headmaster).  Only Daniel sat down to sew.

Woot go you, Mary!  I don't think I have ever seen a Headmaster score this high!  She did it all alone, except for her mom cooking the fish.

Wow Lilith!  Congratulations....however, there is a little matter of an 'engagement' from last round...hmmm girlfriend?  What about that?

Lilith:  Who sez I have to get married?  I am perfectly happy being single and living with mom and dad.

ASimWen:  But the Pleasant name has to carry on, Lilith.

Lilith:  I don't have to get married to do that.  Besides, the females take the males name in this neighborhood.

ASimWen:  Ya need to fix this, Lilith.

Lilith:  Pffft.

Lilith decides to have a party, and invites her old Uni friends.  Dustin Broke started beating the drums, and Alexander Goth started tickling the ivories.  Llilith started a pillow fight with Neil Leong.  Angela joined in with a few fancy foot steps.

In an effort to shake up Mary's wishes, she went downtown where she encountered a break dancer.  She paid $75 to learn how. This is making her needs plummet.  Part of my diabolical plan to fulfill a wish she has that just won't go away.....

Now usually Knowledge Sims are easy-peasy...skill, skill, skill.  I can usually depend on that.  Well, round 3 that is all Mary wanted to do.  Not this round.  She spun up "Be Saved From Death" on Monday, and never lost it.  So I am looking at early in the wee hours Tuesday thinking I need to fulfill that, or she will never be able to move on.

So I choose the method of death that is usually the quickest, if needs are low.  I really didn't want her to miss a day of school, I knew that would make her unhappy as a Knowledge Sim.

Had mom handy here to plead with the Grim Reaper.  MarySue realizes the ladder is missing.  However, I forgot that Grim floats over the water and is not available to plead with.  Erm.  Close without saving.

The next afternoon, Mary comes home from school and finds this huge pair of scissor laying around.  She couldn't help herself, had to pick them up.  Dad watches in amazement.

Oh Noooo!!!!!!

Daniel couldn't watch the horrible spectacle, but MarySue pled for her daughter's life.

And won!  A wish fulfilled for Mary!

Go you, Mary!!!  Hope this mixes up your wishes a little...

In the mean time, Lilith qualifies for a second aspiration.  Woo!  She rolled romance.  Perhaps now she will roll wishes to woohoo and date instead of wanting so many gosh durned parties.

The first day she arrived home from work after becoming 1/2 Romance Sim, she of course rolled 'Ask Sim On A Date'.  She called her FIANCEE - Neil Leong.  He was glad to oblige.
Of course this date ended in WooHoo.

Daniel continues to spin up Ask Sim Out On A Date about every other day or so.  Looky!  MarySue is glowing with happiness during this date..hahaha...nah...she got her hobby plaque in Music and Dance and can now be in the zone while dancing!

Lilith was getting high maintenance with her party wishes, so this evening she just pulled everybody into the hot tub for a great time.  The party was a roof raiser!

Lilith announced to everyone that she and Niel were expecting a little one.

I am amazed at how fast teenagers can get badges.  Naturally after winning this, Mary rolls 'get hobby plaque in tinkering'.  To celebrate getting this gold badge, Mary wanted to see a ghost. 

Finally, after going Downtown to Gothiers Greenlawns, a couple of times, Mary sees a ghost .   Meet Jennicor Tricou.  

Upon seeing the ghost, Mary returns home to work on an old car, and gets her hobby plaque.   Sure wish she would roll skill!  She did qualify to get her second aspiration, and she rolled Romance.  haha!

And the wee hours of Monday morning brings on Lilith's labor.  Meet Minnie Pleasant.  The fifth girl born in Pleasantview.

And this is where we leave the Pleasants for this week.  What a week it was!

To Summarize:

Daniel:   Ending wishes:  Blog about arts and crafts, ask Sim on a date, Mary gets a scholarship, and sew a project.  Daniel was happy dating  MarySue.  End of story.  He will pass to the great Sim Beyond next round.  Won a gold in sewing, and the arts and crafts hobby plaque.

Mary Sue:  Ending wishes:  Mary gets a scholarship, Scout/Bailey gets promoted, and buy a car.  MarySue was happy dating Daniel.  She also threw a wish to write a novel, accomplished.  She won the hobby plaque in Music and Dance.

Lilith:  Ending wishes:  Be best pet friends with three pets, have a party, woohoo three simes, and be best friends with Kaylynn.  Lilith wears me out with partying.  Once she became 1/2  romance, she rolled some romantic type tendencies, but is still mostly pop.  She had the Pleasant heir to the deco house - Minnie.

Mary:  Ending wishes:  See a wolf/ghost, go to Uni, and buy a car.  Mary was an unusual knowledge Sim this time around.  She wanted to do crazy hobby stuff.  No skilling, not much at all.  Got a gold in robotics, won the hobby plaque in tinkering.  Learned how to break dance.  Had several dates between cousins William Dreamer (parens are Cassandra and Darren) and Frankie Dreamer (parents are Dirk and Nichole).  She will be going to Uni.

Minnie, brand new baby.  :)

That's it!  Happy simming!



  1. Wow, Mary is a Flatliner!Did the wish go away, or did she want to do it again?

    1. I quit without saving after the pool incident. Just started over the next day after school with the scissors, she never spun away the wish.

  2. And yay! I finished your whole story in one day! (Don't tell my boss :))

  3. Another exciting round! Mary is so cute- always knew she would be and thank goodness she was saved from death!
    Daniel loves to sew eh? haha.
    Lilith the mommy, and I love that new house! :)

  4. Wow, that was pretty interesting. I've never seen the break dance thing, that was pretty cool.

  5. Didn't want her to miss a day of school because she'd died...that cracked me up. You're doing a fabulous job with all the wishes :)

  6. I was worried there at the pool, thinking you would let the random number generator decide her fate. Good moment of suspense there at the break dancer (which looks just like the Fire dancer). What in god's name are those huge scizzors? I've never seen them in my game. Looks like your game was made by the infamous group Running With Scissors.

    1. The scissors are actually downloadable at the TS2 websites on the downloads page. It is a funky quick death, the sim picks them up and runs around. Suddenly they stop and feel their pulse. Dead. It is supposed to emulate running, stumbling, and accidentally stabbing ones self. The scissors have a terribly high fun score. Don't leave them laying around. Heh