Sunday, May 13, 2012

Round 3, Lot 6 - The Pleasants

All who live here: Daniel Pleasant, Romance, LTW Become A Rock God (not met) Mary Sue Pleasant, Fortune, LTW Become a World Class Ballet Dancer, Lilith Pleasant, Popularity, LTW to Become A General, and Mary Pleasant - Grow Up

First Wishes:

Daniel wants to see a relative get married, get engaged, (that means YOU Lilith!), talk to somebody and make best friends with Jill. First fulfilled - talk.

Mary Sue wants to see a relative get married, get engaged, (Again, you LILITH), get a charisma skill point and have a grandchild. First fulfilled - charisma skill point.

Lilith wants to talk to Cassandra, make friends with Cassandra, go swimming, and have a party. First fulfilled - have a party (after work)

Mary wants to be friends with John Caliente, play with John, get ninth creativity point, and be BFF with William Dreamer. First fulfilled - Talk about hobby (after school)

It is the first day of Spring when I open the lot, and I am hoping Lilith will start throwing romantic type wishes. Daniel and Mary Sue want you to start producing, for gosh sakes.

Wow. Daniel got his first wish fulfilled to talk, but Mary Sue gave him the cold shoulder. I was clueless about this, then I remembered last round she caught him coming on to the Nanny. LOL

Lilith went on to have her party after work, and NOBODY came! Not even this guy Hunter Wren whom she fell in love with last round (but never rolled 'get engaged') So the party quickly fell to disaster, couldn't let that happen. She ran to the phone and invited him over on a date, and he came. One thing led to another, and before she knew it she was climbing into bed with him. Oh well, that bed has seen lots of action anyway with Daniel being the owner of it. heh (the party was a roof raiser, BTW).

Bad Daniel! Bad! Even though Daniel was trying to make up with Mary Sue, thoughts of Nina just wouldn't leave him. Spun up wishes to flirt with Nina...ect. Of course that leads too...yoohoo woo hoo. lol Remember, the wish to woo hoo is never ignored in Pleasantview.

On Tuesday morning, Daniel's thoughts and wishes were all about Mary Sue. She was still mad at him, so Daniel laid some silver tongue romance type talk on her, and she immediately fell back in love with him. I never realized how valuable the 'smooth talk' interaction was until I started this style of play.

Mary throws a wish for a puppy in the middle of make everybody in the world BFF. Thanks alot Mary. Heh. This is Scout. Perhaps the Pleasants can join the puppy making business to help along those in Pleasantview with the animal wants. And besides, I love this little girl. I can't refuse her much. :)

Hmmm Lilith wants to be friends with Nina. Coincidence? I think not!

Lilith wasn't having good luck with parties. She was inviting eligible bachelors, hopefully so I could get a clue who she liked. But this time, she invited folks that were either known party goers, or people she liked. Erm. The targets here are Joe Carr (who had invited Lilith on a couple of outings) and Neil Leong from University, who she had developed an innocent crush on. Notice Nina came too, just to try to stir things up with Daniel.

The party was such a resounding success the cops came to break up the party. Lilith did flirt with Neil somewhat, paid virtually no attention to Joe Carr. But still, no permanent engagement type longings from Lilith. Nina and Daniel did dance together a little, but did not do anything 'under covers'. hehehe

So alrighty then. Lilith's co-worker Marisa Bendett comes home in the carpool with her on Thursday. During an 'outing' (to quickly move the friendship up) I accidentally choose romantic hug instead of friendly hug. Haha. So we will see if Lilith is gay or not. So, she has another party as is her custom every day after work.

This time she invites Marisa, Neil, and yes, Alexander Goth. Lilith threw wishes at the beginning of the week to fall in love with him, but I chose other wishes to fulfill instead. Perhaps Lilith was letting me know she wants Alexander??? Hmmm. The plot thickens.

Lilith throws a couple of flirts toward Alexander.

Alexander: No no Lilith! I am a married man now. You should be ashamed of yourself!!!

Woah! After Alexander's admonishment, she immediately turns to Neil! I think she has just told me who she wants. heh

Mary grows up unnoticed during one of Lilith's parties. She immediately goes to town to get a cell phone, and meets up with Leo Wilkie, the guy who married her grandma Coral (Oldie) Wilkie. Mary rolled Knowledge, and wants to be a World Class Ballet Dancer like her mom Mary Sue. I still think Mary is gorgeous. Needs no makeup.

And speaking of Mary Sue. She has reached her LTW. Go you, Mary Sue! Her new LTW - to Own 5 Top Level Businesses! Hmmm...maybe. :)

On Saturday, Lilith meets Neil at the park for some face time. Who happens to be there but Dirk having 'Lilith' type thoughts. The game never ceases to amaze me. And during this face time with Neil, Lilith once again rolls the wish to fall in love with Alexander. He already told you he isn't interested, Lilith! Get over it!

In an attempt to shake the 'fall in love with Alexander' wish, Lilith and Neil head over to a restaurant to have a bite. Urg....look at this. It pops up again. Come on only have one bolt with Alex! Look at this man who loves you, you have two bolts with!!!

Lilith gets invited out with friends to play some cards and get a couple drinks. (Notice it is Hunter Wren, her lover, and Marisa Bendett her curiosity). Dirk,who was NOT in the outing party, shows up to creepy stalk Lilith. OOoooohhhhh.....

At any rate, Daniel reaches TOC. Too bad it wasn't his LTW. Good for you anyhow, Daniel!

S'okay. I decide enough is enough with Lilith. She throws a house party, and only invites the people she has a crush on, or is in love with. The first one she approaches romantically is the one she will get engaged to. End of story.

These two showed up. The other two did not. Whoooo will it be? Which one will Lilith get engaged tooooo?

Lilith took the plunge! While she didn't exactly approach one of them romantically, she did choose one over the other to dance with first! Find out next round who she chose!

Remember Mary had thoughts about John Caliente at the beginning of the week? Here he is calling her up. I think those two might have something.

At any rate: to wrap it up:

Daniel: When he hit is TOC, he finally had enough aspiration points to qualify for a second aspiration. He rolled Fortune. How funny! His romance wishes didn't change much except occasionally 'buy a car' and 'buy a bass' was thrown in. Had heavy thoughts about Nina at the beginning of the week, but once he became Fortune, those stopped. Ah yes, and he learned lifelong happiness. Go you, Daniel!

Mary Sue: Well, she also qualified for her second aspiration, and she So she and Daniel are a good match as much as ever. It was so funny to see her walking around with the Romance Sim swagger. Her wishes stayed pretty much Fortune, except she would roll 'Ask Sim on date' every day.

Lilith: Lilith oh Lilith, what a pain in my patooty you are. A party every night, but kept you in platinum for skilling. Lilith is currently an Astronaut...just one more promotion and she will be TOC and platinum. Oh yes, she became engaged. *wink*

Mary: Typical kid wants get a puppy, get a birdcage, talk to mom and dad. Then she became a Knowledge Sim and was happy to sit and study. Was unable to get her into Private school, the headmaster controller is broken on the Pleasant lot. Lilith could never sneak out either as a teen, she would call, and jump out of the interaction. The Pleasants will be moving next round to reset.

Keep on Simming!


  1. Oh no! I can't wait until the next round! Am on the edge of my seat...! Lilith had some great options there.
    The 'smooth talk' option is great, I've used it tons with my romance sims.
    Mary is very cute indeed, love her as she is and can't wait to see who she ends up with.

    I have gotta get to playing, had a busy few weeks at work. :)

  2. That was just mean. The next round is so far away.

  3. I didn't know about the 'smooth talk' thing either! Good to know. Arg...who did she choose? Great cliffhanger.

  4. This house i think is the most interesting of all your Pleasantville!
    I bet Lilith went for Marisa!

  5. Ahhh....must know who she picked. I suppose I am behind enough to peek....*sigh* nah, I'll read in order. Great ending. I read these blogs and want to play again so badly....really need to get back to it. Someday I want to play wishes, it looks like so much fun!