Sunday, May 20, 2012

Round 3 , Lot 8 - The Wilkies (AKA Oldies)

All who live here - Coral (Oldie) Wilkie, Family. LTW to Raise 20 Puppies or Kittens and Leo Wilkie, Family. LTW to Marry Off 6. Sharon - Grow Up. Plus, various cats live here. hehe

First wishes:

Coral wants Woohoo in bed, play with, talk, and ask Sim on a date. First wish fulfilled, woohoo in bed.

Leo wants to be friends with Dustin Broke, Beau Broke, and his step granddaughter Mary Pleasant, and to woohoo Coral. First wish fulfilled, woohoo Coral. (Natch!)

Coral gets $979 for one of her cats, Ringo Caliente. She adopted him for $400 last round. Alexander can use a male cat to breed with his female, Josette. (I think that's her name). Yay!

And Leo wins the wishing well. Go you, Leo! Leo has a very specific purpose in mind for that wishing well..... *ASimWen rubs her hands together in anticipation*

Coral sells Bonkers the cat for $500 to Andrea Hogan.... ($100 profit)

And Heidi to Lexie Young for $1949. I don't remember how much Coral paid for Heidi, but it was more than the normal $400, as she comes with some skills. Anyway, after selling off all these cats, all that is left is Stanley Oldie and Natalie Caliente. They like each other, and will resume Coral's kitty factory. I didn't like Bonkers and Heidi. Off to townie-dom you go! I figured it would be best to sell these cats anyway so I wouldn't have to see them again in the adoption pool, and also to feed Coral's inner Fortune Sim.

As soon as Coral sold Heidi and Bonkers, she spun up wishes to have them rejoin the family. Nope, sorry Coral. Luckily I had some interactions with Leo locked in, and was able to get those kitty wishes to spin away. At least I didn't have to witness her crying because Heidi and Bonkers were gone.

Errr what happened to you Leo??? Ah I see. You removed the lady bug houses that the Garden Club so loves to see, which meant you had to spray the tomatoes yourself. Uh-huh.

Meet Sunflower, a new baby girl for the Wilkies. Sunflower is named after my favorite flower, and planted every year in my yard. :)

More new babies....Stanley and Natalie's kittens are born, Ginger and Joel. At this rate, it will take forever for Coral to realize her LTW of 20 Kittens raised. She will need help. This is a new LTW for me, I have never done it. I would just see it tacked to a Sim and groan, and just think it was too hard, I would never do it.

Sunflower has grown up. Aspiration - Pleasure, LTW - To Become a Professional Party Guest. Good for you, Sunflower!

The next day after the sun starts shining, Sunflower wishes for romance from the all giving Wishing Well. She gets Romance Sim Mitch Wolensko, grocery delivery guy. They have two bolts. Love is immediately proclaimed....

Engagement takes place...

And a quickie marriage is done. Erm. The marriage ring symbols never appeared. Urg. But they are married. :) A wish for Leo is fulfilled. Mitch brought $18,000 with him, but the money was quickly spent in merchandise and placed in Sunflower's backpack. Couple moves out. Once married child down for Leo, five to go. ;)

Meet Sharon, named after the rose of sharon tree in my yard. :)

And this is where we leave the Wilkies (Oldies) for this round.


Leo: Rolled lots of wishes geared to doing things with Coral, and rolled 'ask Sim on a date' every day. Once he became a plant Sim, all his wishes reverted to nature type wishes. Go on a hike, hunt bugs, blog about Nature, ect. Naturally gained a gold badge in gardening.

Coral: Wanted to mostly do things with the cats. Make friends with the new kittens. Rolled doing things with Leo.

Plant babies: Wanted typical toddler type wishes. Be read to, snuggled, tickled, talked to.

It has been a long time since I played plantsims, this is a blast for me. Prosperity rules state that I must play all the kids of Leo's so until I figure out how I want to do it, they will stay in the bin. Might do a couple of communal farms or something.

Keep on Simmin'!



  1. Oh this was great, I love Plant sims, well I love all the supernaturals, heh. Little Sunflower and Sharon, cute, and what an inventive way to get that LTW for Leo...
    Impressive round. :)

  2. This is a great way to get the marry 6 wish fulfilled. I love plant sims. I've also always like Mitch. Sunflower snagged her a good one.

  3. Leo gives his kids that little helping hand. LOL! I've never played a plantsim more than just an hour or so in Riverblossom Hills. Freaked me out. I need to branch out more...Haaaahaaaa...branch out...erm

  4. I never had a plantsim in my life - too neat with the ladybug houses i guess. Good way to fill Leo's want!

  5. I have yet to get a plantsim anywhere, but this is an inventive and ingenious way to go for his LTW. Great job.