Sunday, May 27, 2012

Round 3, Lot 10 - Burb (2) Lucy

All who live here: Lucy Burb - Fortune. LTW - To Become a World Class Ballet Dancer.

Ugh, I lost the original entry I was working on by an accidental delete. So I can't tell you what her first wishes were when she first came on the lot. But the first one fulfilled was 'make money' from the money tree. Ask Sim on a date was locked in.

Lucy invited over Neal Leong for her date. You might remember him from the Pleasant update. Lilith sort of likes this guy. At any rate, Lucy developed an innocent crush on him in University, and has a two bolt attraction to him.

I sort of went 'mechanical' with this lot, because Lucy wasn't doing anything really exciting, her job didn't come up on the computer until Wednesday. However, one thing she did on Monday was go to the genie lamp on Monday and ask him to 'make her pretty'. What this does is make potential matches walk by her house, or be on a community lot when she goes. After a couple of outings, and running out to meet men walking by the house, I check the results on Thursday:

The three bolt attractions are Komie Tellerman, Neal Leong, Checko Rameriz (yes I finally installed Bluewater since I have so many Fortune Sims in my hood) Tyson Ebadi (Brandi *Broke*'s husband), Leo Wilkie (Coral *Oldie*'s husband) and Dustin Broke (Angela *Pleasant*'s husband). Then there is a host of two bolt attractions to choose from. Erm. These numbers are actually magnified attraction. After 72 hours pass, they go back down to actual numbers. All the above in reality are two bolt attractions. But no matter, attraction is there.

So being that it is the last day of autumn, and facing a long cold winter ahead, I think that it is going to be a while before Lucy actually picks anyone, or lets me know who she wants to be with. So she is going to try Lilith's method of finding a man, and have a party.

The guest list. Ya, even though Beau Broke is a teenager still, Lucy WAS in love with him when she was younger. Just thought it was appropriate. Well, then she decided to invite Brenda Wong, Beau's girl, just so it wouldn't seem so weird.

Looks like it is going to be Komie Tellerman. While she didn't chose one guy to dance with, she did make continual flirt gestures to Komie. She approached him to do the 'dance kiss' social, but he was absorbed with that darn ballet barre. She then talked to the guy in the brown hair for a bit, Waylon Menon. Then she floated back to Komie to see if he was available to talk. Hm. I haven't played Komie in a long time. He is usually one of those Sims I avoid.

On Sunday night Lucy reached her LTW, new LTW...become a Criminal Mastermind. Woohoo! And she immediately called Komie to come over and celebrate.

Awwww what a sweet greeting. It appears they are going to be a nice couple.

Late Sunday night Komie and Lucy get engaged, and he moves in. :) And that is where we leave Lucy and Komie for this round! Oh, for those of you who don't remember, Komie is a Fortune Sim. His LTW is to Become A Business Tycoon.


Lucy: It was buy me buy me until I laid a drive way and put a car down, then most of that stopped. Then it turned to blog hobbies, talk about hobbies, and strangely kept rolling 'see a shooting star'. Maybe Lucy has some romance in her bones.

Komie: Was very easy even though he was only on the house 9 hours before it was time to move onto the next lot. He wanted to make money (money tree) then he spun up flirt with Lucy, kiss...ect. Then WooHoo was the last. We will find out later if Risky stepped in and gave them a baby.

See you next at Alexander and Daisy Goth's house!!!



  1. How funny, Lucy kind of finds Komei attractive in my game too- we'll have to wait and see how that pans out...:D
    Ugh, hate the shooting star want... although I had rather hoped more of my Burbs would spin it...heh. ;)

  2. I like how you let romance ensue without too much control. But Komei would definitely get a makeover from me. LOL! Do you see a shooting star by lying on the ground and stargazing?

    1. Yeah, if I am feeling adventurous. (Yanno there is the possibility of a falling satellite with that). But normally I use a telescope and do it at night.

  3. I tried "Give me beauty" once. It was incredibly annoying with sims ringing the doorbell at all times of day and night. Handy to get to know more people to flirt with later, though...

  4. Wow, well Lucy finally picked and I think he will be a good one. :) I've never tried to fulfill the shooting star wish. Do you use ACR in your game, or just Risky?

    1. I just use Risky. For the shooting star wish I tend to only fulfill it using the telescope. If I let my sims lay on the ground to stargaze, there is the small chance that a satellite could fall on him or her. heh