Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Round 3, Lot 12 - Wolosenko Mitch and Sunflower

All Who Live Here - Sunflower (Wilkie) Wolosenko, Pleasure Sim LTW - To Become A Professional Party Guest. Mitch Wolosenko, Romance Sim LTW - To Become A Hall of Famer. Robert - Grow Up.

The wishes these two were showing when I first opened the lot were the same. Get a toilet, get a tub, get a fridge.

They bought a huge empty lot go build their nature retreat on. But the first wishes fulfilled for them was date type wishes, ultimately ending in woohoo, of course. I am perceiving this will be a blast to play a Pleasure Sim and a Romance Sim in the same house. :)

I thought I would try something different and put a greenhouse under their house. I went on MTS2 and got some glass flooring for the second floor, but *sigh* it didn't let the sunlight through. But no matter, this is going to be a fun lot to play.

Sunflower got pregnant on Tuesday. Eh, no surprise. Those to want two woohoo as much as a Family Sim/Romance Sim rolled into one. Luckily, Sunflower's desired career field, Slacker, was on the computer the first day, she grabbed it, as did Mitch. The couple was down to $347 by the time I got done building their house. Sunflower even brought $15,000 with her from her dad's house that Mitch had contributed after he moved in.

Thursday: On another date. They date a couple of times a day. Too bad there is no 'date' type LTW here. Haha. Money has been so scarce they haven't been able to plant much in their green house, but they did get out four plots of eggplant. Naturally.

Late Thursday, Sunflower goes into her third trimester. The night before a coworker had left her a telescope as a thank you gift for a good outing. I wonder if either Sunflower or Mitch will make use of it! They decide to do a little fishing in the big pond on their property to bring in some money and some food.

Ha. In the middle of 'going for the gold' fishing badge for Sunflower, little Robert Wolosenko came into the world. I just love the look on Sunflower's face here. This makes 9 boys to 2 girls born in Pleasantview.

There was enough cash to build a nursery onto the house. When there is a little more, the greenhouse below will be expanded for Robert.

Saturday evening Robert grows to toddler. What a cutie! I am always curious as to the looks of the child of a PlantSim. In the mean time, Sunflower has been tending the garden under the house, and working on getting her fishing gold. Otherwise it is date, date, date every day for her and Mitch. What happiness!

Gratuitous kiddie picture. Robert is unusual looking! Like!

On Sunday night, Mitch rolls a wish to flirt with this girl, and 'Ask Sim On Date' was locked in. He intended to ask Sunflower on a date, but she ran off to work as soon as he got home. They are on opposite shifts. Well, he needs his five wishes this day, so he calls this girl, (Caryl, the town slob) however, she wasn't home. So he calls out again, and asks the next available single lady on his list. It was.....

Dina Caliente. She was up for a fun date, apparently. She and Mitch have one bolt. There was lots of joking, laughing, gossiping. Seemed to be going along swimmingly.

Mitch made his romantic type move, and Dina immediately put him at arms length. Um, Dina...Mitch only had 4 wishes in for the day, you spoiled it for him. Mitch sends her packing. By this time Sunflower was due home in an hour, and Mitch settles back on his bed to wait for his wife. Sunflower had 'woohooo with Mitch' locked in, and Mitch made himself available. heh

This is all for the Wolosenkos for this week. It has been a fun lot to play!


Mitch: All date, date, date. Constantly rolled 'public woohoo' but he decided he liked dating Sunflower better. Not hard to get in the 5 wishes for him until he went on opposite shift than her. On Monday or Tuesday of next round that should remedy.

Sunflower: Easy to get in the 5 wishes with Mitch. Otherwise she rolled lots of buy me type things. None fulfilled.

Robert: Wanted and recieved all his toddler skills, then wanted interactions with his mom and dad. Well done!

This ends Round 3. Normally this would mean a University entry next, but there are no eligible teens going to Uni this round! Nobody spun it up and kept it. I am noticing that the University lots are much different to play then the lots where the Sims did not go to University. This makes for a fun and diverse hood to play.




  1. Wow, Robert is just gorgeous! I've never played Mitch but he seems fun!
    Great round- great score! :)

  2. A prosperity round without Uni!! :o

  3. Wow, no uni. This is a fun little family. I like Robert's look. I didn't even know a plantsim could have "regular" kids, I thought they had to sprout them for some reason. :)