Monday, May 28, 2012

Round 3 , Lot 11 - Goth (2) Alexander and Daisey

All who live here: Alexander Goth, Family. LTW - to Raise 20 Puppies Or Kittens. He has 15 to go. Daisey Goth, Family. LTW - To have 6 Grandchildren. Erm . That is a tuff LTW when the spouse wants to raise animals. Also Josette the kitten brought over from the Goth house, and the cat Ringo Caliente that Alexander bought from Coral (Oldie) Wilkie.

First Wishes:

Alexander: Have a baby, entertain, play with, and be BFF with Leo Wilkie. First wish fulfilled - play with. (Daisey).

Daisey: Catch butterflies, catch fireflies, hula dance, and talk about hobby. First wish fulfilled - talk about hobby.

Alexander brought some Goth money with him, and purchased the large house on the edge of town for his new 'love at first sight' wishing well bride. She came all the way from Twikki Island to be his wife on the mainland.

Awww I am loving this for Alexander. He was the ungainly awkward kid who danced funny at Lilith's parties. He and Daisey are so happy. He gets a job in Law Enforcement as a Cadet.

Naturally their thoughts right after moving in is nothing but wanting to do things with each other. Talk, joke, as soon as I installed a closet in their bedroom, Alexander rolled 'woohoo in closet', so off he and Daisey went! ALRIGHT!

Woohoo in the closet worked, Alexander and Daisey have a little one on the way. In the mean time, Josette the kitten grew up, and immediately tried for kittens with Ringo. There is a litter on the way. Everyday when Alexander gets home from work, he wants interaction with Daisey. Talk, flirt. So sweet. Easy to keep happy. Daisey on the other hand is proving to be more difficult. She constantly wants to catch fireflies, butterflies. If there are none on the lot..*shrug* Luckily she has thrown a couple of skilling wants so that is what she does while Alexander is at work.

On Friday, Henry Goth was born. Welcome to the world, little one! When Henry was born, Alexander gained enough aspiration points to choose his second aspiration. He rolled Romance.

Then on Saturday, the kittens were born. :) Wow, big litter.

Sunday was Henry's birthday. Everyone from the Goth mansion came. Cassandra, Darren and William Dreamer. It is imperative that Henry keep up his relationship with them. Cassandra's son William will not be allowed to inherit the Goth mansion, as his name is not Goth. Dirk also came as he and Alexander are buds.

And so the relationship development begins. As soon as Henry grew to toddler, Alexander and Daisey immediately threw wishes to have another baby. hehe

Alexander and Daisey are tickled pink to be parents. Eh. Look how happy they are.

And this is where we end the Goths for this week.


Alexander - Ends the week wanting to buy a vacation home, have a baby and go on a mountain vacation or a tropical vacation. Hm If he still harbors this next round he and Daisey may going out! Alexander's wishes were mainly to do things with Daisey and when Henry was born, to do things with him. Teach to walk, talk, potty. Worked out well. Sub aspiration of Romance, although the only time he rolled something that was romance like was the first day after getting it, he came home and wanted to date. Otherwise, the Family Sim in him seems to be dominate.

Daisey - Even though it is winter time, she wants to catch a blasted butterfly, serve food, play with Josette the cat, and hobby plaque in cuisine is locked in. She did win two food competitions and hung the ribbons on the wall, and got a remodeled kitchen out of the deal. Her wishes were stupid, like catching butterflies in the winter time. Would spin up to do things with Alexander. Appreciate, tell jokes, ect.

Henry - Wanted all his toddler skills, Alexander taught him all. Then wanted interaction with his parents. I think he is going to be a cute kid.

I really like this picture. :)

See you next at the Plant Sim house!


  1. That is a very cute picture!
    Great round for Alexander and Daisy, and little Henry is cute too.
    Those nature wants are annoying, don't they know butterflies don't come out in the winter?!

  2. Wow, lots of kitties! Great kitten names! I am so glad I don't have Pets.

  3. It makes sense for Daisy to catch butterflies in the winter - she's from a tropical island, right? There are always butteflies!
    And it also makes sense that Alexander wants them to go on a tropical holiday - to meet the in-laws!

  4. Aww...they are such a sweet family. Daisy would wish for butterflies in the winter, she doesn't understand winter. :)

  5. The picture with Henry is a good one. He looks like an elven child with that hair style. Subtle hint of something otherworldy.

    1. Perhaps it is because of the way his mom and dad were brought together-through the magic of the wishing well. :-)