Monday, May 7, 2012

Round 3, Lot 5 - Dreamer

All Who Live Here - Dirk, Fortune Sim - LTW to Become A Hall of Famer, Nichole, Fortune Sim - LTW (2) to Become A Busimess Tycoon, Frank - Grow Up

Beginning Wishes:


Get TOC, Get a Charisma skill point, hustle pool, talk, make money, meet someone new. First wish fulfilled: Play a game. (after work).


Make money, meet someone new, talk, get a skill point, go swimming, and see a ghost. First wish fulfilled: Talk to someone


See ghost of Jessica Ebadi, learn to talk, get mechanical 2, learn to walk. First wish fulfilled: Learn to walk. I thought this wish to see Jessica Ebadi's ghost was interesting, so I locked it in. I remembered that she had robbed the Dreamers last round.

So Dirk gets busy on the phone to make friends with her. It will take a while, bein' that she robbed them and all. Dirk has extreme negative points toward her.

Dirk was invited on an outing by Marylena Hamilton. So he try to stir up those 'buy me, buy me' wishes. Stirred them up all right. When everyone arrived at Games of Glory, he thew a wish to slow dance with a Sim. Heh. Dirk has 2 bolts with Marylena, but thank goodness no crush resulted from this tryst.

Frank seemed to want mechanical and creativity points, being that the toddlers activity table was in the house. He also wanted lots of interactions with his parents. Dirk had no problem with this.

Upon growing up, Frank wanted to still see the ghost of Jessica Ebadi, make a friend, get fifth creativity skill, and buy a game. Go you, Frank.

Nichole spun up mostly skilling wishes for her job, some buy me buy me, but then finally wanted to go get new clothes. Yay girlfriend!

On Friday, Dirk reaches his LTW of Hall of Famer. New LTW: to Become Education Minister, thanks to his secondary aspiration of Family. The job came up right away, Dirk started out at substitute teacher level.

On the same day, Nichole reaches her second LTW. You overachiever, you! Her new LTW is.... *drum roll* Max Out 7 Skills, thanks to her secondary aspiration of Knoweldge.

AND on Friday, in her quest to max out her skills, Nichole gets her ride with the Aliens around 10 pm. Yay! I love abductions.

Dirk is too exhausted to get out of bed to watch the spectacle...

And Frank gets out of bed to play darts while his mom takes her ride.

The next morning, Saturday morning, Nichole talks about her experience over the breakfast table before the family trip to the park. Frank has a hankerin' to go fishing.

Dirk and Frank continue discussing the alien activity in the family over the fishing hole. I noticed that Dirk was able to fish with the riverblossom minnow. I checked...yup, he had a bronze in fishing. I like pleasant surprises like this. He must have gotten it during trips that other Sims in the hood made to the park.

Nichole gets Dirk out of bed at 3:30 Sunday morning to tell him she is pregnant. Don't look so surprised Nichole...ya know how it happens. ;)

Later that same day, Nichole spun up a wish to learn how to make bass with squash, bein' that her men had been doing so much fishing lately and all. Go you, Nichole!

And we finish out the week on Monday morning, with Dirk and Frank discussing hobbies, fulfilling wishes for both of them. It has been a fun visit with the Dreamers this round!


Dirk ends the week still wanting to play games. He wants to play a PC game, play marco polo, serve food, play darts, play video game, and get TOC Education. These type wishes are left over from his previous longings to get a hobby plaque in games. I find it odd that he finishes the week like this because all week he was a 'buy me buy me' Fortune Sim. Those wishes were fulfilled, and everything promptly sold back 24 Sim hours later. He would throw an occasional wish to play with Frank.

Nichole was a typical Knowledge Sim (sub aspiration) with wanting to skill and learn things, like cooking bass. :) Here she wants her 9th cooking skill, win a cooking contest, sell a great novel, (left over from writing novels during University), max skills, buy clothes, and get a promotion. She did throw an occasional wish to buy clothes, which was always indulged. I like my Simmies to dress nice. She did get a new job in Paranormal, just because, and finishes out the week as a UFO Investigator. Appropriate, being that she was abducted. :). She is looking for a job in Science so she can get the cow plant to try to fulfill Frank's wish to see Jessica Ebadi's ghost. Speaking of Frank....

Frank finishes out the week wanting to see Jessica's ghost, get an A, go fishing, and find a bug. I will say that since I have the ghost want locked in, he is the only one that is still throwing angry thoughts about the robbery. hehe!

Have fun Simming, everybody!


  1. Ohh is it an alien pregnancy or a regular one? Guess I'll just have to wait and see.

    I love fishing and especially the sims fishing at the park. Your blogs always remind me of the things I love about sims 2.

    After playing the five wishes a day challenge, I think you're going to be a natural at my CAS elder challenge. Can't wait to see your score.

  2. Not Jessica. She was a mother in one of my early legacy attempts. I really liked her.

    I hope it's an alien baby. I love little green babies.

  3. Ooh I like that you locked the 'see the ghost of', should be interesting! A great round for the Dreamer's and another little Dreamer on the way!
    Nicole is going great guns with her 2nd LTW already! Wtg her! :)

  4. Aliens babies! Yay! LOL at Nicole being an UFO investigator.. Very fitting.. ;-)

  5. You're a bit brutal to save the death wish :) Probably it will end up with a zombie - admit it's on your hidden agenda! Nichole in the paramormal field is just another lead in that direction ;)

    1. I have decided to add this wish to the 'must fulfill' list, like the woohoo wish. Also if 'drink so and so' flips up, it MUST be fulfilled. Just to make things fun and interesting!!! Do 'what ever it takes' to get this fulfilled!

  6. I love that you are working towards the "see ghost of...." wish. I've had toddlers get that a couple of times. Once was in Breeze Point the toddler b-day party when there was a big cheating scandal. :)