Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Round 3, Lot 7 - The Burbs

All who live here: John Burb - Family, LTW Raise 20 Puppies Or Kittens, Jennifer Burb - Fortune, LTW Earn $100,000, and Joseph Burb - Grow Up

First Wishes:

John - To Play With, Get Fit, Tell An Inside Joke, and WooHoo in bed. First wish fulfilled - WooHoo in bed.

Jennifer - To Reach Cleaning Level 7, WooHoo in bed, Meet Someone New, and Benny Gets Promoted - First wish fulfilled - Woohoo in bed.

Joseph - be read to, Get a Charisma Skill, Get a Logic Skill, Get a Creativity Skill. Hmm. Apparently he is feeling stupid.

The next litter of pups is born right away as soon as I open the lot. *Disappointed* it is only one doggie. Meet Fred.

When John and Jennifer woke up Tuesday morning, both were showing strong vacation wishes. John wanted to go to the mountains, and Jennifer wanted to go on vacation, and to go to the Far East. I figured if they still had the wishes after work I would send them. Yes, they had them. Off go the Burbs on vacation! Jennifer also got a promotion that day to Architects Apprentice. Good reason to celebrate!

What is this? As soon as John and Jennifer sat down to eat a delicious bowl of steamed rice, Jennifer brings up the subject of babies. ??? Is she pregnant? John seems happy to discuss the subject.

Lucy was invited along, hopefully to meet some men. Even though she isn't controllable I figured it would be good to get her some exposure to more people.

Darn you, John! Darn you. You complained you wanted to go on vacation, and now that you are here, all you do is wish for your friends back home. Geesh! *ASimWen smacks forehead*

John finally started wanting different things when he left the hotel. Wow, John. You are going to encounter great fortune. The fountain says so.

Upon returning home Jennifer talked incessantly about the vacation. John is looking bored. hehe Jennifer has not thrown any preggers bumps...Awww! Disappointment, again. However, she did want to woohoo alot in the Orient. Where are you, Risky???

Ha. Apparently the Burbs can afford both a butler and a nanny. Go you, Burbs!!!

OOpsies, Jennifer! Apparently I don't know anything about architecture! Just turn right around and go back to work, I am sure your boss will see the errors of his ways..come on now, that's a big girl.

ASimWen: Yay for you Jennifer! I knew you would make it!

Jennifer: "But if it weren't for you ASimWen, I wouldn't have gotten demoted in the first place. Hurmph!

ASimWen: But Jennifer, you got promoted again to the same position! That is getting the bonuses all over again, more money for you!

Jennifer: Oh yeah! Gee, thanks ASimWen!

Being that Jennifer has a subaspiration of Knowledge, she spins up constant wishes for skilling. *ho hum*. Spring is right around the corner, and John may start spinning up romance type wishes....come on Risky, Jennifer is still young enough for one more child!

Joseph has grown up. Now that there is another child in the house, John gets lots of help with the dogs. Having pets in the household is a natural if there are kids. They roll lots of wishes to do things with the pets. Easy to keep happy!

Speaking of pets, Fred has grown up. As soon as John gets home from work, off to the pound Fred goes, and then more persuasion on John's part to get Benny and Lulu to make more pups. Urg. Somehow I feel like this is using Benny and Lulu. LOL

Woohoo! A lamp! Love them...they stimulate wishes!

What is this, Back To The Future??? Right on time, Johns spins up 'Ask Sim Out On A Date' on the first day of spring. He spins up 'woo hoo in car'. Erm. Come on John, you and Jennifer aren't teenagers anymore....

ASimWen: Well now. Go you, Jenn! Congratulations! What is your NEW LTW???

Jennifer: ASimWen, I want to help the little guy. I want to become The Law.

Jennifer has met her first LTW of earning $100,000. Yay! This occurred when the stock market brought them some cash for the day!

Awww, poor John. You don't look happy about becoming and elder. Man, I am gonna have to get a move on his LTW!!! Upon aging up to elderhood, John immediately spun up 'relative gets married'. That means Lucy. Locked in. Hope it gets fulfilled for him this round!

Two more pups are born, Pauline and Rover.

Ha! The romp in the car did it. Congratulations, John and Jennifer!

And that is where we leave the Burbs for this week. :)


JOHN - That guy is so dry, no fun to play. His wishes were pretty mixed up. Did roll some blogging and talk about hobby, a little play with the bird (that Joseph wished for) and some work with dogs. Then Spring hit, and he was all about Jennifer. Need to do something to shake up the Burbs!

JENNIFER - Lots of skilling wishes, and buy me. I got tired of the buy me, and laid a driveway and put a car in it. Buy me stopped. hehe

Joseph - Was so much fun and easy to play. Liked bossing the dogs around giving them commands, playing with Binky his bird, and calling friends. Spun up the usual talk about hobbies. Good boy!

See you next at the Wilkies! (Oldies).

Keep on simmin'!


  1. Hey a Back to the Future baby....rofl...too funny.
    The Burbs are hard work to play I find, but nice to see them progress, :D

  2. Good that John got one more kiddie. He loves them so much.

    20 puppies is hard to do. I hate that one because it takes so long.

  3. Hey, good point about the 'demotion' to 'promotion' thing. Double bonus! I am soooo glad I don't have Pets. I absolutely do not want it, especially after seeing it played. LOL! But I'm going to get Freetime.

    1. Yeah, this LTW is a tuff one. I am not happy that I currently have 4 Sims in this hood with it. Otherwise, I love Pets.

  4. Typical Family sim - wanting to get out of the house and as soon as they're away they want to go home! "There's no place like home!" :)

  5. I've played the Burbs only some. Never disliked playing them, but they are fairly boring. I like the different dogs you've got going through. Pet wishes are hard, I JUST finished the 20 pet best friends in Breeze Point...it's waiting to be blogged.