Saturday, November 24, 2012

Veronaville Rnd 2, lot 9 - Monty, Mercutio

All who live here:

Mercutio Monty, grandson of Isabella Monty.  Popularity Sim - LTW to Become A Hall of Famer.  Beginning Wishes:  Have 10 best friends, get engaged to Miranda Capp, have a party, and make a BFF.

Woohoo!  Upon entering the lot, Mercutio was showing an engagement wish!  And so it is~ Mercutio runs to the phone and invites Miranda Capp over.

That is a fair chuck of change, being that Miranda's parents didn't have much money, and much needed since Mercutio didn't bring any Monty money with him.

Miranda was showing a fear of getting engaged, and as a result lost 3,500 apsiration points.  However, party animal Mercutio immediately spun up have a wedding party, and get married to Miranda.  I love it when it is this easy.

All the Capps and Montys were invited to the wedding, and so far no fights have broken out.  Maybe the nuptials will not become a battleground!

So far so good, except it is raining.

Juliette keeps threatening to poke Mercutio, but that is about it.  I fully expected the patriarch of the Capps, Consort Capp to get into fisticuffs with Isabella Monty, matriarch of the Montys.  But it never happened.  I don't know if I am glad or disappointed. hehe   It seems the Smustle kept everyone occupied.

Early Wednesday morning, Mercutio's chosen job comes up on the computer.  He left a job as a fast food shift manager and went to Mascot in the Athletic field.  Heh.  At this point in time Mercutio is running party wishes, and Miranda is running 'date sim' wishes.  Typical.  Miranda wishes for skills to match her job promotions, and Mercutio is bringing home co workers from work.

Miranda (Capp) Monty
Early Wednesday....yes Miranda, your husband is the cause of your maternal discomfort.....

Miranda adopts one of the dogs her dad Albany sent to the shelter....Leslie.  Her plan is to breed Leslie to Benny (whom Mercutio brought with him from the Monty Ranch house).  The puppies will be sent to the shelter for others to adopt.  (And to keep the human population down in this  house!)

Hahaha!   It has been a long time since I have seen this.  Miranda influenced senior Sarah McCarthy to fix her computer.  heh.  Ms. McCarthy lived through it and immediately left the premises.  I had my fingers crossed that I would get a tombstone for the lot!

Hal Capp, Spencer Monty, Benedick Monty, Michelle Huffman, Miranda (Capp) Monty and Mercutio Monty
As is normal Sim fashion, Miranda goes into labor in the bathroom, just as Mercutio's party guests arrive outside.  heh  A pretty little girl is born named Paris.  She has the black hair of the Montys with red recessive.  And yes, she has that freckly skin.  I am thinking of taking it out.  *rolls eyes*  I haven't had a baby born without it since I transferred a bunch of older files into my downloads folder off my back up drive.

Alon Monty, Benedick Monty, Mercutio, Hall Capp, Miranda (Capp) Monty, Paris Monty, Romeo Monty, Spencer Monty
All of these males crowd into the bathroom to see new momma and baby.  hahaha!  Around this time, Miranda is able to choose a second aspiration.  Knowledge, it is!

During the party, another birth occurred.  Go you, doggies!  Gah.  I just noticed I named these dogs Capp instead of Monty.  Looks like I will need to fire up SimPE to fix that.  *sigh*

Mercutio immediately makes a deal with Hal Capp to take them off his hands.  Hal's dad Albany will love having these pups to raise!  Mercutio immediately influenced Benny and Leslie to try for more pups.

Mercutio Monty, Miranda (Capp) Monty, Ariel Capp and Widget, the Leader Of the Pack
 Widget comes onto the lot during the wee hours on Saturday, just before dawn, to pick a fight.

Widget the Leader Of the Pack and Leslie
Really Leslie, you should not be fighting in your 'delicate condition', let alone trying to fight a big fellow like Widget.  Hopefully this taught you a lesson.

Mercutio Monty and Miranda(Capp) Monty
Tandem charisma that Miranda is half Knowledge, lots of skilling wishes are being thrown.

Paris and Mercutio Monty
Paris's wishes upon growing up:  Get a toy, be played with by Mercutio and Miranda, and learn to potty.  She certainly looks different than her cousin Rosaline!  First wish fulfilled - get a toy.

Teaching Paris to walk....the 'hard way'.  heh

During the wee hours early Monday morning, three more pups are born.  Charlton, Esther, and Haya.  They are immediately shipped off to the pound, and the dogs are influenced to start another litter.

And this is where the lot ends for this round.  :)


Mercutio:  Ending wishes:  Be BF with townie Stuart Lillard (Stuart was responsible for a string pulling promotion for Mercutio), be friends with and play with dog Leslie Capp, and have a party.  Mercutio wanted to have lots of parties, and suffered from a slight case of 'buy me' syndrome.  Once he got over that, he threw wishes for skills as it pertained to his job, and to be friends with so and so. 

Miranda:  Ending wishes:  Get charisma 8, get a body skill, be saved from death, and see a ghost.  She didn't throw 'romance' type wishes much, except for 'ask sim on date'.  Therefore it was easy to keep her five wishes a day done, and that helped Mercutio as well.  There was also some talking about hobbies, serving food and once she became half Knowledge Sim, lots of skilling.

Paris:  Usual toddler type wishes and interactions with mom and dad.

Keep on Simming!



  1. A busy household, what with all the parties, a wedding, baby born and so many puppies!
    How do you decide on names for your Sim babies and puppies/kittens? I usually give them a name that starts with the same letter as their surname, just to narrow the choice down a bit and make it easier.
    Haha, that picture of Mercutio teaching his daughter to walk through Miranda's legs is funny!

    1. I usually have a 'theme' for each neighborhood when it comes to naming Sims. For this hood, I was using a list of faerie names, but I have changed my mind. With Rosaline's birth, I switched to Shakespearean names. Appropriate for Veronaville. For the animals, I use the names of actors/actresses or characters of what ever TV show or movie that happens to be on my TV right at that minute in time. The first liter of pups on this lot, William and Myrna, were named after William Powell and Myrna Loy in the movie "I Love You Again" which I had just finished watching on my TiVo. Agnes was named after Agnes in the TV reality show Tanked. (Again, I was watching on my TiVo). By the time the second batch of puppies were born, the movie BenHur was on live TV. Charlton (Heston), then Biblical character Esther, then actress Haya (Harareet) who played Esther. I find it to be fun to name animals that way, takes the work out of it for me. hehe

    2. It is a very fun and innovative way of naming them - I don't think I know any other Sims-players doing it like that :-)

  2. Aww, you have a Paris too! (Mine's a boy though, heh). Do you know I've never thought about having pets to keep the population of the house down- good idea- am going to steal it. What's the max do you know?
    Glad the wedding was fight free- you just never know with the Capps and the Montys!
    Fancy your Mercutio wanting to marry, I'm glad for him.
    It's funny about the skintone isn't it? Mine has cropped up a bit lately too with births. I haven't tried exiting with saving to see if it would give something else though.

    1. The max for numbers of animals on the lot is 6, with a total of 10 slots allowed including Sims. If you have 6 Sims, then your animals will not have more than two pups or kittens. About the skintone, yeah, my game seems to be picking it every birth. I don't like that. The chances of it coming up are too great, if it were lessened, I might like it better.

  3. A fun round. Mercutio wanting to marry was quite fun, and a baby already. :) The dogs are certainly busy so far, lots of puppies to raise for those LTW's. :)

  4. The picture of Mercutio teaching Paris how to walk when Miranda's legs were in the way was really funny haha!

  5. Not all Montys have black hair because Bianca and Antonio have brown hair and Patrizio has natural brown hair - his sims3 self even revealed that his natural hair color is brown