Monday, November 19, 2012

Veronaville Rnd 2, lot 6 - Monty, Antonio

All who live here:

Antionio - Knowledge - LTW - Max Out 7 Skills.  First Wishes - Talk about hobby, go star gazing, see a shooting star, blog about science.  First wish fulfilled - talk about hobby

Benedick - Romance - LTW - to Become A Celebrity Chef.  First Wishes - Ask Sim on a date, have a good reputation, play marco polo, play darts. First wish fulfilled, have a good reputation (after school)

Beatrice - Popularity - LTW - have 20 Best Friends.  First Wishes - Have a party, make a BFF, go to college, and make BF with townie Michelle.

I actually played about half a day and saved before I remembered to write down their beginning wishes.  But here they are at that time.

Kimberly Monty and Benedict Monty
This is a snapshot that Antonio took.  Kimberly is looking a might white.  She sat in the hottub during the winter during one of Puck's parties at the Summerdream house.  She is a tad frozen.  haha

Benedick called out for a date after school.  I was thinking he would call Bottom Summerdream, two bolts (last one).  To my surprise, he likes Miranda Capp, three bolts.  So he calls her, has a quick dream date with her, and sends her on her way.  heh  However, during Beatrice's party later that night, Bottom crashes the party sporting a three bolt attraction to him.  Hmmm...I wonder what was different.

Antonio Monty, Benedict Monty
Learned lifelong happiness.....

Alon Monty, Spencer Monty, and Beatrice Monty
Adopted sons of Isabella Monty,  Alon and Spencer, come home on the bus with Beatrice and Benedict on Tuesday.

Antonio Monty, Chef Warren Owens, townie Wendy Inada, and bartender Benjamin London
Won a cooking contest....

Bottom Summerdream, Benedick Monty, Alon Monty, Beatrice Monty, Kimberly Monty
Wednesday - Snow Day!  What better thing to do than to party with friends?  Beatrice gets many wishes fulfilled, easily!

Benedick Monty, Chef Warren Owens, Kent Capp, and Bartender Benjamin London
Loses at the food contest...and loses 1,250 aspiration points!

Kent Capp and Benedick Monty
Benedick gets some pointers about cooking from Kent Capp, the winner.  Gets Cooking 9 & 10, fulfilling wishes.

Benedick, Beatrice and Antonio Monty
Maxes body skill after studying physiology....

Antonio Monty
Gets TOC....

Gets called out on an outing, and takes all his buddies to Aspirational Laboratories, and cooks them all ribs.   Turned out to be 'fun' without having to do much at all.

Antonio Monty and townie Tyler Sovine
Learned fire safety....

Bottom Summerdream and Benedick Monty
Okay now here is something I have never seen before in the game.  During one of Beatrice's many parties she has had this week, Bottom and Benedick started taking turns doing what appeared to be short break dancing moves.  When I clicked on Benedick to see what was going on, it was 'Break Dance Battle'.  heh.  I thought I had seen everything in this game.

Bottom Summerdream
Speaking of Bottom Summerdream.  This is the second date gift she has brought Benedick this week.  The first time it was a hot tub, which was promptly sold for badly needed cash. 

So we end the week:

Benedick Monty
Benedick cooking lobster at 3:00 AM Monday morning...finally getting in touch with his culinary side.  Good for you, Benedick!

Antonio Monty
 Antonio 'Skilling Machine' 15 skill points away from maxing skills, which he has shown a wish for for three days...

Beatrice Monty
 And Beatrice touching her artistic side while waiting for the school bus,  arts and crafts being her chosen hobby.


Antonio:  Ending wishes:  Max all skills/ get Mechanical 6/ see a ghost/ and get saved from death.  Antonio threw lots of wishes to learn lots of other things early in the week.  Fire Safety, Lifelong Happiness...ect.  Only toward the end of the week did he start throwing skill wishes.  Those would roll up when he had done a minor thing on his list.  No skills showing.  Get one skill point in something.  Then do something in the wish panel, like get a set of drums.  A skill point would then roll up.  Then they keep rolling.  Easy peasy.  Antonio was an easy Knowledge Sim this week.  in

Benedick:  Ending wishes:  Dance with Miranda Capp /make out with three Sims / be friends with Alon Monty / buy a hot tub. Benedick was the typical Romance Sim, wanting lots of dates, hugging, kissing.  When spring hit, he did throw even more of those types of wishes, but he also threw a wish for an orchard tree, to get a garden plot and plant a seed.  His chosen hobby is nature.  So all that was indulged.  Benedict now has an apple tree and a little tomato garden to look after, and now sleeps in a tent.  Zero wishes thrown for University.

Beatrice Monty:  Ending wishes:  Have a good reputation / buy a handheld game / play marco polo / play darts.  Beatrice played lots of darts during her always successful parties, and this is throwing lots of gaming type wishes.  Sadly, that is not her chosen hobby.  She will gravitate to the easel on her own to paint, working toward her plaque in her chose hobby of Arts and Crafts.  She was a party animal this week.  Has 11 friends (counting family memebers) and 6 BFFs. 

I found I love the 'have good reputation wish'  It is very easy to fulfill, and nets a quick 5,000 aspiration points into the coffers.  Just approach a friend or family member, tell a joke, then admire, and you can usually get it in just a couple of moves.  Beatrice and Benedick threw this wish several times this week.


  1. That was fun! Interesting about the two-bolt attraction with Bottom changing to three bolts. Maybe it had something to do with what they were wearing (outerwear, sportswear... who knows!).
    Never seen the "breakdance battle", either. Now I want to send more of my Sims to the community lot where they can learn breakdance, maybe they'll do a battle then, too.

  2. Oh I've never seen the breakdance battle either! I must plonk one down somewhere and get the sims learning it! A great round for Antonio's household. I like the 5K hit too for good reputation, :)

  3. Wow...I also have never seen a Breakdance Battle. That would be fun to see, gotta get my laptop fixed so I can play regularly again. Reading through blogs makes me want to play SO BAD!