Sunday, November 11, 2012

Veronaville Rnd 2, lot 5 - Capp, Cornwall and Regan

All who live here:

Cornwall: Fortune Sim, LTW to become a Hall of Famer - Beginning wishes:  Get creativity 1, whoohoo in bed, make out with Regan and make a friend.  First wish fulfilled - woohoo in bed.

Regan:  Fortune Sim, LTW to have Six Pets Reach TOC.  Beginning wishes:  Woohoo in bed, talk to Cornwall, dance with Cornwall, and give Cornwall a backrub.  Lots of romantic inclinations there.  First wish fulfilled - woohoo in option to try for baby.  She must already be pregnant.  Another hidden pregnancy.  heh

Toddler Elgar:  Be tickled by Cornwall, be read to, Logic 1, and Creativity 1 First wish fulfilled - Creativity 1.

Toddler Fay:  Be tickled by Cornwall, be read to, be snuggled, Charisma 1  First wish fulfilled - Charisma 1

Cornwall and Regan Capp
Yup, I was right.  She is pregnant.  *Sigh*  Fortune Sims, both of them!  Why so many babies???  Thank you, Risky!!!!  Well, it is spring on this lot, so yes they are having lots of romantic notions.  Here they are outside flirting and carrying on to work up to the five wishes.

Elgar and Fay Capp
Early Tuesday morning, the twins make best friends . Aww!  Their wishes are the same for both parents.  Talk to, play with, get snuggled by, be read to.  They have all their toddler skills.

Late Tuesday night, the grow up.

Fay and Elgar Capp
First wishes - Fay - Make BFF with her mom Regan and her brother Elgar, get a telescope, and make a friend.  First wish fulfilled - get a telescope.  (Yes, I did give her different eyebrows.  She had two big fat wooly worms balanced above her eyes.)

Elgar - Make BFF with his sister Fay and his dad Cornwall, make a friend and get creativity 5.  First wish fulfilled - jump rope, the next morning.

On Wednesday, the "Gimme!  Gimmie!" mentality set in with Regan and Cornwall.  Easy to fulfill!  They had a couple of bucks put away by now, and could afford to do this.  Buy/sell back.  Yup.

Kim the Cat and Cornwall Capp
Cornwall decides Kim needs to learn to rollover, which is a good thing because Regan wants six pets to TOC.

Cornwall Capp and townie Felicia London
Then it was off to the park to fish, and to play a little chess.

Cornwall Capp
Then it was off to spend cash on jewelry and new clothes.  Fortune Sims.  *sigh*

Cornwall, Aubrey, Regan and Avalon Capp
*ASimWen checks under the hood...nope, these are two Fortune Sims alright*  A second set of natural twins comes along for Cornwall and Regan on Thursday at lunch time.  Two boys.   Do not see how I am going to be able to keep up with 5 wishes a day with 6 Sims in the house.  heh

Kim the Cat
On Friday, Kim reaches her first TOC. One down, five to go for Regan.  Kim immediately quits her job, and gets a job in Service. 

Elgar, Fay, Cornwall and Regan Capp
Saturday morning the kids woke up with a hankerin' to go fishing.  So mom and dad take them to the park, leaving the twins Avalon and Aubrey at home with the nanny.  The kids start out with some furious jump roping, fulfilling wishes. 

Fay Capp and her cousin Hermia Capp
Hermia:  Fay, a girl must always look her best.  Perfect hair, perfect makeup.  You will attract the best and nicest guys.

Fay:  I'd rather fish.

Hermia:  That's okay, guys like to fish too.  But don't wear the pjs with dinosaur feet.  That's a real turn off.

Regan Capp, Spencer Monty, Elgar Capp, townie Talin Deppiesse, Fay Capp, Cornwall Capp with a fish.
 Soon many people joined the Capp family fishing, and lots of socializing takes place.  Um, Yah, Fay is now dressed in her clothes instead of PJs.  She went to the bathroom to pee and shower.  heh  I didn't realize this park had a shower.

Upon returning from the park, Cornwall and Regan spun up training wishes for Kim the Cat, Elgar wanted to eat mac-n-cheese and lunchmeat sandwiches, and Fay wanted to get an A+ and become friends with Kim.

Avalon and Aubrey Capp
Late Saturday night, the twins grow up.  Looks like Avalon might have some good looks about him compared to his siblings.  heh

First wishes upon growing up:  Avalon: Walk/potty, be tickled by and read to by Regan.
Aubrey:  Walk potty/ be tickled by both Regan and Cornwall. 

Fay and Cornwall Capp

We end the week with Fay and Cornwall skilling at the chess table before the school bus comes.

Summary:  At the beginning of the week it was huggy body kissy face for the adults, until spring was over . During the summer it was buy me this, buy me that.  Finally autum hit, and they wanted to skill their jobs.  The season definitely sway what Sims wish for.  Fay wanted to spend lots of time with Kim the Cat, playing with/commanding.  Elgar wanted more time with friends.    Friday after school clear until Monday morning, they wanted cleaning skills.  The toddlers had typical toddler wishes.  I don't think there really is much else they wish for; not much sways it.

Ending wishes:

Cornwall:  Get to TOC Athletic career, get job promotion, earn $62,500, and get a ceiling fan.
Regan:  Sell a measterpiece, get job promotion, get Creativity 9, and buy new clothes.
Elgar:  Praise Kim, get A+ report card, max Cleaning, and be best friends with BJ (Gaither).
Fay:  Get A+ report card, praise Kim, command Kim to shake and speak.
Aubrey:  Be talked to, tickled by, read to by Cornwall, be read to by Regan.
Avalon:  Be played with, tickled by, talked to by Cornwall, be tickled by Regan.

 And that is it until next round!   Keep on simming!



  1. So interesting to see Regan and Cornwall having kids - they never did in my game; Regan died in a fire when she was burning piles of leaves in the garden, and Cornwall is now an old man, living with his relatives at the Capp mansion.
    Yes, their wishes definitely do change with the seasons; in winter, they want to talk to and play with their relatives a lot, and give gifts.

  2. Waaaaaa! Not fair, 2 sets of twins for your Regan and Cornwall, 4 babies! Mine can't even have 1! *Twoyys mutters at the injustice of it all*...
    Heh. Love seeing Fay turn up in her pj's to the community lot- that's what you call a relaxed kid. I never paid too much attention to the seasons, but I'm going to now. A really good round for this Capp family. :)

  3. What a delight to see familiar downtown and Sunny Siew the cowgirl. Kim is the fat cat. Hermia makes sense and made me laugh.

    OT: I'm about to delete my copy of the sims to free up 13G. Good-bye, I guess.

  4. Wow...two natural sets of twins for the fortune sims.'s interesting how much the seasons seem to sway wants. It also seems it does it more to some than others, but maybe not.