Saturday, November 24, 2012

Veronaville Rnd 2, lot 8 - Capp, Juliette

All who live here:

Juliette Capp - Family - LTW - Become Captain Hero.  Starting Wishes:  Play with/Entertain/Make friends with Antonio Monty/Hustle pool.  First wish fulfilled:  Play with (Romeo).

Yes, the first thing Juliette did was invite Romeo over.  The play with interaction instigated an avalanche of Romeo wishes.  Five wishes were filled right away within minutes of entering the lot.

Romeo Monty and Juliette Capp
Of course, Juliette spun up 'get married to Romeo'.  Now we know Romeo does not want this.  However, he is not playable right now.  A-HA!  It is what ever Juliette wants, since she is playable.  A wedding party immediately took place.  :)

Romeo's wishes upon moving in and getting married:  Meet someone new, get a logic point, make out with three Sims, and go on tropical vacation.  First wish fulfilled - get a logic point.

Juliette and Romeo Monty
Romeo brought $9,139 to the household, and received a memory of marrying a rich Sim. Heh

The next morning, Juliette's grandfather, Consort Capp, showed his displeasure with his granddaughter by doing the most distasteful thing in Veronaville.

Really, Mr. Capp. I would think that you could handle this family feud in manner that was more becoming to a man of your age and stature in the community.....How immature~!  Consort is obviously upset that his Juliette married Romeo.  Having hate thoughts, much?

On Wednesday, Juliette is running continually to the powder room with baby thoughts.  Romeo is having lots of skilling thoughts???  Is he a Knowledge subaspiration?  Nope.  *shrug*

On Thursday, Juliette's chosen job field came up on the computer.  She hired in Law Enforcement as a Patrol Officer.  But she must wait for the baby to come before she can begin work.  At this point in time, she is rolling wishes to eat and serve omelets.

Juliette and Romeo Monty
Juliette fulfills two wishes by serving and eating omelets, and Romeo maxes out creativity.  Time to rest from that git-tar and get some eating done, huh Romeo??

Juliette (Capp) Monty and townie Lydia Sims
In between fulfilling wishes and waiting for the new baby, Juliette works on getting her badges in Cosmetology she started as a teenager.  She is wishing for particular foods at this time, and interactions with Romeo.  So far, she has been an easy Family Sim.

Juliette (Capp) and Rosaline Monty
Okie dokie.  Now this baby is freckly too.  I now remember where the freckly skins are coming from, yes, they are custom skintones that are programmed to be used genetically in the game.  I used them in a prospeirty hood that was doomed via a failed hard drive.  However, the pictures for it still reside at Photobucket.  Here is my founder:


I sadly deleted that blog when I thought the neighborhood no longer existed, however, I found it later on a back up. I had hoped that Blogger still might have it stashed away somewhere, but I have not found it. :(

 Anyway, as soon as Rosaline was born, Juliette spun up:

This is exactly what I expect a Family Sim should wish for after a child is born.  Buy a baby toy, buy a crib, buy a changing table.  Heh, she spun up a wish for her gold in Cosmetology.  Locked in.  Just because I have never run a Sim to gold cosmetology before.

So okay.  I don't know much about the genetics of the families of Veronaville.  But Rosaline is a blonde with red hair as recessive.   Checked out Juliette's family tree, and it looks like her mother, Cordelia, might be a blonde by checking out the little thumbnail picture.  Heh

Late Saturday, Romeo reaches TOC.  Good for you buddy!  New LTW:  to Become A Rock God.  Thank you for choosing career related LTWs.   Wishes upon gaining TOC - Ask Sim on a date, talk about hobby, dance with someone, and have a good reputation.  All easy wishes.  Now just have to wait for Juliette to come home from work in her first day in Law Enforcement.  At this point in time, Romeo was able to choose a second aspiration, and he rolled Fortune.

Rosaline Monty and Juliette (Capp) Monty
On Sunday evening, Rosaline grows up.  What a cutie patooty!  Her wishes upon growing up:  Be played with by Romeo, be played with by Juliette, learn to talk and get potty trained.  First wish fulfilled - be played with by Juliette.

And this is where we end the round. 


Romeo:  Ending Wishes:  Get hobby plaque in Music and Dance, get hobby plaque in Science, win a dance contest, and get a stereo costing at least $2,500.  Romeo didn't roll typical Romance Sim wishes every day.  He wanted to skill and do hobby stuff.  Only a couple of times did he roll a wish to date.  He also wanted to meet new people.   Even after adding the Fortune aspiration toward the end of the week did he only spend one day wanting to buy a new car, then it was back to hobby related stuff. 

Juliette:  Ending Wishes:  Have a baby, get a high chair, teach Rosaline a nursery rhyme, get gold in cosmetology.  I loved playing Juliette this round, she was wonderful with wanting Family Sim type wishes.  There is nothing more disheartening than a Family Sim who doesn't roll like type wishes.

Rosaline:  Ending Wishes:  Wanted to spend time with her dad:  Be talked to by, be snuggled by, be played with by, and be tickled by Romeo.  Threw typical toddler type wishes to learn to talk, potty walk, wanted to do stuff with her parents.

Keep on simming, everyone!



  1. Was it autumn on Wednesday? That would explain Romeo's skill-related wishes.
    Love the little video! Can we see more of those?
    Interesting to see that Juliette and Romeo have a blonde daughter.

    1. Ha I have been off work this week for the holidays, so I had time to make the little video. Lots of simming going on, then it is back to reality for me next week. I might get one lot done a week. ?? Yes, I suppose it was autumn for Romeo. I guess I have never noticed the season affecting a Romance Sim much as far as skilling goes.

    2. Love it, and the video too! I've never made a video but enjoy watching them. Romeo the skiller, heh, you'll soon see how alike ours are, ;D

  2. Ah, Rosaline is REALLY cute! Adorable little blonde baby. Juliet is a sweet mom so far.