Sunday, November 4, 2012

Veronaville Rnd 2, lot 4 - Kent and Bianca (Monty)

All who live here:

Kent - Knowledge - LTW to become a Game Designer.  First wishes:  have a baby/tell inside joke to Titania (Summerdream)/flirt withTitania/ play with Titania.  Hm.  Do I see a pattern here?

Bianca - Family - LTW to Raise 20 Puppies or Kittens.  First wishes:  To have a baby/woohoo in bed/play with Isabella (Monty)/ talk.  First wish fulfilled - talk (to Isabella).

Bianca (Monty) Capp and Isabella Monty
Bianca invites her mom over after work on Monday.  She is able to knock out five wishes bam, bam, bam!  Once she 'talked' to Isabella, doing things with her continually spun up.  The relationship boost didn't hurt either, there is a nice inheritance in store for Bianca when Isabella marries off those three adopted kids of hers and is allowed to have her Grim party.

Bianca (Monty) Capp and Isabella Monty
On Tuesday Bianca continued wishes to spend time with her mother.  Perhaps it was to break the news to Isabella that she was going to become a grandmother again!  Bianca's pregnancy made itself known just before midnight on Monday.  That Sunday woohoo last round must of done it for her!  However, the baby bump disappeard here when she changed into her regular nightie.  Hummm.

Kent on the other hand wants crazy stuff like 'learn lifelong happiness' and '(the cat) Duke learns a command/learns come here.  So the obedience trainer is called, and gets Duke trained while Kent studies lifelong happiness.  Kent gets three wishes fulfilled.  Then he spins up something more sensible for a Knowledge Sim like 'get Mechanical 4'.  heh

Kent Capp and Bianca (Monty) Capp
Once Bianca got over wanting to see her mother so much, she started spinning up wishes that were not so easy and quick to fufill.  She took all night long to study up on Anger Management while Kent played the perfect Knowledge Sim and was happy to skill, skill, skill, staying in platinum.  Now Bianca wants to be BFF with her brother Antonio Monty, BFF with Garden Club guy Joe Graham, and BFF with Diana Merry (from a different challenge I was doing).  Have a baby is locked in.  Grrrr Bianca, why are you being difficult now?  Looks like she needs to sleep to shake up her wishes.

Avery Capp, Bianca (Monty) Capp, Erlina Capp
During the wee hours on Thursday morning whilst Bianca was busy studying couples counseling *sigh* the twins came.  Yes, twins perk is turned on for Bianca.  :)  Instead of rolling all the usual stuff a Family Sim might spin up, (buy baby bed, changing table, ect) Bianca rolls to be friends with all the cats.  Geesh.  *ASimWen smacks forehead*

Kevin, Leah, Duke, Zara and Victor
The same day Bianca made friends with all that kittens, they grew up.  As soon as Kent got home from work, he called animal control to come and get them. 

Bianca (Monty) Capp
Bianca gets home from work just in time to see kitty Leah Capp get in the nice humane officer's car after her two brothers, Victor and Kevin.  But she runs right over to Zara and convinces her to try for more kittens with Duke.  It was a success!

Bianca (Monty) Capp, Zara Capp, Trevor Hogan the butler, Erlina Capp
I will never understand Family Sims.  A butler had to be brought in to take care of the twins because Bianca wasn't having a thought about them.  It was all for the cats.  Here Bianca wishes for Zara to learn a command/learn to come here.  Maybe she will gain some interest in the kids when they age up.

So alrighty then.  Erlina ages up first.

Erlina Capp
As soon as she grew up, I am like Wait!  What's that?  I zoom in on the kid.  She's got freckles.  Hm...All over her body, not just a little on her face.  So I check out her DNA.

Huh. She shows the proper skin tone range, being that her parents are EA Sims...with regular skintones.  However, the game plucked a custom skintone from my files for her.  I checked out Kent and Bianca...neither one of them have this as a recessive...checked it out just in case.  Hmmm...........I do have default skin replacements in my game, but freckles is not part of that package.   At least I don't think it is.   I checked out Erlina's twin Avery.  He has the custom skintone too.    Soooo I check it out to make sure Kent is the daddy...after all, it has been months since I last played this house.  Yup he is the daddy.  *shrug*  I am pleasantly surprised.   I don't know of a hack I might have that would do that.

Avery Capp
Freckle faced Avery.  Heh.

Erlina and Avery Capp
First wishes on growing up:  Erlina - Walk, potty, be tickled by Kent and Bianca.  Avery - Talk, be snuggled by Kent and Bianca, play with Bianca.  Good luck with that kiddo, all she wants to do is play with the cats.

At any rate, at this point Kent realizes he can choose a second aspiration . He rolls Romance.  this will be interesting.

Kent Capp
Speaking of Kent.  With this body skill point (Bianca earned the bookcase last round) Kent maxes out all his skills.  yay!  Nice prosperity points, being that his primary aspiration is Knowledge.

Townie Patrick Vu, Bianca (Monty) Capp, Hal Capp, townie Daryl Straight
Bianca got a call late Saturday from Daryl Straight to go out for an evening on the town.  Hmmm..her nephew by marriage, Hal Capp, is givin' her the stink eye.  Wonder what is up with that? 

Sunday brought a new day....after an uneventful outing for Bianca.

Zara and Duke's new litter was born.  Yay!  Six down, 14 go go for Bianca. 

Duke and Kent Capp
Now that Kent is fully skilled, he rolls for the cats to be trained.  Go you, Kent!

Kent and Bianca (Monty) Capp
Monday morning is here, and Avery has just crawled out of his crib, tired of waiting for his mom or dad to come let him out.  They were busy dating, woohoo-ing, and then saying good morning, fulfilling wishes all the way.  :)  What a fun and easy week with the Capps!


Kent: Ending wishes - Meet someone new, be BFF with Juliette Capp, buy a hot tub, and make out with three Sims.  I guess that secondary of Romance is making itself known.  Kent was a skilling machine all week long, then he skilled out.  Yay for Prosperity points.  His wishes started leaning to the cats to learn things, then he rolled Romance for secondary.  Wants to meet new people, make out..hahaha....

Bianca:  Ending wishes - Meet someone new, be friends with Demi Love, and Avery and Erlina grows up well.  Bianca also rolled Romance for her sub aspiration.  I am glad to see that she is finally started rolling wishes for her kids.  Geesh.  She wanted for the cats all week long, when she wasn't throwing garbage Family Sim wishes.  I never realized, until I started this playing style, how hard Family Sims are to play.

Avery and Erlina:  Avery - Grow up well, be read to by Bianca, be snuggled by Bianca, and be played with by Kent.  Erlina:  be tickled by Kent, grow up well, be tickled and talked to by Bianca.  The kids had the usual toddler wishes.  Potty, walk, talk, be snuggled, played with, talked to. 

And that is it for this round with the Capps!

Keep on simmin'!

~ ASimWen


  1. Freckled toddlers and star-spangled cats - very unusual, but I like it :-)

  2. What an exciting week for Bianca and Kent! I love how their kids turned out freckly, what a shame Bianca isn't much interested in them, dumb family sims, lol. Kent being secondary Romance, haha, can't wait to see how that turns out. I love Bianca's look, very chic. At least once you get her on the entertain/play with/admire path it's easy to get her in platinum. She's doing great with her kitty count, and aren't they cute?!

  3. Man, your Bianca's turning out my least favourite kind of Family sim! But it takes some of them that way. The twins' skintone is probably geneticised rather than default custom, probably around the same genetic value as S1 or S2 from the looks of it. So not so mysterious!

  4. The kids Erlina and Avery Capp look like the have old men's heads. I think I recognize Avery's eyebrows as coming from the face with the bird's beak. Brrr.

    I had one sim who wanted to spend time only with his dog and cat instead of girlfriends, and that was Justin Kim from the family of TV actors.

    What is the metallic gray door in Bianca's kitchen near her collection of insects?

    1. That gray door in the wall is the trash shoot that came with Apartment Life. I really like it cuz the Sins aren't constantly running outside to take out the trash.

  5. Wow....Avery and Erlina are.....interesting looking. I'm interested in seeing how they grow up. Funny about the skin tone and Bianca had me laughing and annoyed the whole entry with her crazy wants. lol