Monday, November 19, 2012

Veronaville Rnd 2, lot 7 - Capp, Albany and Goneril

All who live here:

Albany:  Family, LTW - Raise 20 puppies or kittens.  (ugh)  First Wishes:  Be BF with Bottom Summerdream / play with, hug, tell joke to his son Hal. First wish fulfilled:  Tell joke to Hal.

Goneril:  Fortune, LTW - Become A Business Tycoon.  First wishes:  Earn some money / Get silver flower making badge / meet someone new / talk.  First wish fulfilled, make money.

Miranda:  Romance, LTW - Become A Professional Party Guest.  First wishes:  Get a skill point / make out with three Sims/ Go to College / Get Bain-Gordon Communications Fellowship.  First wish fulfilled, got Mechanical 1.  

Hal:  Popularity, LTW - Own 5 Top Level Businesses.  First wishes:  Go to University / sneak out with Benedick Monty / get logic one / get creativity one. First wish fulfilled, get logic 1. 

Desdemona:  Fortune, LTW - Become A Business Tycoon like her mom.  First wishes:  Win Bain-Gordon Communications Fellowship / Go to University / earn some money / get a makeover station. First wish fulfilled:  Get a makeover station.  She immediately spun up a wish to get a badge.  *sigh*. 

Ariel:  Grow Up.  First wishes:  Get creativity one / get a skill point / invite someone over/ play with. 

All wishes for skills were quickly locked in so they could be gotten after school.  Heh. 

Townie Nancy Phillipine, Miranda Capp, Hermia Capp, Benedick Monty
The kids decided to go downtown to fulfill wishes for phones and handheld games after school.  Miranda spun up a wish to have a date (naturally) so she called the only guy she knew, fellow Romance Sim Benedick Monty.  The date carried on only long enough for Miranda to get in her five wishes, then was ended.  Looks like these two couldn't get enough of each other, and Townie Nancy is trying to be oblivious to the whole thing, while cousin Hermia Capp manages to ignore it.  heh

Townie Gordon Knott, Benedick Monty, Townie Juan Reamon (being chatted up by Goneril), Goneril Capp, Mercutio Monty, Ewan Merry, (behind him, Kimberly Monty), Miranda Capp, Hal Capp, Desdemona Capp.
Tuesday - *Sigh*  Hal keeps wishes to have a party.  Pretty tuff to do when a friend is brought home on the bus,and both mom and dad bring home friends from work.  This makes for an over stuffed house and constant pausing to come up with the next wish to fulfill.  heh.

Desdemona Capp, townie Gordon Knott, Hal Capp, Miranda Capp, Benedick Monty, Bottom Summerdream, Alon Monty
Due to a little fancy party influencing ('influence Sim to talk to') on Hal's part, Benedick Monty finally gets a wish fulfilled and becomes friends with cousin Alon Monty. 

Hal Capp
Hal sneaks out with Benedick Monty.  Hey Benedick, you show up in style in a limo?  I guess your dad Antonio is doing well for himself as a Celebrity Chef eh??

Alright!  On Wednesday, two puppies are born.  Only 18 to go for Albany!

Desdemona Capp
To keep up with her constant wishes to make money Desdemona gets an after school job, and a robot station is immediately purchased as she had just been studying mechanical.  She will be able to make money there, too.

Albany Capp
Albany, you are an elder now?  What do you wish for???

Albany:  I want that my dog Webster will learn a command, and that command to be 'Come Here', and I want to be friends with Ewan Merry, and to get a bronze in robotics. 

Miranda Capp, Antonio Monty, Bianca (Monty) Capp, Oberon Summerdream, Titania Summerdream, Beatrice and Benedick Monty
Miranda gets called on on outing by Antonio Monty, (huh, he is a Monty, she is a Capp...that don't make sense) and the Summerdreams came on the outing too.  Miranda got more than 5 wishes fulfilled by making out with Benedick during the outing. heh

Virginia Corsillo, the Infallibly Good Witch
I have never seen one of the non playable witches show up on a lot in anything other than their witch wardrobe......this one shows up in winter wear. hehe  This happened during Goneril's outing to My Muse Art Studio.

Albany Capp and Desdemona Capp
On Thursday, Desdemona reaches TOC in the Criminal career track, feeding her inner Fortune Sim happiness.

On Friday...

Miranda grows up during one of Hal's house parties.  She throws an immediate wish to flirt, and Mercutio Monty was on hand.  Miranda and Mercutio have a two bolt relationship.  No wishes were thrown to move out of the house, so we will see how Mercutio feels about Miranda when his lot is played.
Ariel Capp
Ariel grew up by herself after the party was over.  She is the forever forgotten one on this lot.  I must say she has not had five wishes met every day.  She grew up to Popularity and wants to have 20 best pet friends.  Ugh.

Goneril and Albany Capp
Spring sprung, and Albany was all about wanting to date Goneril and huggy body kissy face.  Give it up Albany, the house is overstuffed, no new babies will be coming.  He rolls wishes every day to date. 

Tony the dog and Desdemona Capp
On Sunday Alegra and Webster's puppies grew up.  Now, that there dog is probably one of the goofiest looking pooches I have ever seen in this game.  Heh.

Butler Charles Darga, Ariel Capp, Albany Capp, Consort Capp
Brand new Pop Sim Ariel attempts to have a party, and invited all the Capp Manor Capps, as that is the only other people she had any friendship points with at all. The only one that showed up was her Grandpa Consort.  She worked diligently to befriend him, so she could have a friend, and he could have another feather in his cap toward maxing out top influence for prosperity points. 

Mercutio Monty, Officer Paul Fairchild, Hal Capp, Kimberly Monty
Whereas later that day, Hal had a party that was such a success, the cops had to come and break it up.  heh

Goneril Capp
Goneril hits The Zone in Arts and Crafts early Monday morning whilst working toward her gold in flower arranging.  Her wishes have been pretty generic, luckily has not spun up a bunch of "Buy Me".  I think that is because the Capps have nearly $50,000 in the bank now.  Her wishes have swirled around skilling for her job.  She will reach TOC next round. 

And that is where we end this round.  Everyone except Desdemona and Ariel are in platinum, but they are in high gold.  Not bad.  I cannot say everyone got 5 wishes a day fulfilled.  The two that probably did not are Albany and Ariel.

Albany:  Ending Wishes:  Tell dirty joke to, classic dance with, and entertain Goneril, and relative gets engaged.  Albany threw lots of wishes for the dogs, mainly wanting to keep them bathed.  He threw good Family Sim type wishes wanting to do things with his children.  When Miranda grew up to adult, he spun up 'relative gets engaged' and never lost it.  Poor Albany.

Goneril:  Ending Wishes:  Get gold in flower arranging (locked in), win a dance contest, get TOC in business, and buy a hot spring.  Goneril wanted to skill, skill, skill.  Anything that had to do with her job was what she wanted.  In between, she worked on her flower making badges.

Miranda:  Ending Wishes:  Be flirted with, ask sim on a date, flirt, and be BF with Beatrice Monty.  Miranda was the typical Romance Sim.  Wanted to constantly date, flirt, kiss.  As a teen she dated Benedick Monty, and as an adult she dated his cousin, Mercutio Monty.

Hal:  Ending Wishes:  Talk about hobby, be BFF with Bon Voyage Townie Teen Juan Harris, dance with someone, and have a good reputation.  Hal was extremely easy.  If the kid could party, he stayed in platinum. End of story.  He currently has 12 friends counting family members.  For some reason he is showing negative friendship points with Desdemona.  I haven't figured that one out.

Desdemona:  Ending Wishes:  Get hobby plaque in Mechanics, get gold badge in robotics, go to college, and get a restorable car.  Desdemona studied mechanics and made lots of robots, and held down the job in the Criminal career.  Will be going to University.

Ariel:  Ending Wishes:  Smustle dance, get hand held game, dance with someone, talk about hobby.  Just like the first round when I played this house, Ariel was forgotten about, mostly.  This lot certainly is a good one to play to test playing 5 wishes a day.  heh.  You can't please everyone all the time.

And that is it! 

Keep on Simmin'!



  1. Don't you just love your busy households? I know I do! I can just imagine the toilet-traffic jam at the Capp's house with so many Sims being there for a party :-D
    How do you determine the aspiration for a Sim when they grow up to teenagers?
    I like Titania Summerdream's hairstyle on the roller-skating rink!

    1. I roll dice for the aspiratoins when a child grows up to teen. :)

  2. It sure was a busy round! I like this household though, :) Shame about Tony the dog, what an, um, interesting looking pooch! heh. Drives me mad when they wish for badges, but I like snapdragons and the water wigglers so I tend to hope they want those. :)

    1. Lets see, out of the flower arranging bench, yes, I like snapdragons, but I haven't made it a point to get them in this hood. Toy making bench, yes, fav is the water wiggler. However, I do like the evil kite if I wanna kick somebody off. hehe Out of the robot station, I like the SecurityBot the best, love seeing them zap evil doers, especially the Cow in University. I don't like the Servos.

    2. Yeah, I love the security bots too, and it's always fun when the clean and water bots go crazy. It's just a shame bots take sooo long to make. Nah, no Servo's for me either. The evil kite, yeah, I have a few of those I'd forgotten about in Pleasantview... *evil grin*... :0

  3. Wow, that was a very busy round. I am still getting the hang of meeting 5 wishes each day in the megahood. I haven't been able to play much recently, but it's been fun catching up.