Saturday, June 2, 2012

Veronaville Rnd 1, Lot 1 - Capp - Consort

All Who Live Here - Consort Capp - Fortune - $Earn 100,000
Tybalt Capp - Popularity - Have 20 Simultaneous Best Pet Friends (WAAAAAHHH!!!)
Juliet Capp - Family - Become Captain Hero
Hermia Capp - Family - Raise 20 Puppies Or Kittens (Double WAAAAAHH!!!)


Consort: I want charisma. No, I want I want logic. Aww heck. I will just make me a friend. That might just be a whole lot easier.

Tybalt: First I'm gonna kick Mercutio Monty's a@@. Then I want to meet someone new so I can sneak out with them and make friends with 'em.

Juliet: Well, I think I want a new bookcase in my room. Then I would like to sneak out with my boyfriend Romeo Monty, go steady with Romeo, and oh yeah, I would like to get an A on my report card. (bought a bookcase)

Hermia: I would like to learn to clean and cook from a book in my very own bookcase, then I would like to kiss Puck Summerdream. (bought a bookcase)

Ha, so Juliet quickly asks Romeo to go steady, (who happens to be on the lot, real handy like) they immediately fall in love. Hermia calls up Puck and invites him over, they quickly fall in love and go steady. Puck assists Hermia in getting her 5 wishes in.

Tybalt: You dirty good...blah blah blah.......mffpght!!!!!! Ugggghhhh!!!!! OOOmmmPH!

And TAKE THAT!!!! Get outta here, SCUM!!!

Consort: I think I want to go into business, not get charisma, creativity, or logic. I can probably make lots of friends here!!!

So the Capp family hits the energizer, and troops over to the clothing store.

The very first customer in the door was the reviewer.....heh

He stayed near about all day....I kept waiting for one of the Capps to mess up or peeve off a customer, but it didnt' happen! None of them have any badges. Consort threw a wish to be a good stocker, put Juliet on the register and Tybalt and Hermia tried their hand at sales. Worked out, apparently.

Titania Summerdream: WooHoo! I love this new dress that I purchased from H&M Veronaville!

Uh-huh, I knew it would happen. Tybalt: But I thought he would like a water balloon thrown at him!

ASimWen: Consort, you seem to be spending lots of time on the phone.
Consort: Makin' friends, ASimWen, makin' friends. Not enough stocking to do around here to keep me busy. Got to keep productive.

Consort just keeps rolling 'make friends' time after time. Huh. He is making a few! I'd say it is probably so he can promote in his job in the Business field.

Patrizio Monty and Albany Capp go to it...wondered when it would happen. All the Capps in the store react...

Consort: I have made plenty of friends, and plenty of money. Time to sell this store.

Woohoo! Consort, you rock!!!!

Consort: Thanks, ASimWen!

ASimWen: What is your new LTW, may I ask?

Consort: It was so fun running that business, I think I want to have four more top level businesses for a total of 5!

ASimWen: Good for you, Consort!

ASimWen: Juliet! You are in your underware in your bedroom with your sister's boyfriend!


Gratuitious picture of Hermia and Tybalt, to end this entry. Heckuva breakfast you cooked there, Tybalt.

Anyhow, ending wishes:

Consort: I want a bronze badge in flower arranging so I can deliver flowers in my new car along with a masterpiece I painted while my new BFF Tybalt rides shotgun.

Tybalt: I want to have three best friends at my party to meet my new BFF grandpa Consort. Then I want to learn couples counseling.

Juliet: I want to go to University, where I will get a creativity skill point that will help me get a bronze badge in flower arranging, so I can sell flowers with my gold badge in sales.

Hermia: I want a bronze badge in flower arranging, I plan to listen to my mp3 player while working with the flowers, which I am sure will make me very popular so I can get my ninth skill point in Charisma, which will help me win all the time on my hand held game.

I know I did not keep up with 5 wishes a day for everyone while working the clothing store. The girls constantly threw wishes to see and do things with their boyfriends, and they were in turn called to come up so the girls could do so. Consort was difficult, didn't wish much for the business. He wanted skills and to make friends. I finally broke down and let him skill, so he would throw something else, then the business related wishes started. (Yes, I do have community skilling). Tybalt wanted to party all the time, but couldn't do that in the store. He did keep wishes for the next sales badge, and occasionally threw 'hire so and so' or 'show item to'. Tybalt and Hermia got a gold in sales, and Juliet got a gold in cashiering.

Outside of the store the girls again wanted to see their boyfriends, wanted to skill. Tybalt wanted to party, and do things with his sisters. Consort wanted to blog and talk about the hobby of games. (he played chess at the store).

Next, the Montys. :)


  1. Wow what a great round! I have that wish for Consort too- never thought of a business! Now he wants 4 more? yeeps.. good luck with that! :)
    Your Capp's rolled some mean LTW's eh?
    Very entertaining though.

  2. Oh - Veronaville too? How will I be able to keep up? :)

  3. Wow...I've never played in Veronaville, but it will be fun to see. I love Consort's original wants. Those LTW's are brutal. I JUST finally finished the 20 Pet Best Friends, which I think I mentioned before. I don't know if you have, but if not you should check out Breeze Point. ( Fun update.

    1. I might take the penalty point and change her LTW away from 20 Pet Best Friends. There aren't enough animals in this hood yet to use. I will look up that entry to see how you did it!!!

    2. I totally understand the desire to do that. When Biyu wanted it it was a brand new hood and NO ONE had pets. You can check out the Kimon/Isleen family lines to see how she did it. It took awhile.

  4. You've done a good job making sense of the totally random wishes. Your people seem to be wandering around in underwear a lot. Juliet thinks it's very cute getting his boyfriend's neck broken.