Sunday, April 29, 2012

Round 3, Lot 4 - Broke (Ebadi)

All Who Live Here - Brandi, LTW - To Raise 20 Puppies Or Kittens, Tyson, LTW - , Beau, LTW - to Become A Professional Party Guest, and Charles - To Become A Professional Party Guest

Here we are again in Brandi (Broke) Ebadi's house. This is how it starts -

Brandi - Play with Don, make BFF with Don, entertain, and reach logic level 7
Tyson - Get fit, earn some money, get bronze fishing badge, and catch a largemouth bass
Beau - Go to university, go out with Brenda, go out with Opal, sneak out with Opal
Charles - Get an A, grow up well, get cleaning point 7, and play with Dustin

Let's get started. :)

Tyson - First wish fulfilled - earn some money via Dustin's money tree.

Brandi - Frist wish fulfilled - Play with Don, when she got home from work

Beau - Spun new wishes upon coming home from school. Made friends with George Caliente.

Charles - Meet someone new (Ivy Copur, when he went downtown to get a phone after growing up)

Meet Pleasantview's newest Romance Sim - Charles Broke. Think of it, Brandi the Family Sim spawned two Romance Sims. ha. Charles's LTW - To Become A Professional Party Guest. Doable!

On Tuesday, Tyson's chosen career field came up on the computer. Go you, Tyson! Also on Tuesday....

Suzi and Jake's puppies are born....finally got some puppies born in Pleasantview. *whew* These puppies are named after old time movie stars. Two of them happen to be in a movie that was currently showing on the TV while I was playing the game. (The movie was 'Song Of The Thin Man'). Can you guess what their names are in real life? (OLD black and white movies.....) Errr wait. 'Wayne' is the LAST name of the movie star I was thinking of. Heh.

By Wednesday I was starting to see big differences in the two Romance brothers. Charles seemed to be having good luck with the he dates cashier Michele Kearney...everyday wishes for dates, flirts, ect...

Beau wishes for nothing but logic and creativity skill points. However, he lost the "Go To College" wish for only a few hours, then spun it back. So far it has stuck. We will see, he may be going to University. Last round he was the romantic with Lucy Burb and Brenda Wong. Has had no thoughts of them this round, at all.

Awww! Poor Jake didn't deserve this! Why, all he did was give that 'lil 'ol skunk a That skunk looks like he is enjoying this, huh.

See is Thursday. These are the type of wishes that Beau is spinning up. What happened to impressing the girls? Dating? (University??) And his LTW is to become a Professional Party Guest??? His one true hobby is Music and Dance. I thought maybe it was Arts and Crafts. Duh. Hmmmm...trying to figger this out.

Ah well. In the meantime, Brandi gets her TOC...yay! And she chooses Pleasure for her second aspiration. Good for you, Brandi! And, all the puppies have grown up, and sent off to the pound. That is six dogs down for Brandi's LTW, 14 to go.

Marilyn Broke....

William, Wayne, and Myrna Broke. heh Brandi immediately influences Jake and Suzi to try for more pups.

Saturday meant a family excursion to the park. Tyson wanted to fish...

Charles hooked up with his bud John Caliente and talked about girls...

Brandi had a burning desire to max out logic skill.... (yes I do have the skill on community lots hack. I think it is moronic game behavior to not allow this).

And Beau finally spun up something different that wasn't skill or hobby related. Ask Sim on a date! So he calls up his steady Brenda Wong. They have a two bolt relationship. I was beginning to wonder if there was something wrong with him.


Sunday was spent with Tyson giving financial advice on the computer to fulfill a wish to make X amount of money, he also trained Suzy to roll over to fulfill his wish for her to get a promotion next time she goes to work.

Brandi reached max logic skill and continued along the logic avenues to get the Science hobby plaque but isn't there yet....having fulfilled a TOC in Law Enforcement (Captain Hero), she switched to Criminal (haha) so she could be the same as her love, Tyson.

Beau received the hobby plaque in Arts and Crafts and a gold badge in flower arranging, fulfilling wishes...secondary aspiration is Knowledge. Did get an after school job in the Slacker field.

Charles stopped rolling romance type wants and wanted to make friends, and maxed out cooking skill. Secondary aspiration is Fortune. Got an after school job in the Slacker field.

I realized that the 'go to College' wish is triggered whenever a skill is maxed, or a hobby plaque is earned. Both Charles and Beau spun it at these times, but it didn't stick. Beau will not be attending University, even though his secondary aspiration is Knowledge. He got this right at the end of the round, and really didn't have time to roll any Knowledge type wishes. We will see how Charles does next round with a secondary of Fortune.

See the Brokes in Round four when they move to a bigger house! yeah!


  1. Finally got to catch up with the blog here. Looks like things are going great with the neighborhood and seems like you're having a blast with it, which is great! I'm curious about your rule for often do they have to get the wish for university to get to go? Do you ever lock it in after they spin it up X number of times, or does it have to just stay put on its own?

    1. If I perceive that the wish was triggered by something else and then spins away, I don't mark it as a true want. If it spins up and stays no matter what, then it is a true wish. (Like a Pop Sim constantly wanting parties) Beau bordered on getting to go to Uni, but I didn't feel like he was serious about it. Charles spun it up a couple of times, but it was gone quickly. No, I don't lock it in because it is such a huge thing.

  2. I really like the Broke's, something about certain families in each hood that draws you to them I think.
    Brandi got TOC- yeah! It seems extra hard for her with all the stuff she has going on. 2 Romance sims eh? Fun stuff! I think you are right about College and when it spins. :)
    Ooh, new house, can't wait!

  3. That's interesting about college wants. I never thought about it that way, I just sent them all. I want to try to play this way and create sims based on their wants, not mine.

    1. Me too, I was a 'send every Sim to Uni girl'. However, that really made the hood boring to play, with the six wants slot and access to the Uni jobs. What if only a small percentage of the population had a Uni job??? Certainly makes for interesting play.

    2. I completely agree with you that not everyone should attend college.

      It's been some time since I looked at teen wants. If I can recall correctly, the College want was an undisableable and recurring (doesn't get re-triggered, but reappears on its own) want for all Teens, the likelyhood of which is slightly boosted by Outgoing personality and Knowledge aspiration. Eaxis thought college should be mandatory and "normal", and wanted to show off their new expansion pack. This can also be seen from the "barrage" of text notifications that a teen receives about University.

      I apologize for not being able to get my nick name and avatar displayed. ~ j7n

  4. Interesting rules about Uni.....I never really thought of it being triggered like that, but it makes sense. I think it would be interesting to only send some sims to uni, if they REALLY want it....maybe someday I'll slow down enough to try this and still keep up with my other 2 prosperities.

  5. Do you have the hack that gives Uni job LTWs? If you do - how would you handle a flickering Uni wish?

    1. No, no Uni hack like that. The only Uni hack I have is the college adjuster. however I have not been using it much in this hood with trying to work in 5 wishes a day. As far as a flickering wish goes, I take into consideration how often does it roll up? Does it 'stick'? What is the secondary aspiration? Sometimes the secondary aspiration of fortune or knowledge is enough to send a Romance Sim to Uni. That Uni wish spins up and stays.

  6. I really love all your blogs *-*! I followed Prosperity Falls and now I am following this one, I love it ^-^! I am trying to catch up with the recent entries, it'll take a while, but I am so happy that I have so much to read!
    A question: I tried to send to Uni only the sims that really wished it, but... when I *don't* send one to Uni, that Sim starts crying and crying for a lot of sim-days °-°, thinking about the fact that they didn't get to Uni. Does it happen to you too? If yes, do you just ignore it? One of my sim didn't spin the want, I didn't send her, and she started crying. I gave her her LTW job, a man she has three bolts with, a child (she is a family sim)... and *she still cries* °-°. I feel so cruel =_=...

    1. First of all, thank you so much for reading. I am glad that viewing the Sims blogs I piddle around with bring you enjoyment. Yes, the Sims do cry and carry on for a while when they do not go out the door to Uni and grow up instead.. But I remind should have wished harder. :)