Friday, June 22, 2012

Pleasantview Rnd 4, Lot 2 - The Goth Mansion, Cassandra and Darren Dreamer

All who live here:

Darren - Knowldege LTW to Become Head of the SCIA.  Wants to get the hobby plaque in games, (locked in),  Josette learns to Come Here, (Kitten born last round and taken off the lot by Alexander), get a grand child, and invite someone over.  He invites over Goopy Gilsboro.

Cassandra - Reach top of Slacker Career (2), ask Sim on a date, play with Mitch Wolosenko, and become BF with Mitch.  She asks Darren on a date.

William - Josette learns to come here, invite someone over, get cleaning 1, and talk. He talks to his mom while his dad putters in the garden.  Then he leaves for school.

How can these Sims be longing for a cat to learn a skill when it lives across town????

When the lot is opened, Darren is puttering around in his garden.  Nature is his one true hobby.  Why the heck does he want the plaque in games?  Oh that's right, he had a bunch of wishes last round to play games with his friends   He is a Double Agent in his job.

Makin' orangeade.  :)  Darren sure loves his garden and all the great stuff that comes from it!

Casandra is five days from elderhood, is a Gas Station Attendant in the Slacker career field, her second LTW.   Here is a pleasant surprise.  Of course the date she asks Darren on ends in woo-hoo.  No 'try for baby' option....she must be preggers...or not>>

Two more to the pound they go....

 Early Wednesday after her shift as a gas station attendant and a promotion to convenience store clerk, Cassandra is not showing a pregnancy.  :(  Ah well, I guess Risky isn't perfect.

Too late now to try to have any more babies.  She will age soon.  On the bright side, she is maxed out in mechanical skills and can fix the bathtub!

Playing as intense as a chess player can, Darren is finally In The Zone with gaming.  Erm.  Now he can concentrate on his one true hobby, Nature.  This fulfilled a wish for Darren that has been locked in for a while.

Since there will be no more children for Cassie, she throws lots of wishes for the cats.  She wants Alegra to learn to 'come here'.   Alegra, however, has no problem getting pregnant.  She is working on another litter.

Good for you Darren!  This seems to be your round!   You can relax now in your golden years.  What is your new LTW?

Darren:  Well ASimWen, I think I have done just about everything there is for a Knowledge Sim like me to do.  (Darren did not roll another LTW).  I am a happy old man.

On this same day, William grew up.  He rolled Knowledge, like his dad, and wants to be a Mad Scientist.  Yay!  Thanks for being easy, William!

In the mean while a couple of days later....

Cassandra: throat... *cough cough*  sputter.....


Yes, yes!  I want a day off!  I wish to stay home from work for a day!

(This was hard for me to do!  Especially when my simmies are due a promotion!)

I spyyyyy.........John Burb taking a shower!!!!!

Uh-huh.  That is what you get for wishing to look at the neighbors through the telescope!!!

William decided to see if Mary Pleasant likes him or not.  He calls her up for a date, and she agrees.

*Sigh* Even though they fell in crush during this date, there are no bolts.  I think they would make a good looking couple.

Three more kittens are born and sent to the shelter.  YEAH!

On Saturday night, Mary calls William up for a date downtown.

It didn't turn out to be much of a date.  Mary and William started out at Red's 50 Diner.  Mary was showing a wish to have her picture taken with William.  After that, the kids mired up their wishes with wanting skills and going to Univeristy. ( Really, Knowledge Sims)!!!  In an effort to shake up the wishes, they headed over to Lost in Love and Hedges Maze..(something like that). YAY!  They spin up kiss, make out....ect.  However, it is late and Mary simply walks off the lot and ends the date.  William is left alone, and ends up getting a partner in Kenendy Cox for a game of chess. 

Mary tries to make it up to William by leaving him a flower.  Awww.  I just noticed, after all these years of playing Sims, that this flower looks something like a little single bud orchid.  Hmmmmm.

The staid Knowledge Sim Darren suddenly threw a wish to win a dance contest.  heh.  He kept losing, but you know what they say, the third time is the charm .  He finally wins.

It was at this time Darren realized he had enough aspiration points to choose a second aspiration.  He rolled Romance.  And, a new LTW suddenly appeared.  He now wants to woohoo 20 sims in his old age. hhahaha!

Just we started the week with the Dreamers in the Goth Mansion with Darren puttering around in his garden, we will end it the same way.  Darren, you have one heckuva green thumb if you can pick lemons in the winter time!!!

Ending Wishes:

Darren:  William gets a scholarship, learn lifelong happiness, learn anger management, and command Alegra to roll over.

Cassandra:  Build a snowman, go ice skating, give a gift, and reach TOC in Slacker.

William:  Serve food, talk about hobby, go to Uni, and be saved from death.


Darren:  Most of Darren's wishes centered around doing games related things.  Talk about hobby, (games) play PC games, play games on the console.  He also rolled occasional wishes to teach commands to the cats, and then command them around.  Oh yes, and wanted to win a dance contest.  (Where did that come from???)

Cassandra:  Was the perfect Pleasure Sim (secondary aspiraton).  That seems to be dominate in her.  Wanted to do silly things.  Spy on neighbors, call off work, play with the womrat.  She occasionally also rolled wishes to do things with the cats, serve food, and talk / play with a relative.

William:  Played the perfect knowledge Sim with wanting to skill, skill, skill.  Erm.

Next we will visit with the Caliente sisters!!!

~ ASimWen


  1. I could be wrong but I don't think sims can get pregnant after noon on 5 days til elder. She was probably past that when you checked.

    1. OOOH sad. I thought it was three days. I must be having a 'Senior' type memory if I can't remember that!! lol thanks for reminding me!

  2. Sometimes I think it's 5 days and sometimes 6. I know Cassandra didn't get pregnant for me on her '6 days 'til elder'. ah well.
    Great round though, lots accomplished! Shame about Mary and William not having any bolts but maybe a tweak in their likes/dislikes might do it? :)

  3. Yay, there will be a Uni round!

  4. The strangest things seem to come up when you play wishes. I love that Darren was happy with his life and didn't roll a LTW until he got the secondary aspiration.

  5. Mary Pleasant is so cute with her hairstyle. She owns the town. Don't let her grow old... ~ j7n

    1. She is my favorite Sim in this hood. :)

    2. I'm confused with my emotions since Mary-Sue was my least favorite. I even figured out that her twin daughters were adopted, and made an Elven mother in the hobby neighborhood for them.