Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Veronaville Rnd 1, Lot 3 - Summerdream Oberon and Titania

All who live here:

Oberon: Knoweldege - LTW Max all skills.
Titania: Family - LTW - Raise 20 Puppies Or Kittens. (NNNooooo!!!!!)
Puck: Popularity - LTW - Become A Celebrity Chef.
Bottom: Grow Up

Oberon: I want to marry Titania, hire a maid, invite someone over, and get a skill point. Erm.

Titania: I want to tell an inside joke, play with, have a baby, and invite someone over.

Puck: I want to BFF with Mercutio Monty, meet someone new, have 5 best friends, and gain a skill point.

Bottom: I want to gain a skill point, talk, get an A, and play with.

So okay. Puck has already gotten plenty of screen time by the time play finally came to his house. Not only did he date Hermia incessantly at the Capp house, he showed up for every party that Mercutio Monty had as well. The Summerdreams sold off a lot off alot of the lawn furniture in the back yard, (there is thousands tied up in all that useless stuff)and made the terrain more gardener friendly.

So okay. I know that when Puck kisses Hermia here, there is supposed to be a fight between him and Mercutio. However, since I played the neighborhood in the order the prima guide suggested, there wasn't one. Mercutio had already found and romanced Miranda Capp so his feelings toward Hermia had dwindled down. A fight between Mercutio and Tybalt Capp was circumvented by Oberon's wish to play with Mercutio. Titania swiftly asked Tybalt to leave. lol

Uhhhhh....maybe everybody was seeing Puck the way he always is????

Titania goes off to Planetary Pets and buys Snookie and Mr. Huggles. Hopefully they will bring her lots of kitty babies.

Wednesday afternoon, the marriage takes place, fulfilling Oberon's wish. Three Capps and three Montys were invited, and NO fights took place. I am surprised.

Puck wishes for lots of parties, and they are always a success!

Bottom wishes to play with friends every single day Here she plays with Spencer and Kimberly Monty.

Early Saturday morning at 4:24 am, Titania gets home from work, and spins up her pregnancy. Heh look at that, her clothes match the color of her face paint. hehe!

Now that's a couple of spoiled cats! I don't believe I have ever seen two pets on the bed at the same time.

Speaking of pets....on Saturday evening three kittens are born! Woohoo! Onlu 17 to go for Titania!

In the mean time Titania rolled a wish to get a pottery wheel because she had been skilling creativity, and immediately rolled a wish to get  a badge.  *sigh*  Naturally, she wanted to move on to the silver badge, but in the middle of working toward it...

Bottom grew up, a Knowledge Sim. She wants to be a City Planner.

She took after others in the family and put on face paint.

Of course she immediately spun up a wish to get a cell phone, so off she and Puck went to get phones. She also spun up University, private school, and get an A+. She went right to the phone and called out for scholarships, and got the one for good grades, fulfilling a wish for Oberon.

At 6:30 am on Monday morning just before it was time for this round to end, Titania lets everyone in the house know the baby was on her way.

Ha. A little girl who's name is Aelita, meaning princess of the planet Mars. I have decided everyone in Veronaville will not have Shakespearean names, but fantasy names. I am using this website for ideas.

And this is where we end the Summerdreams, my favorite family in TS2.


Oberon was a perfect Knowledge Sim and consistently spun up skilling wishes. Boring, but easy to play.

Titania wished for creativity skills, and spun up wishes to do things with Puck and Bottom. Her one true hobby is arts and crafts, and she nearly has her hobby plaque. Working toward a silver in pottery.

Puck wanted to party, party, party, and make friends with so and so. He did not fail.

Bottom wanted to play with her friends, and do things with mom and dad. As a teen, she wanted a cell phone, and spun up all the knowledge type wishes that will have to wait until next round.

Have fun everybody, and keep on simmin!



  1. That was a great round for the Summerdreams! I love when you play their house that they have so many friends already, :)
    Can't believe you have another 'raise 20 kitties/pups'! ouch! I do love that shot of the 2 kitties on the bed though. :)
    I have lots to catch up on!

  2. Og No.. You and twoyss4me did it again; Male me wanna start another prosperity! ;-)love your naming theme and wow, Bottom is pretty! :-)
    Off to read more....

  3. I REALLY never played Veronaville, so I don't know these sims at all, more than from blogs. It will be fun!

  4. Wow, these guys seem like fun. It's interesting to get to know sims you don't play once in awhile.