Saturday, June 23, 2012

Pleasantview - Rnd 4, Lot 3: Nina and Dina Caliente

All Who Live Here:

Dina Caliente, Fortune.  LTW:  To Become Head of the SCIA

Nina Caliente, Romance.  LTW:  To Have 20 Simultaneous Lovers

John Caliente (Nina's son by Don), Fortune.  LTW:  To Become A Prestidigitator

George Caliente (Nina's son by Daniel) Grow up

First wishes:

Dina:  I want to tell an inside joke, get cleaning 10, and Andy and Minnie both get promoted.

Nina:  I want to get TOC Slacker, make best friends with Dustin Broke, and both Andy and Minnie get promoted.

John:  I want to be BFF with Mary Pleasant, both Andy and Minnie get promoted, and I want to go to University.

George:  I want to play with Mary Pleasant, win a game against Mary, be BF with Charles Broke, and BF with Mary.

Wishes fulfilled pop up all over the lot that evening when Minnie arrives home from work with a promotion!  go you, Minnie!  Everyone still harbors "Andy Gets Promoted"  lol let's hope!

And he gets promoted.  Ha!  Fortune Sims!!!

John is showing strong wishes for Uni.  I think we have a college man here!

WooHoo!  Good for Nina!  Despite amassing relationships with Sims to be future loves, she manages to do well in her job.   It was this day that Nina realized she could have a second aspiration!  She chose *gulp* Knowledge.  LOL

Dina also realized she was getting on in years, and needed to expand her horizons.  She rolled Popularity.  hehe this will be interesting to see how this plays out with these gals!

Nina now has good experiences when having a run in with Michael Bachelor's ghost. heh

George spends lots of time talking with friends on the phone.  Here he talks about how is mom is cheating on everybody she knows.  (working on that LTW of 20 loves)

AWWWW MAN!  Play had reached Thursday night...everything going great, then accidentally hit the power button on my laptop!!!  GRRRRR....time rolled back to Monday night.  Replay.  Try to match as close as possible everything that happened!!!

Alright.  This is different than the last time I played these days...Let's check Nina's age, I was sure she was too old to get pregnant.....It is 7 AM Wednesday morning, and she is 5 days from elder.  This must have happened the day before on Tuesday evening.  She had two dates in an effort to bring in more loves for her LTW. heh

She is also harboring a wish to get engaged to this guy.  I think he is the baby daddy.  His name is Mark Landchild.  But alas, she is already engaged to Nery Hutchins.  Looks like she will have to make a scene with Nery so she can get engaged to Baby Daddy.  It is only fitting since Mark gave her a baby.

Nery:  How dare you make out with another dude, and right in front of me!  *Slap*

Nina invites both men over to weave her treachery....


(Notice the townie in the back ground thinking all this is funny).

Nina:  Get out Nery!  I never want to lay eyes on you again.  You led me on to think we were gonna have a life, I gave you a diamond ring, then you never came around again.  You are lower than a snake's belly!  (In reality, she never gave another thought to him).

And it's done.  :)

Poor Dina.  She was demoted due to a bad decision she made at work.  She runs to her greenhouse to cry.  She decides to have a party to make herself feel better.

Two kittens are born.  Jim and Lutie.  They are immediately sent to the shelter.

Friday morning, Nina reaches her LTW.  She now has 20 Sims in love with her.  What is her new ltw?  Why, to become a Game Designer, of course!!! Now she has sown all her wild oats, she can settle down with a clear conscience.

Unfortunately the wishing well threw Nina mostly girls when she wished for friends, to later turn into loves.  heh  I am GLAD she did not throw a wish to become engaged to guy in third row, second spot.  lol

On Friday, Dina's sub aspiration of Popularity surfaces again, she rolls a wish to have a party before she goes off to work.  This looks like a teen make out party...Dina on the sofa with long time love Shea Johnson, then there's Mitch and Sunflower Wolosenko...only Lilith Pleasant doesn't have her fiancee there. . She looks on.

That night Nina and Daniel's son George ages up to be a Fortune Sim. Just what Pleasantview needs.  He wants to be a Business Tycoon.  Wishes upon growing up:  Minnie gets promoted, get Young Entrepreneurs Award, go to Uni, and get MP3 player.

Congrats, Dina!  What is your new LTW?  Why, it is to have 6 pets reach TOC, of course!  :)  That makes sense!

On Saturday, Margaret is born.  John is happy to have a little sister.

That evening, Dina throws a birthday party for herself and Nina.  It turned out to be a big hit...

Nina invited her fiancee, Mark Landchild.  His birthday was the same day!

Nina's  ex-fiancee Nery Hutchins crashes the party and takes Mark to the floor.  He is so jealous!  Nery quickly learns that Mark is not a Sim to be trifled with, and he slinks away with his tail between his legs.

Nina leaves for work as a Professional Party Guest during her birthday party (what kind of irony is that!) and John decides this is a good time to leave for University.  He had the wish at the beginning of play and never lost it.  His brother will go next round.

Huh???  Upon returning home, Nina not only reaches TOC Slacker again, but with Nery pulled strings!  Maybe Nery isn't harboring such bad feelings about Nina breaking off the engagement after all!

On Sunday Dina gets her gold in Gardening.  Now if she can only get the Nature hobby plaque.  :) 

Sunday also brought...a wedding party.  :)

Mark moved in, bringing $3,000 with him.  Whoopdie-do.   But that is okay, it isn't like the Caliente household needs money now anyway.

I love this shot, I always hope I can get it.  Everybody co-operated so the camera had a good clear angle!

Yum yum, yum!  I decided that at least one of the Caliente sisters needed to get married.   The obvious choice was Nina, but she was sort of non traditional about it.  At least Mark is one of her baby daddies.  :)  Her name is now Nina Landchild.

Mark is a Fortune Sim, his LTW is  to become Chief of Staff.  He will not meet that, as he is currently a Detective in Law Enforcement.  His first wishes upon moving in:  Talk to Nina,
flirt with Nina, play with Nina, and make money. hehe!  First wish fulfilled, talk to Nina.

And, the same day as her parent's wedding,  Margaret grows up via birthday cake.  Aww, she is a cutie pie.  Upon growing up, Margaret wanted to learn to walk/talk/potty, and to get a toy.  First fulfilled, get a toy.

And we end the week with another contribution from Minnie and Andy to the Pleasantview Animal Shelter.  yay! 

Ending wishes:

Dina:  Talk about hobby, catch fireflies, plant a seed, and catch butterflies. 

Nina:  Andy learns a command, Andy learns to come here, ask Sim on a date, and Minnie learns a command.

George:  Play a computer game, play chess, play Marco Polo, and get gaming hobby plaque.  (not surprised!)

Mark:  Earn $2,500, go on a tropical vacation, get a ballet barre, and get cleaning 4.

Margaret:  Be tickled by Nina, be talked to by Nina/Mark, and learn to walk.

Dina wished for the cats to get promoted all week long, and reverted back into the 'buy me buy me' mentality.  Not so hard now since the Caliente house has well over $150,000 liquid cash.  When it wasn't buy me, it was nature type wishes.

Nina:  Threw lots of romantic type wishes to date/woohoo.  Then she rolled Knowledge for her sub aspiration, and she flipped to skill type wishes.  Only occasionally did she spin up something from her old life.  (Ask Sim on date)  I was pleasantly surprised to see her spin up the date wish right at the end of the week.

George is apparently a Gamer.  For a Fortune Sim, he is rolling no buy me wishes.  It is all wants to play games, and did roll a logic skill wish.  Really isn't showing strong Uni wishes yet, will see how it goes for him next round.  He might be one of those geeky geniuses that sits in front of the PC all his life playing games and hacking into websites. hahaha!

Mark, didn't get many wishes fulfilled, admittedly.  He married into the house on Saturday, and I only fulfilled four or five wishes over the two days until the end of the round.  I wanted his aspiration to stay low so he could get a couple of negative hits on the elixir of life.  Yeah, I don't want him around long. He really isn't an asset to the house at all.  It was just fun marrying off Nina.

Margaret spun up typical toddler type wishes.  Still need to work in 'learn to walk.'  All in all, this was a fun play!

I don't think Whitey the Womrat has a chance....

Sim on!


  1. poor wormrat. I hope they didn't get him lol.

  2. Wow Nina the eternal singleton getting hitched! love it!
    I also love when they get promoted via a friend.
    Another action-packed round! How cute is Margaret? Great job. :)

  3. Three kids with different daddies from the romancer, and none for the fortune sister - it's a bit messed up, I think! And poor womrat with cats in the house!

  4. Wow, everyone really wanted those cats to succeed at their careers. :) I understand about not wanting Mark around for forever. I tried to do the same with Ocean, but he kept beating the odds and getting sent back days, so I finally gave up. Nice round.

  5. So sad to see everyone I knew old.... Sad... At least someone ought to be able to stay young, either through woohooing or science.

    I had a woman in my hood who made her mission to invite the second spot on the third row to a room with the flame generator. Defug the neighborhood. Right of you to use mostly townies and blank college girls as loves. ~ j7n

    1. haha! Defug the neighborhood. Well, if she would have thrown engagement to him, it would have been ruff...would have been tempted to bring him in the household for the shock of it. hehehe