Monday, June 18, 2012

Pleasantview - Rnd 4, Lot 1 - Lothario

All Who Live Here:

Don Lothario - Romance Sim. LTW - To Become A Criminal Mastermind (2).

 Ivy Copur - Knowledge Sim. LTW - To Become A Criminal Mastermind.

First wishes:

Don wants LUCY BURB. hehehe! It is actually 7 pm when I open the lot instead of 7 am. I don't remember what happened last round, but I seem to think that I wanted to play the lot a few more hours to see Don get a promotion, or something. Anyways, Don wants: dance with Lucy, ask Sim on a date, talk to Lucy, and earn some money. He is a Fortune sub aspiration.

Ivy wants to earn a skill point, invite someone over, get cooking skill four, and talk to someone. She is sleeping through her pregnancy in bed when I open the lot.

This is Bailey, a male cat that was purchased by either Don or Ivy at Dustin Broke's store, Pleasantview Pets. I decided to let the Lotharios keep him. Kids are so much fun and easier to keep happy when there is a pet in the house. I suspect I will find more pets in the homes of Pleasantview as I play this round. The dog and cat bins had to be restocked several times during Dustin's reign.

Ivy wakes up, she is nearly starving. She makes herself some spaghetti, and Don smiles appreciatively as he watches her walk to the table. However, she only gets a chance to take two bites and she goes into labor. Huh? She should have had one more day. She didn't get a chance to marry Don!!

Ah, it is a girl. Emma. The third girl born in Pleasantview. (Not counting plantsims).

Don had placed all the stuff he bought at Dustin's store around his lot for Bailey. Then he realized there was no place for Emma. A move was in order. He bought this snazzy lookin' house.

Tuesday morning Ivy shows this while watching TV to get a spun up cooking skill point.

Ivy:  Oh my!

ASimWen:  Ivy, you were warned....Don likes to woo-hoo alot!  And woohoo is never ignored in Pleasantview, in fact, it is always locked in when it spins up!  You need to marry Don before this baby comes . The name Lothario needs to be carried on....

Ivy:  Okay....we will  I promise.

Don always wanted to date when he got home from work.  And it was during these dates that he would lose his fear of getting married.  So this is when Ivy jumped on the opportunity, and got married to Don.  She is now Ivy Lothario.

Emma grows up on Wednesday.  Pretty child...and Ivy looks like she is about ready to pop.. heh

Every single day, Don's romance tendencies show by wanting to date.  But he doesn't roll wishes for other women.  He is perfectly happy with Ivy.

A son, Thomas. 

On Friday, Don decides to adopt a female cat to mate with his male, Bailey.  (partly to feed some kittens into the Pleasantview animal shelter, and also to keep the kiddie population down in his own house).  Here he adopts a cat from Alexander Goth's cat ranch.

Ivy has gone back to work, and spins up continual wishes to be saved from death, skills, and wants an oriental vacation.   As long as she has a skill wish, she is easy to play.

Thomas grows up a day early with the help of the cake.  There is one more day left in fall, and this is the time to get his toddler skills!

Sunday:  Ivy....yer kiddin' me.....and the cats are even expecting a litter.  Ugh.  You will never reach your LTW at this rate..taking so much maternity leave!  haha

Done fulfills a wish and maxes out creativity, needs it for his job.  Good for you, Don!

Awwww, Don, you old softie you!!!!  *snuggle*

No wonder Ivy was able to get pregnant, Brittany and Bailey only produced one kitten who was named Pedro.  Off to the pound he immediately went.

Now there is something I don't ever recall seein' in my game!  An old Don Lothario.  Lookin' good, Don!  His first wishes upon growing up:  Write a best seller  (huh?), have a birthday party,  Brittany the cat gets a job in show biz, and be BFF with Emma.  First wish fulfilled, get Brittany a job in show biz.

It was also Emma's birthday.  She is excited.  Her first wishes:   Make BFF with Don, be friends with Pedro (who her mom had already called animal control to come and get) be friends with Brittany the cat, and get a bird cage.  First wish fulfilled, make friends with Brittany.

Well, that is it for the Lotharios for this week.  The cats are expecting another litter.  I noticed that Bailey the cat had turned old at some point, it had to be almost as soon as he was brought home, he has very  little time left on his life meter.  Unless the game glitched when I moved the family to the bigger house and super aged him.

Ending wishes:

Don:  Still wants to sell a great novel, Brittany gets promoted, have a birthday party, and make BFF with Emma.

Ivy:  Typical Knowledge Sim wishes:  See a ghost, get saved from death, get a logic skill point and get mechanical 9.

Emma:  Get an A, skip rope, max charisma, and give love to Bailey.

Thomas:  Grow up well, be played with and tickled by Don, and get mechanical 5.

Don is still a Romance Sim through and through, with wanting to date every day, sometimes public woo-hoo,  All that woo-hooing is leading to a population explosion in the Lothario household.  As far as Fortune Sim wishes for his sub aspiration, he wanted a car, so he got that most expensive one, and drives to work in style.  Rolls wishes for skills when needed for job.

Ivy is the typical Knowledge Sim.  Skill, skill, skill.  Gets lots of wishes fulfilled during dating Don.

Emma:  Kid type wishes.  Wants to do things with Brittany the cat, and play with mom and dad.

Next up, the Goth Mansion!

Keep simmin'!



  1. Don had twins with cassandra in my game (he married her).

    1. That is interesting. I have not had any twins in Pleasantview, which is totally surprising me. Not even in all the usual places! But I was surprised to get that set of twins in Veronaville. Here I am in round 4 in Pleasantview, and no twins yet!

  2. I added the second aspitations before i started playing, so i have a few twins in my neighbourhood.

    1. Is that related? 2nd asp with twins?

  3. Wow Don the superdad! Who knew?! Heh. Ivy is a great sim, I have her earmarked for someone in the future- not sure who yet, :D

  4. Don the babymaking machine - not shooting blanks for sure!

  5. Wow, Mr. Casanova himself, settled and happy with one woman. Ivy must be quite a sim. :) The kids sure are cute, and Don seems to be enjoying being a dad.

    1. Yes, that was quite a surprise. Don seems to be adjusting very well to parenthood. He really loves Ivy.