Sunday, June 3, 2012

Veronaville Rnd 1, lot 2 - Monty Isabella and Patrizio

All who live here -

Patrizio Monty - Family, Marry off 6. (Ain't gonna happen)
Isabella Monty - Family, Marry off 6.
Mercutio Monty - Popularity, Become Hall of Famer.
Romeo Monty - Romance, Become a Celebrity Chef.

Patrizio: I want to dance with Isabella so I can hold her close and talk to her about getting a kitten or a puppy.

Isabella: I want to play with and entertain Diana so I can be best friends with her. Then I want to get a job in the school system.

Mercutio: I want to go to University, have a great party, and learn a little about charisma.

Romeo: I want to go to University, see Tybalt Capp's ghost, have a party, and love two girls at the same time.

OOHhh main squeeze....main squeeze....

All Romeo wants to do is date after school. Nice. Easy to keep happy. A two bolt couple. :)

Is this the first time a Sim has ever asked for a toy dog in my game, or is this the first time I have ever noticed it since I am paying attention to wishes?? (Mercutio wished for this). Anyway, I want to point out that this particular dog looks just like my RL Chihuahua, Pumpkin.

Mercutio gave this 'lil dog up for adoption the next day. There really wasn't room for it in the house.

Isabella's adopted boy, Spencer.

After a couple of days, Patrizio has his Grim party. This Monty house has to be the worse one ever to play and get good pics in. Twas no problem keeping up with his wishes, he wanted nothing but to do things with Isabella. Wow look at that. The new kid, Spencer, even got some money.

Mercutio thinks about his grandpa's passing while he does his homework. umm. Sad.

Isabella's adopted son, Alon.

As soon as Patrizio passed, Isabella spun up to fall in love. Um, alrighty then! Let's call the matchmaker! Isabells shells out $5,000 and who does the matchmaker bring her....

Peter Sims. Smartly dressed in a new suite of clothes purchased from H&M Veronaville. :) However, this didn't go anywhere. Ugh. Isabella, you are being difficult! "I can't help it. I loved Patrizio so!" A couple of days went by where nothing could be done for poor Isabella. Wanted to BFFS with everybody, or fall in love. Finally on Saturday, she started rolling wishes to do things with her adopted children. Speaking of adopted children....

Meet Isabella's third and final adopted child, Kimberly. She now has six children. One, the father of Romeo and Mercutio, Claudio, was married but he is dead. *sigh*. That leaves Bianca, Antonio, Spencer, Alon, and Kimberly to marry off. Erm. That will take lots of elixir!

Another adoptee...Alegra the kitten. This wish had been spun up by different Sims at different times in this house. Finally Alon spun it up the first day he was in the house and never lost it. Ugh. Time to get a pet. Seems Kimberly is the only one paying her attention at this time!

Having brought three new kids into the household, plus TWO new kittens (added Bailey..those darn pet wishes just won't stop) has exhausted Isabella. Spencer gained some pounds by eating a plate of spaghetti and two bowls of Grandma's Comfort Soup in a row. Erm.

On Sunday, Mercutio reaches TOC in culinary for teen. Romeo had reached the top as well. And...

He asks Miranda Capp to go steady with him during a house party, and gets his first kiss from her. Go you, Mercutio!

Ah well, that is where we end time with the Montys.

The wishes were extremely convoluted, or maybe it just seemed like it because I had so many Sims in the house. At the beginning of the week, Isabella and Patrizio did nothing but wish each other, Mercutio wished for parties, and Romeo wished for dating. It was difficult with the boys because they do have an after school job. If I were to do this over, I would immediately have them quit their jobs. Once the adopted children started coming for Isabella's LTW, and the pets started coming, everyone wished to make friends with the adopted kids, (and they wanted to be friends with each other) and all wanted to befriend the pets. That was fun, plus busy! all in all it was a fun round with the Montys.


  1. Another great round! This house is a bit of a nightmare to play but the sims in it are great fun!
    You certainly have a busy household going on! :)

  2. i hate this house not the people, the pathway leading to the door is too long.

    1. This house was confusing, without proper borders defining what is inside and what is outside. Felt like the sims were dirt cheap and had to live outdoors or in a home damaged by a disaster. ~ j7n

  3. Poor spencer might come from a situation where he was not allowed to eat properly, therefor taking the chance when he had it!

  4. The kids are all cute, this seemed fun even if it was busy. :)