Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Veronaville - Rnd 1, Lot 6 - Monty. Antionio, Benedick and Beatrice

All Who Live Here:

Antionio - Knowldege Sim - Max out 7 Skills (YEAH!)  First wishes: - Get A Skill point, Max out a skill, talk, be saved from death.  Currently employed as an executive chef.

Benedick - Grow Up - Make a friend, get a skill point, play with, obtain a pet.

Beatrice - Grow Up - Obtain a pet, be friends with Benedick, talk to Benedick, play with Benedick.

Ouch!  Beatrice took a major aspiration hit here, Benedick refused her offer to play Mary Mack.  Hmmm.  Maye they can play darts together!

Heh fighting just like brothers and sisters in real life~!  This is entertaining, but isn't helping their wishes any!!!

They were able to play darts together, but this did not raise their fun quickly enough to be able to do their homework with Antonio.

At any rate, their wishes the first four days until they grew up on Thursday centered around skilling and playing, which was easy.

Antonio being the good Knowledge Sim did nothing but skill skill skill, and was happy to do it!

Benedick rolled Romance...(yay!) and his LTW is To Become A Celebrity Chef!  Double yay.  He is downtown at Sims Gone Wired to buy a phone and to see if he can find any chicks.  His first wishes upon growing up is First Kiss, flirt, and meet someone new.  Get a body skill point is locked in.

Beatrice is a Popularity Sim with a wish to have 20 Simultaneous best friends.  She wants
to be best friends with Benedick, get an MP3 player, get a hand held game, and fifth cooking level is locked in.

Benedick and Bottom Summerdream have two bolts.  This comes in really hand to satisfy Benedick's romance type wishes.

But on Saturday, Benedick rolled this in the wee hours of the morning while he was sitting up skilling cooking, waiting for daylight when he could continue to try to fulfill wishes.  Ugh.  That first item is a stylist chair.  Not enough money in the house, Antonio lost all their cash because he didn't choose sporks.  Fall in love with two girls.  The only girl he knows is Bottom.  Make BF with Kimberly Monty and BFF with Bottom.  Not even close to either one of those.  This is when it is hard to fulfill wishes!  This is when my Sim generally leaves the lot or takes a nap to shake things up a bit.

On the other hand, Beatrice isn't so hard .  This day she wanted to eat salmon.  She has been taking after her father and is amassing cooking skills.  Strange it is her brother that wants to be the chef, and he has no interest in it.

Well this is where we leave the lot for the week.  This family was easy to play.


Antonio wanted logic, logic, logic as a Knowledge sim.  Even after he maxed out logic, he continued to roll stargaze.  I thought for sure he would be abducted.  He did get the hobby plaque for Science gazing so much.  I don't plan to find him a mate unless he starts wishing in that direction.

Benedick was a typical Romance Sim.  Continually wanted to date, kiss, love X number of girls .  I think he is going to be fun to play.

Beatrice makes a great Pop Sim.  She wanted parties, parties.  She would invite a boy tourist that she kind of likes, Bottom Summerdream (for Benedick) and any random townie walk by so she could make friends toward her LTW.  She seemed to roll wishes to make/eat certain foods.  Failed to win a cooking award. 

Sim on, Everybody!



  1. Are you put notifications on the yahoo group about this blog. Because i was looking through the blogs that i have joined and saw that you have started playing vernoville, and i haven't got any notifications at all. I don't want to miss all the fun you have playing.

    1. Hi Thanks for reading Wishes. Yes I plan to announce Veronaville as soon as round 1 is completed. I have one more house to play, the hardest family to play in Veronaville in my opinion, the Albany and Goneril Capp house. Looking forward to it!

  2. Yes they are the hardest to play as they have no money and have lots of kids, and want loads. thanks.

  3. You got a nice variety with Aspirations so far! (Am jealous- much!). :)
    Great round- Antonio's kids turn out very cute.

  4. This seems like an easy-going family!

  5. Oooh, a Romance sim. For the longest time I didn't like Romance sims. Then I started playing Breeze Point and got Denis....and he is a BLAST to play. :)