Sunday, June 10, 2012

Veronaville - Rond 1, Lot 5 . Capp - Cornwall and Regan

All Who Live here

Cornwall, Fortune.  LTW Become A Hall Of Famer

Regan , Fortune.  LTW to Have 6 Pets Reach TOC.

Again with Pet wishes, but at least it is a different pet wish.  YAY  I will have plenty of pets to choose from once the pets from the families where there is a Raise 20 puppies or kitten LTW start going to the pound once they grow up.

First Wishes:

Cornwall:  I want  to earn some money..err...make that $100.  I want to get creative about it, so I can support a baby.

Regan:  I want to make $100 as well, I want to talk to Cornwall about it and dance afterwords.

Regan is Consort Capp's daughter.  Kent Capp (prior entry) is his son, so that makes Regan and Kent brother and sister.  

First wish fulfilled for Cornwall was getting some simoleons by plucking the money tree.  Then luck of lucks, his desired career field came up on Mr. Humble's computer.

Monday night Regan gets invite on an outing by Goneril Capp (in red jacket).  She decides to go.  When everyone piled out of the cab at the museum, it looked like a Capp reunion.  From right to left...Goneril Capp, Albany Capp, Tybalt Capp, Kent Capp (behind phone) Regan Capp, Hermia Capp, and Consort Capp.  This is acutally a good opportunity for Regan to make contacts with her family.

Tuesday morning Cornwall leaves for work in the Athletic field, and Regan shows her pregnancy.  Yup, Risky you are a tricky thing.  You wouldn't give the two Family Sims on the prior lot a baby after numerous woohoos.  Two Fortune Sims woohoo once, and you kick in.  heh

Cornwall rolls a wish for a skill every time he needs it for promotion.  He and Regan are very poor, they bought an extra large house that only left them $3,000 before the purchase of furniture.   Regan rolls continual wants for 'stuff', she is breaking the bank!  Cornwall gets a couple thousand in the bank and Regan wants to spend right away! 

Cornwall's tastes aren't cheap either, he wants to buy jewlery and clothes.  Fortune Sims!!!

Of course those who can most ill afford Fay and Elgar.  A boy and a girl.  This happened Thursday evening.  "Why me?? Why me???"  says Cornwall.

After the birth of the twins, Regan wants to get a job.  It's about time girlie!  Help Cornwall earn that money that you so love to spend.    She takes a job in Entertainment and calls the nanny.

On Friday, things start to look up for Cornwall and Regan.  Cornwall gets a chance at a royalty deal.  He jumps on it.

Good for you Cornwall!  Now you can do the house up a little bit.

I am sure I have never seen a roller skating clown in my game before...go you, Regan!


Elgar.  Hm.  Interesting genetics.  ( I never noticed that schnoze on Cornwall...good grief!)

Kim the stray cat has moved in with the Capps.  Regan begins teaching her skills for her job in entertainment.

And this is where we leave the Capps for the week, Monday morning.  Kim is ready to face her first day at work as an Extra.

Ending wishes:

Cornwall:   Scold Kim  (What did she do???) buy a massage table, make out with Regan, and make a friend.

Regan:  Buy a curtain $250,  buy a counter $500, buy a massage table, scold Kim.

Elgar:  Be played with/tickled by Regan, be played with/tickled by Cornwall

Fay:  Be talked to by Regan/Cornwall, be tickled by Regan/Cornwall

Once all the toddler skills are taught, the toddlers are pretty easy with wanting interactions with mom and dad.

Cornwall was hard core with skilling for his job.  He took his role seriously as the breadwinner.  He threw a few buy me wishes, at the beginning of the week those could not be fulfilled.  Once he got the nice bonus, it was as cinch.  Buy/sell back.

Regan:  Was hard core with wanting 'things'.  Even after laying a drive way and buying a family van, she continued to roll buy me the most idiotic things.  She even wanted to win a cooking contest when she had zero cooking skills.  GAH.

The kids:  Wanted toddler skills, all taught by Regan.  Their wants/wishes were pretty much the same. 

Keep on Simmin' - two more lots to go to finish round 1!  :)


  1. haha, a roller-skating clown! too funny! :)
    I can't believe how different this family is to mine! Twins already! Excellent round!

  2. Wow, guess Kent will be jealous that his sister beat him to the babies!

  3. Wow, that was a wild round, with twins and buy me wants. I wonder what Kim did that everyone wants to scold her.

  4. On my game they have three girls named Christina , Catarina and Celina and Regan is pregnant again but is just not showing yet